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  1. Ravello

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    What does Rose McGowan do for a living? Never heard of her other than an association with Weinstein. I don’t like Tracey and she gets too much airtime. PK and a Dorit are fakers, they do not own that house. PK may own a share of the LLC that owns the house. They are in deep financial trouble. Dorit was born and raised in Connecticut. Her accent is fake. I like David and James a lot. Love Aultman, Flagg is entertaining but too snobbish to do business with. Love this show, just seeing the beautiful SOcal homes makes me smile
  2. Ravello

    S05.E02: Scared and Unprepared

    Jazz seems even more immature and her mother caters to every whim. Does anyone ever say no? jazz wants to see a psychic, Jazz this, Jazz that. I am not surprised Sander is struggling with his twin having a girlfriend. The twins have probably been second fiddle to the whims of Jazz. Their parents, especially Jeanette, is obsessed with pleasing Jazz. The family dynamics all revolve around their special child. Siblings may develop self esteem issues. Jazz thinks this surgery will fix all that is wrong in her life. Her mother buys into this and her father probably just gave up. This massive surgery is not a one and done fix. Just wait until jazz faces complications. I wish her the best but I don’t see eternal happiness around the corner.
  3. Ravello

    S05:E01 The Final Countdown

    Jazz is so immature, entitled, spoiled. Noelle should be the star of the show. Just love her mature demeanor and sincere friendship to all. We don’t know her story but I doubt if multi generations of her family are catering to her. Marci Bowers is self promoting and looking for referrals. Cannot believe she actually performed this surgery on an immature minor. I don’t get the big deal jazz and family made about staying longer in NYC. They are demand body mutilating surgery, life will never be the same. Just wait until jazz starts having revisions, repairs, redo procedures. I feel bad for the siblings.
  4. Ravello

    Watch What Happens Live

    I don’t shock easily but I am dumbfounded. Andy is obsessed with sex, trysts, flirting, propositioning, coyly making drug innuendos, taking skotchiis, hanging with celebs. I do not see him as a parent. People do not really change, he will probably give lip service to changing his ways but??? Poor little baby.
  5. Ravello

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media

    I’ve never been an Ellen fan, sorry. Did she inadvertently confirm she has a big role in cast changes? Meredith was the least interesting person in the original ensemble cast. Always thought Patrick Dempsey made her a Star. I fast forward through a lot of the drivel to keep tabs on Karev, Richard, Catherine, Bailey.
  6. Ravello

    S11.E10: The Final Flip

    I’ve followed Jenni’s Instagram for years, so I totally understand she only works for Jeff when they are filming. Otherwise she is totally wrapped up in her beautiful family. As she should be. Nothing on her Instagram hints at an acting career. I was suprised to hear her lament about lost acting jobs??? As much as I like and respect her, I don’t believe the Nicholas Cage story. I am the biggest Jeff fan but cringed when Jeff called her a liar and berated her in the car. He was merciless but felt appropriate remorse and delivered a sincere apology. I will mourn forever if the show is over. Both Jenni and Jeff have profited handsomely. Both financial situations will take a hit. Jeff is walking quite a high wire with all his high end real estate. I hope he has flipped the houses, if not he will go under if and when the housing market tanks. And no more cash flow from Bravo to bail him out. Kisses to Monroe.
  7. Ravello

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    Agree with previous comments, Maggie is the worst. The ridiculous plots do not help. Why are they so desperate to fit her into the show? And the actress brings nothing, absolutely nothing. . Bring back Sarah Drew now. The stupidity of the Maggie and Meredith sisterhood boggles the mind. I have struggled with this show for years. Other than Karev, it is a fast forward bit of nothing.
  8. Ravello

    S03.E05: Toby

    I’m losing interest in this show. It is drifting away from the core group with too much back story about peripheral characters. I want the focus to be on Jack, Rebecca, the big three and Miguel. A little Toby and Beth is okay but I don’t want entire episodes about their backstory. I feel the writers have completely blown up the Randall character and the political story ruined his magic for me. And I don’t care one iota about Beth’s cousin, whose facial expression never changes. The social justice rant about paying for gasoline was another distraction from focusing on the core group and good story telling.
  9. Ravello

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Agree with lots of recent comments. This show is very compelling and astonishingly honest. It runs rings around the dreadful Teen Mom 2. I don’t want the season to end. I also love Chloe’s stepdad and I’m somewhat supportive of Jessica. She knew the criminal backstory of Max so I understand why they want Max to go away. Chloe has a chance to turn things around. Her baby will be loved and cherished by financially sound grandparents and a loving family. My heart breaks for Emily. I think she is adorable and I liked her prom dress. Styles change and this dress suited her well. Bridget is the worst parent on the show. Agree Caelin is the best boyfriend, as limited as he is. His mother Shelly is reasonable too. I have no words for Diego. Max has a serious criminal record. Shaedon is vile and has been in and out of Jail. What a show.
  10. Ravello

