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  1. Ellaria Sand

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    The right designer won and the right one was eliminated. Sebastian’s work was exquisite. Team Shoulder Horns (whatever) was equally as bad as Team Chest Feathers. Hester is not skilled enough for this competition. Some of these designers will not fare well with a one-day challenge. There will be lots of excuses and tears. And Judge Brandon will have a meltdown.
  2. Ellaria Sand

    S07.E12: Modern Families

    Ugh...such unnecessary drama in letting us believe that someone was going to be eliminated. All of them should have been sent home so the viewers could be put out of their misery. Biddell deserved the win. At least there was some cohesion to his collection. I’m still trying to figure why Dmitry and Michelle created those looks. Some were simply hideous.
  3. Ellaria Sand

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I think the important part of this statement is that they were broken at the end. Some may have found happiness/fulfillment other than Aragorn (Sam certainly) but they would never be the same people that they were before they began their journey. And that's how I envision the "end" for the surviving characters in GOT. All have experienced varying levels of hardship, loss and sacrifice. This may be an unpopular opinion but some (all?) of the survivors will have to try to create a "better world" (for a lack of a better term) based on their experiences. There have to be lessons learned. Whether or not they achieve any success in doing so is another story. i like the suggestion that it is Jaime. I am looking forward to the interaction between Jaime and Bran. Agree. I want Brienne to survive and be a force for change.
  4. Ellaria Sand

    S17.E01: Premiere

    Didn’t Cavanaugh also complain about the size of the bed in the penthouse? She will not be missed. Having said that, I think that Cryin’ Frankie should have been sent home. Whatever that was supposed to be - a swimsuit? - didn’t fit her model and was falling apart on the runway. Don’t think that she will be long for this competition. Liked Renee’s look. That was incredibly detailed.
  5. Ellaria Sand

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    This made me laugh out loud. And I completely agree.
  6. Ellaria Sand

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    How can a “Design A Ball Gown” challenge turn out to be such a snore?! Nothing looked elegant or appealing. Of course, giving them more than one day to produce the gown may have yielded better results. AR and Michelle delivered equally awful looks. How can either of them define “formal” as a feathered caftan or slip dress with neon patches? Dmitry has lost whatever magic he had in previous seasons. Irina’s reliance on showing lots of leg is getting old. Biddell had an interesting idea but something was off. I loved the intense shade of red and the accessories but it didn’t result in a great overall look.
  7. Ellaria Sand

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I have a slightly different interpretation of the “Tyrion betrayal” rumors/spoilers/etc. I think that Tyrion from S7 is conflicted. He believes in Dany and supports her but is concerned about her smash and burn tendencies. He still hates Cersei but carries guilt/remorse about the death of Myrcella and Tommen and the decline of the Lannister legacy. Tyrion also enjoys proximity to power but may not realize how much it means to him. I think it is entirely plausible for him to betray the Stark/Targaryen alliance. He will not do it out of misplaced loyalty for Cersei. He will do it because he thinks that he knows best. I have no idea of what he may do (not sure about Friki’s spoilers that he burns the residents of KL) or exactly why he does it. Jaime is likely riding north to WF with the message that Cersei has not honored her last words at the dragon pit and that the Lannister bannerman are not coming. I am incredibly interested in Tyrion’s reaction to this info - and to Jaime’s promise to “fight for the living.” The promo materials may be pushing Tyrion’s potential for divided loyalties a bit too hard. However, I don’t think it precludes the fact that he could still betray the Starks or Dany or all of the “good guys” alliance. I am more interested in what his actions entail than why he does it.
  8. Ellaria Sand

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Great discussion here. I'm glad that I stumbled into this thread. I love the suggestion that Bran is addressing those comments to Theon. I think that it is important for Theon to complete his story fighting alongside the Starks. I believe the theory that the Lannister/GC forces attack WF first and then the NK/AOTD show up. It seems to play into the massive battle(s) that everyone keeps referencing in E3. Not sure why Cersei changes her plans and sends her forces north to fight against the Stark/Targaryen alliance...unless that was her plan from the start. Maybe Euron and Harry Strickland convince her. I think this is exactly what happens...the Starks agree to torch WF to kill the AOTD.
  9. Ellaria Sand

