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  1. Glade

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    Evie Oddly's Jellyfish fringe was legendary. Some of the other queens...were not. I still have a bad hangover from AS4 where Monet (and sometimes Trinity--who I nearly mistook Scarlet Envy for on this runway) kept trotting out those basic showgirl leotards with a little sequin/fringe week after week, and seeing some of the girls bring out those looks on this episode made me wretch. Michelle was right, it's NOT ENOUGH. I have no problem with HD going home, and yes it is against the rules to leave the stage. Are they really not allowed to just google Mariah Carey? Maybe on a WOW computer that blocks twitter and facebook? It seems ridiculous, but they definitely should have chosen someone else--not that it would have made the two hosts acting and incredibly slow vocalizations any better. I'm glad the first team at least did well, and Vanjie was hilarious.
  2. Glade

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    I know Ru is a reality tv producer, but for her to so transparently stir/talk shit to rile up the queens on-air is kind of undignified. I don't care for or about Silky no matter who is trying to force her storyline, she's getting my fast-forward button. It also felt so predictable as to be staged that Scarlet would make that 'delusional' comment, be picked last and then wind up winning. Hated the mini-challenge, which feels overdone. Mercedes story was powerful, though, I'm glad she stayed. Yet again the main challenge spends just as much time referencing Drag Race/past queens/plugging Dragcon as it does the movies it's supposedly parodying. I have no idea what the second movie is riffing--not Gone Girl as I first thought. Ariel, Scarlet, and Vanjie were incredible on the runway. As a Capricorn I thought Rajahs goat was interesting from the neck up, but the bland dress was a letdown (as many of Nina Bonina's looks were on her season, where her face was incredible but the outfits fell flat.) I wanted to like Yvie's look, but her face was too much of a mess for me.
  3. Glade

    S11.E01: Whatcha Unpackin?

