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  1. edhopper

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    So Liz, that was all about what? You put him in prison, maybe you just didn;t think it through. (so to with the writers). How is Moreau threatening Red with Dembe sitting across from him? And yes, Rensler is the worst as chasing people. I guess Red will take the President down. So in a TV fantasy world, there are actual consequences for a President to be a traitorous criminal, unlike the real world.
  2. edhopper

    S06.E11: Bastien Moreau

    It is good to see a President who is the head of a vast criminal consperacy that can actually be kept hidden and not so obvious. 😉
  3. edhopper

    S01.E15: Manhunt

    That is really insulting to thousands of honest NYPD officers. No, they are not all corrupted by the mob.
  4. edhopper

    You're The Worst

    I'm gonna leave you anyway, gonna leave you anyway.
  5. edhopper

    You're The Worst

    Well the theme song did tell us... "I'm gonna leave you anyway..."
  6. edhopper

    S06.E05: Alter Ego

    It's Federal Court, has to be for them to have jurisdiction over the FBI. There are Federal death penalties, though they are rare.
  7. edhopper

    S04. E09. Check Your Ed

    The only thing missing was Scott Pilgrim type voice over. "Jane has learned the lesson of self reliance".
  8. edhopper

    S06E02 The Corsican (New day and time)

    Well since he was cooperating according to the lead of the task force, it will be interesting to see what they prosecute him for. and when I say interesting, I mean stupid.
  9. edhopper

    S06E02 The Corsican (New day and time)

    And what part of an immunity deal says you can still be arrested anytime and go to jail? Red has been openly walking around free all this time, This is the first cop to recognize the most wanted man in America?
  10. edhopper

    S06E02 The Corsican (New day and time)

    My absurdity meter broke about a quarter of the way through when the courrier gave the Corsican everything that was keeping him alive and then the authorities, after seeing the courrier dead didn't change the codes or invalidate his badge, I guess cause cell phones didn't exist. It got more absurd from there. And Liz betrayed Red why?
  11. edhopper

    S06E01 Dr. Hans Koehler

    So Red's not Liz's father , but had plastic surgery to pretend to be, but still thinks of her as a daughter, but doesn't want Liz to know he's not her father, but might secretely have been her father all along, but.......my head hurts.
  12. edhopper

    S01.E07: Part 7

    Good ending. While we have all given acolades to the main actors, I must comment on how excellent the direction was. Ben Stiller has done good work directing some of his own movies, But this was another level. Would love to see him take on more big movies.
  13. edhopper

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    Time had changed re Jessica. She was originally strangled, not shot. And this Jessica had Rittenhouse fighting skills. The time sickness is what killed Flynn, She was only there for a short time, so just headaches.
  14. edhopper

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    Thanks NBC, nice send off.
  15. edhopper

    S04. E08. Screech, Thwack, Pow

    Burke: I am sure glad I killed the very competent hacker for that URGENT!! action so I could travel across the Globe and put us in a deadly situation just have to travel again to find this slightly better hacker who may or may not be willing to help. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!