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  1. Phishbulb

    Miracle Workers

    This was weird that God is the "youngest" even though the little girl was there- maybe part of her living on an utopian planet is that no one grows older there?
  2. Phishbulb

    Documentary Now!

    They really back-loaded this season with all the Fred Armisen-centric eps. He was the focus of last week's and of this week's too, which looks like another typical "Fred as a musician" things (he did so many of these types of sketches on SNL). We probably didn't need TWO musical episodes in one season, to be honest. The season finale with Michael C. Hall and Bobby Moynihan as the bowlers should be fun though.
  3. Phishbulb

    Documentary Now!

    It turns out that Bill Hader did have something to do with this season after all- he cowrote this week's episode. It was all right, but given Hader's penchant for going dark with his comedy, I felt like it could've gone even further out into the realm of Fred Armisen's character becoming a creepy, psychotic stalker hell-bent on meeting his idol Gary Larson. I did like how they made his character a complete self-centered dick who was neglecting his wife and newborn child to make his dumb movie.
  4. Phishbulb

    S44.E15: Idris Elba / Khalid

    I thought the magician sketch with Leslie was just mean-spirited towards Leslie. The joke of it just seemed to be that she is a "bigger" lady and just putting her through a lot of abuse to no real comedic effect. The twist of the sketch being that Kenan's character was trying to kill his wife all along didn't help.
  5. Phishbulb

    SNL Season 44: Speculation and More!

    The likelihood that Emma Stone will be the next five-timer is pretty strong at this rate (assuming she hosts again within the next couple of years).
  6. Phishbulb

    A.P. Bio

    I realize this is a petty thing, but I was following this show from the pilot stage when it was announced that Vanessa Bayer was going to be on the show. She was going to play the role that Jean Villepique ended up playing. It's semi-annoying to me every time I watch the show now that she plays it so much the way that Bayer probably would have played the role- she's the typical mousy sad-sack that Bayer played so often in sketches on SNL. Despite the three teachers not being great, I do find other parts of the show funny, especially Jack and the kids and Paula Pell. Pell wandering around with a canoe on her head was so goofy but hilarious. There's a surreal element to some of the jokes sometimes that I like (like the kindergarten teacher with the puppet).
  7. My online TV guide confirms Perry's episode is being rerun this Saturday as the SNL Vintage.
  8. Phishbulb

    SNL Cast Discussion

    Are you talking about the blonde? Because that's Abby Elliott, who was in the cast at the time.
  9. To be fair, Rag n' Bone Man told you "I am a giant" right there in the song he performed :)
  10. Phishbulb


    I thought it was funny that the woman playing the head of the Christian comedy tour was Eve Plumb (aka Jan Brady), and over the end credits they played a song by the Brady Bunch (featuring Jan doing a solo).
  11. Phishbulb

    SNL Season 44: Speculation and More!

    I'm holding out hope that now that Olivia Colman won, they might be able to get her to host, maybe the remaining show in March or if not then in April. I don't know what her schedule is like with filming the new season(s) of "The Crown", but I think she'd be a great host. She has a long resume of doing sketch comedy in the UK.
  12. Another interesting thing tying this episode to the current episode this week was that Family Feud sketch, which was a nice bit of darkness written by John Mulaney, Marika Sawyer, and Simon Rich. The three of them frequently wrote together while at the show, and Sawyer and Rich returned this week to work with Mulaney on the "Toilet Death Ejector" piece, which was an idea they had that they never got to air while they all worked at the show.
  13. Phishbulb

    Miracle Workers

    There are seven episodes: http://thefutoncritic.com/showatch/miracle-workers-tbs/listings/
  14. Phishbulb

    Miracle Workers

    I was wondering if the new guy who showed up at the end of the second episode (thwarting Radcliffe and Viswanathan's goals) is maybe the devil in disguise. If this turns out to be the case, I'll pat myself on the back for figuring this out I guess.
  15. Phishbulb

    Documentary Now!

    I thought it was funny, but unfortunately SNL already did a parody of "Wild Wild Country" around the time the real documentary came out, so it seemed like well-trod territory at this point. Also, the SNL sketch got Nasim Pedrad to play the Indian woman from the real documentary, which is a role she was born to play- she looks just like the real woman. The actress in this episode did a good job though. I actually don't know if Bill is in this season at all. I don't see him anywhere in that trailer that was posted above. He may have been busy filming "Barry" and "It Part 2" and not had time to participate in this season.