    I thought Silky should have been in the bottom--her outfit was poorly made, and the fact that she only sequined the front part of her skirt was a much more glaring error then what Montrese' did on her tights. But I guess she's going to create drama with her obnoxious behavior and so she'll be kept around for awhile. I'd definitely have preferred to see more of Soju, and I wanted Adam Rippon to show up in drag, not miley. Honestly, it feels like the show is drowning in it's own self-referential-ism. Bringing back these queens for the photoshoot, many of whom we just saw on All-Stars (or others, like Pork-Chop and Ongina that we've been waiting to seen on All-Stars forever) was not very charming, and forcing the new gurls to talk about past queens by giving them those trunks was also just sad. This was done better in S8 with the all-winners photoshoot, and S6 when the large cast received a split-premier (which would have been nice here) and then received materials from past challenges that weren't tied to any fan-favorite queens. It's all been done before, it was better the first time, and it's too bad that the new girls couldn't actually get a chance to shine in an original challenge without all this baggage. And now next week is the first acting challenge, and this feels like a slog. There's not enough time to get over the disappointment of all-stars anymore before we are thrown back into more of the same.
  4. Yawn. I was surprised that Monet actually wore a proper wig and dress for her finale look--but not for the dance number, which was disappointing, as was her thousandth reference to sponges, and her typical lipsync leotard. For me, Monique Heart is really the one who won this episode, from her fakeout about sending Monet home, her revealing podcast interview to the dance number and her stunning finale look; she should have been Top 2, not Monet. Seeing her crowned would have been more inspiring. I don't like Trinity's drag, I think she is similar to Chad Michaels with the plastic surgery and over-polished showgirl looks, only less good and always with huge 80's pageant hair; she's bland af. Her look for the dance number was horrid. Glad Naomi's lip-implanted bauble-head is now off my screen forever. This ending didn't do anything for me; I can only imagine if Katya and Alaska, Raven and Chad, Bendalecreme and Shangela had been double-crowned in past seasons, that would be exciting. But this wasn't for me; and why not make the twist be that Manilla was brought back and dual-crowned with Monique or Trinity? I hope what the past winners said was true, that all-stars rules are suspended forever and the show doesn't come back with this format again where the best queens don't get a fair shot at all. It seems that queens from the legendary S3 are generally being snubbed in favor of more recent seasons, even when they outperform the newer girls, and that's terrible. This top 4 was tepid at best. Manilla and Shangela should be in that hall of fame.
  5. I hated how Trinity just had normal makeup on her face under her mask--she should have kept going and made her face cat-like. Monique absolutely killed the runway theme, she was gorgeous and was the only seemingly alive, let alone funny queen in the main challenge. Latrice and Naomi failed the runway, they could have worn those outfits any other night. Monet's runway outfit looked cheap, and she was lost in the challenge. Naomi's constant posing during the acting challenge fell flat, there was no characterization. I don't get the clown red carpet ending to the skit, unless it was to give Trinity a punchline? They could have made Kim's replacement be a queer black woman who could call out SITC for it's racism, classism, and bi/homophobia?? This was not funny and really had shockingly little to say about it's subject. I fucking hate sex in the city, and this episode was barely watchable, between Naomi's obnoxious behavior (I ff'd through most of her suddenly extant screentime) and the reveal that Trinity was the only one who actually cared about sending Manilla home. Manilla would have nailed this challenge. I thought Trinity and Monique both won that lipsync, and should have been able to send their lipsticks home even if it was a double elimination. It should have been Naomi going home, that would be the only way to make last week bearable. Naomi should have gone home before Valentina, before Manilla, before Latrice IMO, she spent most of the season just taking up space. I say Monique for the win but it seems inevitable that Trinity is going to be the fourth blond bland thin white girl in the hall of fame. There's a twitter poll asking for fan input, but Raven and Katya definitely won those polls during their seasons (I don't remember if they asked last year but if they did Shangela would have won it) and that didn't make a difference.
  6. Naomi was 5th or 6th place at the beginning of this episode, and at the end she is 4th or 5th place...not in the running for the crown. Axing Manilla did nothing to benefit her, someone else is going to win and she just looks stupid. This was the equivalent of Gia Gunn saying 'I'm going to walk over there and stir up some shit to get screen-time' and that sure as fuck didn't get Gia the win either. Obviously the producers were so pissed at her that they made sure the only screentime Naomi got this season was when she was saying something to/about Manilla, otherwise she isn't even in the episodes. If it was Trinity sending Manilla home that would be 'playing the game' to win. Naomi already lost, she just shifted the crown to someone else and made herself look pathetic.
  7. Monique's concept was amazing, I loved the eyes and how they were crossed on the runway, the eyelashes on their gloves, it was perfect and I thought she would be in the top. I don't agree with the judges about putting Manilla/her husband in the bottom either, I thought they were fab and at least safe. When Manilla first finished her husbands makeup, I saw Shangela's face in the mirror! They are so sweet together. Alexis Knight/Latrice's Dolly Parton wigs were horrible. Naomi's makeover subject reminded me of Trinity K Bonet in her LFYL on 'Oh No She Betta Don't,' except not as good. I liked it when Trinity shot Naomi down with her whole speech about fairness at the beginning. However I thought Trinity's Judy was lame, they were way too identical. Why wasn't an Ornacia mask put into the time capsule? Naomi's lipsync look was so chic, regardless of how much Michelle hates kermit-green...she killed the lipsync. Monet is not Latrice, she can't stand still only moving her lips and sell a lipsync. Ok, what the fuck was that result though??? Manilla was soaring to the crown…and Naomi's bullshit whispering "I'm so sorry, I love you"?? Bitch, you're not going to win either, Manilla or not. Latrice should have gone home….Who's going to win now? I don't want Trinity win, too many bland white girls in the Hall of Fame. All Stars is such shit, every year, they should have gotten rid of this fucking format already. The Weho 3.
  8. Glade

    S04.E07: Queens of Clubs

    Actually, queens like Katya have admitted to throwing these AS lipsyncs when they don't want to make the decision to send someone home/face potential fallout with friends and backlash from social media fans. Trinity will make a huge amount of money due to the exposure of being on All-Stars, so this ten thousand isn't end all be all.
  9. Glade

    S04.E07: Queens of Clubs

    This was a great challenge. I couldn't stop laughing at Valentina's 'fantasy' line. It was also hilarious when she was responding to Michelle on the runway, and the accidental political commentary therein. I'll miss Valentina, though her exit line was also priceless. I wished Latrice's hairballs were a different color (and maybe also coated with glitter or feathers or something) that would have elevated it more and kept me from thinking of Vivacious. I guess she did deserve to be in the top, though I still saw her break character once to eyeroll in response to one of Manilla's jokes. Monet's look wasn't bad, but I couldn't help but notice it's the hundredth 'stuff glued to a leotard' look of hers. That lipsync was really underwhelming, Trinity's gimmick was lame (I guess she wanted to throw it? She was certainly better then Latrice in the club) and I certainly wasn't blown away by Latrice either, who may have been too distracted by Trinity to bring it out? I think if Naomi and Valentina could lipsync for their lives they would have done better. Was this the first time the lipsync song featured a male singer? If it's allowed, they should do some Boy George.
  10. Glade

