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  1. RedHawk

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    David in “Promethus” was played by Michael Fassbender and was styling himself to look like Peter O’Toole playing T.E. Lawrence — that’s like a double 10 in my book and I don’t care if it’s all wires underneath! I didn’t even think of “Clockwork Orange”, so yes, it was just delightful and I agree this is what I’ll think of next time I hear the song. And then I’ll continue to wonder if every sensitive instrument on the bridge really was water-resistant.
  2. RedHawk

    S02.E01: Ja'loja

    I dunno, I’ve kinda liked the mix of silly and serious.
  3. RedHawk

    Captain Lee: Oh Captain, My Captain!

    The “stud of the sea” moniker came from Bravo for a Below Deck ad campaign, not from Captain Lee himself. I doubt he would have called himself a stud because he’s been happily married for a few decades. Likely he thinks it’s hilarious and is just going with the flow.
  4. If he is again incarcerated, you just KNOW there will be women who write to him and pledge their undying love! I guess it won’t hurt that even if he’s a two-time felon he’ll still be very rich.
  5. I think that Caroline had to look up what shingles is after Kate made the comment and when she saw “herpes zoster” she thought Kate was saying she had the STD strain of herpes. Caroline seems to be that dumb and that ready to claim any sort of victimhood.
  6. RedHawk

    S06.E05: Naked Smoothies

    Keep working on that joke, Bosawks! When Chandler griped about the slide saying, “It always ends up being a pain in the ass for 30 seconds of fun” I thought “Yeah, I bet that’s how your former girlfriends describe you (in bed) too.” That one was handed to us on a plate.
  7. RedHawk

    Below Deck in the Media

    Since this is the most general thread I'm using it to post that there's a Season 3 marathon on now. Leon and his endless beef cheeks! Rocky and her mermaid tail over the rail! Fire in the galley! Who can resist?
  8. RedHawk

    S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Yes! I was completely expecting some sort of guest meltdown and Adrian having to toss the veal and quickly figure out a “non-offensive” substitute he could quickly fire up. Thought he might lose his zen a bit over that, but next thing I see, the guests are loving their baby animal entree. Nice surprise!
  9. RedHawk

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    Shep and Kathryn posted on Twitter and IG about a surprise birthday party for Kathryn last night. I think her birthday -- she's now 27 -- is today. IIRC Pat hosted. There's a nice photo of Pat, Kathryn, and Shep. Kathryn wrote a sweet message about it being her best birthday and a wonderful surprise.
  10. RedHawk

    S05.E16: Reunion Part 2 2018.07.26

    Well, even if she didn’t, she did not get pregnant that time! (Uh, as far as we know.)
  11. RedHawk

    Below Deck in the Media

    "Southern Charm" is also morphing into "Vanderpump Rules". Apparently that show is the one Bravo wants them all to end up emulating. UGH. I agree, give us a good, mostly competent crew and let the situations arise (more or less) naturally. I don't mind when they bring on crazy guests because that's part of the fun. I'm tired of underlings who can't listen to the bosun, bizarre love triangles, chefs who won't cook what the guests want, and That One Girl who can't seem to get her act together. Although, the scene where that one girl handed Captain Lee a bottle of aspirin when the guests ordered Painkillers was all kinds of awesome.
  12. Yikes, Ashley seems incredibly desperate and unhinged. I keep remembering Thomas’s description of how they met after she pointed and then crooked her finger at him in a bar. And supposedly that was the beginning of this sick relationship. Of course low self-esteem Thomas would fall for an attractive young woman doing that but it said a lot to me about her attitude at the time. She wanted to hitch her wagon to his “star” and thought she was going to be the next Kathryn but more successful in getting him to marry her and share all his worldly goods. Then everything began going wrong after the season’s filming started, especially when the allegations against him came to light. As we’ve seen, every time she pushed for marriage he pulled away. She may have tried to ignore it but it had to penetrate her consciousness that she was failing in her attempts to secure him. I think that and the rejection from most of the cast caused her to double and then triple down on her efforts. That conversation between them in Hilton Head where she ask who “the boss” was and he said it was him and then she “corrected” him by saying it was her was an obvious power struggle. Thomas clearly will always think he is in the prime position and she was flailing. Probably in the very beginning of the relationship she had control because he was infatuated and just happy that a young and attractive woman seemed to want him so much. (I think he’s a sad, lonely, and sometimes very angry man who gets rejected a lot because he hits on much younger women in bars when he’s inebriated.) By the time cameras were rolling the relationship was starting to fail and his infatuation seems to have disappeared. All I get from her is desperate desperate desperation to make the relationship work and he acts like he is tired of her if not outright despises her. He also acts like a man who realizes he’s been duped but for some reason (her threats to tell all?) he can’t just end it and give her a plane ticket home (TM Captain Lee). She is trying so hard because she failed completely. She lost. She knows she’s a despised villain to most viewers. (And there’s the whole shady shit going on in the social media underworld about her allegedly harassing Luzanne Otte and inciting her followers to fight with her detractors, etc.) To go back to Santa Barbara without the ring (and no more TV role so no chance at a redemption arc), especially after all their relationship failure was broadcast to the world, is too painful to contemplate. She comes across as sick, abused, and deluded. Whether from anxiety or drugs or both, she looks like a cadaver. Having said all that, the pile-on at the reunion (so many exaggerated disbelieving looks and eye rolls) made me uncomfortable and I honestly hope she gets help. Thomas is not worth it!
  13. RedHawk

    S05.E16: Reunion Part 2 2018.07.26

    I don’t know, I think disinviting the cast to your wedding and then asking Andy to officiate it when you have not even been proposed to yet is going pretty far out there. I can’t imagine what Thomas thought when he heard about that. As we all saw, Thomas led Kathryn to believe that he would marry her if she got pregnant whereas he recoiled every time Ashley pushed for a ring, a proposal, etc. She has been far more desperately seeking marriage than Kathryn was.
  14. RedHawk

    Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    I keep seeing posts about the child support money Kathryn is supposedly getting and how she has to play nice with Thomas to “keep the checks coming” or try to get more money from him. IIRC, according to the agreement, she had to PAY child support to Thomas because he had full custody. I’ve never heard of a parent who lost custody of their children but still received child support payments. Now that she has fulfilled her part of the agreement and can have joint custody, they will need to work out a different financial arrangement. That may be what’s holding up her signing the papers, or indeed she may be waiting to see if he gets indicted for any of the alleged assaults.
  15. I think in the beginning Whitney persuaded him to film the “sizzle reel” knowing he’d be an interesting character, especially with the Ravenel name, wealth, and “heritage”. The reel was shopped to Bravo. Thomas probably thought it sounded like fun, there was probably plenty of alcohol involved, and he may not have needed much persuasion. Then the show got picked up and he filmed the first season. Once he got a taste of Bravo-lebrity no doubt he was hooked. Even he has said that his parents and siblings don’t like him being on the show and have tried to convince him to quit. It sure fits his arrogant nature to want to be a “star”.