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  1. Stuffy

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    As a lifelong Oklahoman, I can confirm that I’ve not only read Vanity Fair, but I used to have a subscription to it. I can also confirm that I have never read anything about fishing, tackling, hunting or guns. Abby and Meghan really don’t have a clue about what’s going on in middle America. They grew up privileged with powerful fathers. I’m not one for talking back to the television, but I find myself telling them to “Shut Up!” whenever they talk about what middle America is like.
  2. Stuffy

    When Calls The Heart

    They should just air this season and go from there. She’s so prominent that editing her out or refilming her scenes seems ridiculous. They’d have to redo most of the season, and Hallmark seems too cheap to do that. After this season, I would prefer Abigail to move away versus killing off the character or recasting for purely selfish reasons. That reason is so she can take Cody with her. Give the kid another role in a different series if you must. I can’t stand the Cody character.
  3. I thought it was drinking and not knowing his lines. I didn’t know about the crew members. I was under the impression he was well-liked until recently.
  4. Depp probably just wanted everything to be over with during the divorce. I believe he was/is dealing with lawsuits related to money problems with other people. Maybe he just wanted to rush through the divorce and move on. He is probably now realizing his bad reputation, due to Amber’s abuse claims, is affecting his ability to get good roles.
  5. Stuffy

    "The View": Week Of 2/23/2019

    Yeah June was no saint. She chased Johnny and even told his wife that he would be hers. She also may have had her own pill problem too. They glossed over all that in the movie. Showed the affair but didn't show how terrible June was to Johnny's wife.
  6. Stuffy

    "The View": Week Of 2/18/2019

    I knew Blake and Miranda were doomed when he went on Ellen and said when it's Miranda's turn to meet up with him she always shows up. However when it was his turn to go to her, he would sometimes cancel. I think Miranda's first boyfriend after Blake (not counting the affair she's rumored to have had) was Anderson East. I don't think Anderson was married. Then she may have cheated (not sure of the breakup timeline) on East with Evan Felker and that situation was a shitshow. He/They really did his wife wrong. The way she talked I don't think Abby knows the whole story about Miranda and her men.
  7. Stuffy

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    The British tabloids will make anything up. Meghan was seen leaving the hotel in a Rectify cap which according to them clearly means it's a subliminal message to family. A two second search will show that her friend Abigail Spencer was in a show called Rectify, seen wearing the hat earlier in the day, and clearly loaned it to Meghan. I bet she gave it to her because of the paparazzi flashbulbs.
  8. Stuffy

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I'm starting to wonder if Miranda really does have a drinking problem that some people have speculated about. I thought the relationship/affair with the Turnpike Troubadour guy was a mess. He had substance problems himself. I'm blanking on his name right now. That mess of a relationship plus now salad tossing and a marriage to a guy she can't have known very long. I really hope she's okay.
  9. Stuffy

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    I think the Warren thing is being made into a bigger deal than it is. She’s apologized multiple times. We had the same thing happen to my family. I was a part of the Title VI Indian education program in elementary school attended meetings, received attendance and grades awards. Dad gets his DNA tested a couple of years ago and he’s like 1% Native American. He was really upset. While I always put down Caucasian, I still believed that was a part of my history. A lot of people in Oklahoma believe they have Native American in their blood. Warren believed a story passed down in her family. It’s an honest mistake. When your family tells you you’re a specific ethnicity, you believe them. I can’t get mad at her for that. She wasn’t knowingly trying to deceive people. If she was she never would’ve done the dna test.
  10. Stuffy

    Watch What Happens Live

    I just watched the Bodyguard bbc show on Netflix. Then went to check out Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes in other roles because I didn’t really know them. Pictures of a younger Keeley with the long hair definitely looks like Kiera. I saw a picture of them together from a few years ago.
  11. Stuffy

    Country Music, Y'all!

    Cut off is the end of September, so it was eligible this year.
  12. Stuffy

    Country Music, Y'all!

    I expected vocal performance and that's it from Carrie. I'm actually surprised she didn't get that. I may be a fan, but I can recognize when she doesn't deserve nominations. I knew Cry Pretty wouldn't get song or album. My favorite songs on the album haven't been singles yet. The album is not my favorite from Carrie. I probably skip more songs on it than any of her previous albums. I don't really have confidence they'll release my favorites either. I think they'll release "Southbound" which is so mediocre and like every other bro-country song on the radio now.
  13. Stuffy

    When Calls The Heart

    Quick Google search https://www.looper.com/11431/stars-whose-careers-tanked-leaving-hit-shows/ And I'm done.
  14. Stuffy

    Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

    It's not out yet, but it has had multiple industry screenings.
  15. Stuffy

    Small Talk: Page 58

    It’s been awhile but I think it goes unknown until the last episode. Also I don’t know about everyone else, but I hated who it turned out to be. Also maybe it’s because I saw it as an adult and not a teen, but I couldn’t get past how toxic the Blair/Chuck relationship is. People love them, and I don’t get it. I don’t find anything romantic about it.