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  1. ShelleySue

    When Calls The Heart

    I have a solution. Didn't Jack die in a rock slide or something like that? Maybe his body was so badly crushed that it couldn't be identified. Someone else died and is buried in Jack's grave. Meanwhile the real Jack was held hostage in the Northern Territories. He someone escaped and made his way to a telephone. He called Abigail's so she could get word to Elizabeth that he's still alive. Abigail, in her haste to get to Elizabeth, runs out of her cafe and gets struck by Cody and his friends who are riding their bikes down the main street. Abigail dies. Jack lives. And we move forward from there.
  2. Maybe the void left by The Garage Sale Mysteries will be filled with more Signed, Sealed, Delivered movies. They usually have some mystery involved. One can hope.
  3. ShelleySue

    When Calls The Heart

    I think that if she played another part it wouldn't have been so necessary for her to be fired. But she plays the perfect Abigail Stanton. Her character has come back from losing her husband and son to running her own business and being the mayor. She has done it all without stabbing anyone in the back or any hit of scandal. Her priority is what's good for Hope Valley. Who can watch Abigail preach about love, goodness and fairness without thinking about what Lori allegedly did? The character is tainted.
  4. ShelleySue

    When Calls The Heart

    Has anyone noticed that all of the articles say something like, "Aunt Becky . . . Full House . . . Fuller House"? Are we the only people who think of her as Abigail Stanton and Jennifer Shannon (Garage Sale Mysteries)?
  5. ShelleySue

    When Calls The Heart

    What is the story with the telephone operator (can't remember her name)? I can't figure out if she's "good" or "bad." My tv is too small and I was too far from the screen to see what was on the trunk's label -- the one that telephone operator found so interesting.
  6. What was up with David Haydn-Jone's jacket in Love Under the Rainbow? Either he gained weight after he was fitted for it or someone grabbed the wrong jacket. It was tight and way too short. I usually don't comment on how people look, but I found it to be distracting. I was thinking the same thing. Nothing like taking kids out of the classroom to go to a field and chase rainbows. Just one teacher, no chaperones, and open the door and let the kids fly out of the bus. All because one girl is obsessed with rainbows. I guess that's what they do in a school in which the kids have no lessons while they are working on their science fair projects. On a side note, does anyone know where the garden is? I'm assuming somewhere near Vancouver, but I was just wondering. Even more exciting is that Jordan Bridges is back!!!!
  7. Violin has a much steeper learning curve. Even if Sheldon can easily recognize the notes he would still have learn the technique. I doubt anyone could really learn violin from one video lesson.  I am completely tone deaf and played the viola for three years. I was horrible. One problem was that I was unable to tune my viola so when I practice it was never in tune. I switched to the piano and played passably. If you hit the right keys you hit the right keys. The viola (and violin) are much more difficult because your fingers have to be in exactly the right spot for you to play the correct note. I loved Meemaw trying to convince the neighbor (I forgot her name -- I'll always think of her as Barbara Jean) that the pregnancy test was for Meemaw. Wasn't there a previous episode in which Sheldon talked to Richard Kind about Judaism?
  8. ShelleySue

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    My dad was significantly younger than my mom. My mom is still here as I pass 40 and my dad didn't make it to college graduation. Both got down on the floor and played with me. In fact the people I know who are older parents tend to seem younger becuase running around after little kids keeps you in the game a bit. I was 42 when my youngest was born. My husband was 46. Our youngest is now in college and we hope to live to see his college graduation ;-) He was our third and we were on the floor with him just as much as with our other children. Because these are the last episodes I feel like I want each of them to resolve something. Each episode should be important and not just filler. I guess that what we found out in this show is that Amy is nudging Sheldon into wanting children, that Penny is good at her job, and that Bernadette is still a bully.
  9. ShelleySue

    Kids Baking Championship

    What is the taping schedule? Don't tattoos usually look red while they are healing? Duff's didn't look like it had just been done.
  10. ShelleySue

    When Calls The Heart

    Has anyone else noticed that the woman have more intricate hairstyles than in previous seasons? When Elizabeth and baby Jack were at Jack's grave Elizabeth said something about it being a year since Jack died. I told Mr. ShelleySue that she said that specifically so that the viewers would know it was ok for her to start courting again.
  11. I'm not sure what was going on with me last night, but I was thoroughly confused in the beginning. I somehow didn't realize that so much time had passed and couldn't figure out why if she was in NYC she would be entering a cooking show that was coming to Chicago. Then I couldn't figure out why she hadn't seen her dad in so long when they were both in NYC. Once I was able to sort it all out I enjoyed the movie. I too am glad that "the kiss" happened mid-movie. I was also happy see that the bad guys weren't really bad guys and didn't make trouble for the couple. Under the old Hallmark formula at 1 hour and 30 minutes into the movie the two other chefs in the competition (the ones eliminated third and fourth) would have caused a major headache for the couple. Instead the truffle misunderstanding was resolved quickly.
  12. Didn't WDYTYA also do an episode with the Scottish "slaves"? I remember someone being in a large church in which his (or her) ancestors had been housed before they were transported to the "colonies." Was I the only person who loved the fact that Chloe was wearing a sweater with Daisies and her ancestor was named "Marguerite"?
  13. ShelleySue

    When Calls The Heart

    I was very disappointed by the review of last season. One minute Elizabeth and Jack are getting married and then the school is being dedicated to Jack. Elizabeth said something about how people you love are always with you. Then Abigail tells Elizabeth that she (Elizabeth) is pregnant. That's it. No mention at all about Jack dying. Is the telephone operator going to stay on to handle all three of Hope Valley's phones?
  14. I listen to some podcasts, but nothing of this genre. In real life, would this have been released as her investigation was ongoing?
  15. ShelleySue

    S01.E14 Happy Cecil

    By "legit awful person" do you mean sociopath?