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  1. Sorry, I thought you meant it wasn't part of the show's script.
  2. I don't think Rinna let it go because it was unscripted (and moments like that are exactly the kinds of things that should be scripted because when Camille started in on Dorit I gasped and clutched the pearls I'm not even wearing - I doubt that anything else in this season is going to be as entertaining as Camille going in like she's got no f*cks to give). Rinna let it go because she's gung ho about seeing LVP get taken down so she's not going to admit that there's anything wrong with Dorit because Dorit is now the catalyst for pushing LVP out of the circle.
  3. "This is no longer about Lucy." How conveeeeeeenient for you Dorit.
  4. I am dying at Dorinda quoting Tyler Perry.
  5. "I'm guilty... of being innocent fabulous!" Do the HWs come up with their own taglines or does someone actually get paid to come up with them?
  6. Steph J

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Because if LVP asked Teddi directly then she would have no plausible deniability about her role in the gossip coming out (which she would need in the event that Teddi chickened out on the plot, which is what Teddi is saying happened, and someone was going to be left holding the bag). By going through a third party LVP can (or thought she could) keep her finger prints off the gun. I love LVP (and will 100% watch Vanderpump Dogs if that's really going to be a thing), but I absolutely believe that rather than lash out at someone directly she'll deal with it by concocting some Machiavellian scheme like she's the Littlefinger of the Housewives shared universe.
  7. Steph J

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    It made me think of this. Like, don't even bother ordering steak if that's what you're going to do to it.
  8. Steph J

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Because it wasn't about clearing things up, it was about LVP getting people on her side. I hate how this has become about LVP vs. Teddi instead of what it should actually be about, which is the shitty thing Dorit did to that dog.
  9. Steph J

    S03.E02: Cloudy With a Chance of Arguments

    He creeps me out so much. I don't know how else to explain except to say that he has "psycho eyes."
  10. Steph J

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Just a guess, but maybe LVP gave Dorit a hard time when she returned the first dog, so to avoid getting another round of that she gave the second dog away (or dropped it at a shelter herself and came up with the "re-homing" story when she was caught) rather than returning it, thinking that she could get away with it and that LVP would never be the wiser. Why she would think that I don't know, since someone who loves dogs as much as LVP wasn't just going to forget that she had one and never ask after how it was doing, but a side effect of Dorit's belief that truth is malleable is that she doesn't appreciate the connection between actions and consequences.
  11. Steph J

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Because Kyle thinks that her relationship with Kim is the exception to every rule. I liked how when Camille said that every woman has lashed out at everyone else (or words to that effect) the editors only showed clips of the other women going after Camille and not the other way around. I've thoroughly enjoyed Camille since she came back, but I still remember season 1 Camille and she was just as bad as any of 'em.
  12. Steph J

    All Episodes Discussion

    If her mother and the PI are correct that the notes she wrote that convinced the cop that she was crazy were actually her writing down things that her husband was searching on the computer - e.g. "Can a woman be the anti-Christ?" - then, yeah, I'm thinking it's possible that there's some mental health issues there.
  13. Steph J

    S07.E13: Reptilian Brain

    Does Lala realize, as she's bragging about all the swag she gets from her transactional relationship, that one day she's going to be cast out and he's going to be lavishing all this stuff on some other, younger girl? Given that his ex-wife is only 30, I'm guessing that there's not much time left before the buzzer rings on Lala's time in the sun.
  14. Steph J

    2019 Awards Season

    I find Spielberg's position on this really elitist and hypocritical. Elitist for two reasons, first because not everyone lives in a place like Los Angeles or New York where every movie under the sun can be found playing somewhere on a big screen. A lot of people live in places where smaller movies don't play in their local theater and they would never get a chance to see movies like Roma on a big screen. Netflix makes it possible for smaller movies like that to be seen by larger audiences. Secondly because Netflix has given a greater platform to filmmakers of color, female filmmakers, lgbtq filmmakers, etc., who would otherwise have a difficult time getting their work seen, which makes Spielberg's position seem like the kind of cultural gatekeeping that has kept Hollywood so insular and lacking in diversity. Hypocritical because when The Post was up for awards last year (and Bridge of Spies a few years ago, and Lincoln a few years before that) screeners certainly went out to members of the Academy so that they could watch the movies in the comfort of their own homes. There's no fundamental difference between someone seeing a movie via a screener and someone watching it via Netflix except that screeners only go to people in the industry. If they're going to put rules in place to outlaw Netflix, then they should pass a rule against seeing movies via screeners, too.
  15. Steph J

    All Episodes Discussion

    Especially when the details of their story keeps changing and they have clear injuries of their own. I'm sure Aaron Major did punch a wall. I'm also sure that he did that because his hand was already busted and he needed an excuse for why. The original investigator seemed so uninterested in even considering the case to be a homicide that I was half expecting the show to reveal that he was a friend of the Major family. Instead I guess his issue was some combination of laziness/complacency and misogyny (if he had uttered the phrase "Bitches be crazy" I wouldn't have been surprised; that certainly seemed to be his approach to dealing with the victim's mother).