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    It takes six weeks for the uterus to shrink. Most women need to wear maternity clothes for a while after childbirth. I have always suspected Jessica knew about Max’s criminal record. Therefore, she had no use for him and treated him poorly. I think Chloe has the best support system on the show, her caring family will give her and the baby some stability and a middle class life. I hope she gets an education and turns her life around. At least we know the baby will have loving grandparents. Grandpa Tim looks shockingly bad. If he had seven liters drained, his cirrhosis is very advanced. Yes, he had a drinking problem but he is a good man who cares about his family. Full time housewife is a hot mess but we don’t know the extent of emotional turmoil she experienced early in life. Poor Timmy, poor future baby. grandma and Grandpa will not be around forever. Bridget is the worst Mom on the show. Her scenes are jaw dropping. The cruelty toward her daughter astonishes me every time. My heart breaks watching Emily cry. I have no interest in Lexus and her preferences, I just don’t care. Two seasons of her are enough.
  11. Ravello

    S15.E10: Let's Play Ball!

    There is so much smoke and mirror on this show. I don’t believe Khloe ‘s DNA report showing Middle Eastern genes is real. They can put anything in a script, including fake DNA info. khloe was a blond, fair skinned child and looked absolutely nothing like the three other Kardashian kids, who had dark, swarthy complexions and hair. As an adult, her body stature towers over her “sisters”. Google Alex Rodan and the father/daughter pre plastic surgery pics are stunning. I used to feel sorry for her.
  12. Ravello

    S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    Also really miss Arizona. Bring her back ASAP. Loved her connections to the core characters. Jessica Capshaw is a terrific actress and sold every story, even the dumb stories.
  13. Ravello

    S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    I cannot stand Maggie. The half sister story is too far fetched and after watching Maggie for several seasons- I feel nothing. I just don’t care about her, partly because of the SL and partly because of the portrayal. I don’t care about the sisterly relationship and I don’t care about her love life, or lack of one. Please no fireman crossover. Just a dreary character. Big, big mistake in cutting April. Loved her Avery centric storylines. Now we have lost her spark and energy and we get non stop Maggie in every scene.
  14. Ravello

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    There are more episodes, glad last night was not the finale. Lots of stories to tell. I’m on the edge of my seat about the pediatrician drama. Emily won’t last a semester if she is not cheering. Why else go to college. The baby is beautiful and seems to be such a good baby. Cannot stand most of the boyfriends but Calan and his Mom seem reasonable. Love Tim and Cindy and know they will always be there for Mykala and Timmy. Laura and family have a very creepy vibe. The parents are sleepwalking. Anna and Laura are auditioning for next season with Anna as an expectant Mom. But I get Anna’s anger toward Laura and the disruption caused by an infant and a boyfriend moving into a small house. The parents need to move the little family to the basement. Lexus had no chance in life with her low life mom as a role model. That boyfriend looked to be 25 years old. Poor Scarlett. This show really showcases how crummy parenting repeats with the next generation. Minority opinion but Chloe has the best chance to break the cycle. Love her stepdad and Jessica is growing on me. Brooklyn is such a cutie. Is Max still in jail? Overall I think this show is pretty good. Production standards and storylines are better than TM2.
  15. Ravello


    I’m tired of how they pronounce ENsurance but otherwise I mostly like Danielle. She interacts naturally with each kid in a loving manner and enjoys her kids. I don’t see her playing favorites, a la Kate G. Danielle looks terrific in a casual, natural way. If she had a tummy tuck, no big deal after the massive stretching of a quint pregnancy. Sorry to hear about a breast enlargement, seems pretty shallow. Adam gets on my last nerve. His story will not end well. Quitting his job is a bad omen. His ego is massive. I love watching the girls and I’m always interested in people’s impressions. My two favs are Riley and Parker. We have had a couple Riley types in our family, prone to temper tantrums when fatigued, now resolved. Riley is definitely a strong willed child. Parker is a serious, introspective little girl and oh, so bright. The scenes in the doctor’s office with Hazel are priceless, intuitively sensing Hazel needed help. Love, love her. These parents should pull the plug on the TV show to protect the privacy of their girls. Too many embarrassing scenes that will humiliate them in later years. They’ve made enough money to be secure. Of course I know this family won’t quit TV. I’m very sad to read they are hawking products and looking for more money making opportunities.