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    This poses a good question: we know that JCP never sold any of the “looks” but what happened to the rest of the Grand Prize? Was the winner ever given the guest editor at Marie Claire among other things (cash, sewing machines)? It seems like everything was just “shelved” after initial filming. I wonder what the rest of the contractual obligations were.
  10. Ellaria Sand

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    My thoughts exactly! I agree that Dmitry should have been eliminated. And I was beyond irritated that the “ding” on Irina’s look was the color of the pants. Really?! Her look was elegant and delivered on the challenge. Having said that, I am surprised that I didn’t hate Michelle’s look although a rain coat without a hood is silly. It’s clear that the fix is in for Michelle regardless of what she sends down the runway. Not sure why AR is still in this competition. There is nothing particularly innovative or exciting about his looks. And I’m really over the Huckleberry Finn hat that he wears in his talking heads. Christina didn’t deserve elimination.
  11. Ellaria Sand

    S07.E09: All Inclusive

    I agree - the fix is in for Michelle. And AR will hang around until the finals, too.
  12. Ellaria Sand

    S07.E09: All Inclusive

    My thoughts exactly! Yes to all of these comments. I was disappointed in the lack of color in most of the looks. I am amazed by the amount of praise that Michelle received for that coat. What was Alyssa's comment to her? Something like "you are really good." Christina's look was elegant and sophisticated. She deserved the win. Alternatively, Dmitri's silver trenchcoat wasn't particularly interesting. He seems uninterested in the entire competition.
  13. Ellaria Sand

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    Just my opinion, of course, but this season is dull. Many of the designers seem less than fully engaged with the challenges. Not one “look” has wowed me. The judges seem to be in a parallel universe because I haven’t agreed with any of their chosen winners. When this episode began, I thought that this challenge was too easy for All-Stars. Then I saw the results. Ack! So disappointing. Was any of it remotely wearable? Michelle’s look reminded me of a shower curtain. Dmitry and his ruffles are getting old. AR’s isn’t as clever as he thinks he is, especially in his talking heads. Don’t get the judges’ ongoing love for Michelle’s looks. She is going to win it, isn’t she?
  14. Ellaria Sand

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    Delurking to voice my agreement with the above comment. IMO, Cynthia and Biddell have delivered interesting looks week after week and have received little feedback. (I think that Cynthia was in the bottom once and Biddell in the top once.) And with the scenes in the workroom devoted to drama rather than the creation, I feel as if I know little about these two designers. Me, too...again! The judging has been wacky all season but for this challenge...ugh! AR's coat was cute but not avant garde or innovative. And please, carpet padding for the win...I don't get it. Don't do an avant garde challenge if you aren't going to give the designers the time/money to truly execute something visionary. I find this season to be uninspired.
  15. Ellaria Sand

    S04.E10: Winner

    I like your theory, too. This is a universe where the characters slowly descend into their worst instincts. Character arcs don't play out overnight. I agree that Jimmy still intends to still be "Jimmy" when he is not working. I believe that what drives him finally and completely into Saul is the loss of Kim. Now, I don't think that she dies. Or is thrown into jail for her misdeeds. The tone of either of those "ends" doesn't fit with the story telling of the show, IMO. I envision one of two scenarios: Kim will finally be done with him. Failed relationships don't necessarily end with massive arguments, tears, etc. Often, one partner just reaches their limit. Splits can be quiet and gradual. We already saw the beginning of that this season. Or, and more likely, we see another confrontation between Kim and Jimmy similar to the scene on the roof. Rather than Kim walking away, it is Jimmy that ends the relationship. Despite his charm, Jimmy is a destructive force. Jimmy doesn't have an anchor without Kim. Why not submit to the Saul persona in full? That's what we see in BB. And for that reason, I don't believe that Kim is around in the BB timeline. As for Gene, he is defined by regret, guilt and fear. I would love to see Kim reunite with Gene and live (somewhat) happily ever after but that's not this show.