    S04.E06: LaLaPaRUza

    This episode was pretty predictable, and I kind of wish Manilla and Monet did a 'safe' lipsync against one other even if they were both staying. I'm glad Valentina stayed on (I'm surprised no one picked Naomi's lipstick,) but that lipsync featured almost no footage of Farrah, and likewise Naomi's lipsync featured very, very little coverage of Gia. Trinity's lipsync gave a lot more time to show that Jasmine was not as good (her lipsync wasn't very tight, her wig got in the way and her dance moves couldn't beat Trinity's). I really dislike Naomi's new lips, I hope she allows them to deflate someday. Latrice's lipsync outfit was a huge disappointment for me (and I also wished both her wigs were better), I really hope in the coming episodes that she pulls out something new and impressive and doesn't blame her failures on other queens.
  11. Glade

    S04.E05: Roast in Peace

    I loved Ru's workroom suit today! Interesting that she actually did the tour and gave critiques, even though it was just one of so many elements that made this episode longer then ever. I thought Naomi was definitely the weakest player, she's been fading away the whole season and now she's in the bottom, so bye (though if someone chose Trinity's lipstick, like next week's preview implies, I would have lived for that.) But I guess Naomi can prove herself next week? After reading Latrice's interviews where she brought the bitter and blamed her bad performance in court on Monet/Monique (since it's always somebody else's fault) I'm not really thrilled about seeing her back, and the rest of the returning gurls look fabulous, but none of them are serious competition. Honestly, I'd prefer an all-stars format where no one went home and we had maximum time for the queens to shine. I honestly thought the top this week was going to be Manilla/Monique again, since they were both so hilarious, but they put the latter in the bottom just to maximize the drama. Manilla certainly has redeemed herself from that terrible sesame street standup back in S3. I wasn't into Monet or Monique's runway looks, however, I'm over the endless swimsuit/leotards.
  12. Glade

    S04.E04: Jersey Justice

    Manilla was hilarious, again and deserved her win. I still keep forgetting that Naomi is here, the only storyline she's gotten is when she says something to Manilla. Latrice missed her chances, just like on snatch game she brought a bored, understated performance and it's not funny. It felt like she wore a similar gown on the runway recently too. However, it's part of AS for the eliminated queens to be brought back, it could even happen next week, and if that happens, Latrice is the best one that's gone home. Valentina did not come here to make alliances, bitch! I don't think Trinity the bland noticed how Valentina never said 'id do the same for you' last week, but I did. I still love Valentina and find her amusing.
  13. Glade

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Wtf? I thought PS all stars was gone for good. What kind of low rent Weinsteinian necromancy is this? Did they film any seasons of the actually good spinoff, PR Junior before it all tanked? I take umbrage that none of the Fab gay final 3 from my favorite PS Australia season were invited. I think I'll pass.
  14. Glade

    S04.E03: Snatch Game of Love

    It's funny that Latrice and Manilla both avoid mentioning they were in another unconventional version of snatch game on As1, and as I recall Latrice's Oprah was one of the lower scores there too despite the absence of romper room antics. It is true that Gia has a greater right to play a fellow transwoman then Trinity, and since they would have been on two separate segments anyway, maybe she should have insisted instead of playing a character she knew almost nothing about. Not that Gia would have been great, but maybe better then this atrocious trainwreck? I'm glad she's gone and Manilla didn't ax Valentina. I too cringe at the thought of a Trinity win. I'm hoping Manilla, Valentina or Latrice come ahead of her.
  15. So does Gia work at a law office where they showed up in the middle of the day drunk, or more likely wasn't this a night club where drinking is the norm and she just pulled out this nothing story in a baldly transparent attempt to create drama? I did find it hysterically funny watching her dumb ass walking over and saying with no irony "I don't mean to interrupt" when you so clearly do, bitch. Part of me hopes she keeps doing that without realizing how stupid she looks. I was surprised that Latrice wasn't top 2, I wanted it to be her and Valentina, who I really thought was going to send Monique home regardless of how out of it Farrah has been. Manilla was out of this world on the runway, which is likely what kept her safe. Highlighting past queeens for one episode while keeping them out of the competition is probably the way they could bring back other past winners who don't want to go all in like Bebe did.