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  1. essexjan

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I don't even want to imagine the smell in that house. Those poor dogs. They deserve so much better than that. As for Jeanne, I knew from the first minute she sat in Dr Now's office, arms crossed with a sullen expression on her face that this was never going to work for her. But I'm glad she was able to shove it to Dr Now with her impressive "8lbs in 2 months" weight loss. Way to go, girl.
  2. essexjan

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    I also checked up on her. The photos are head & shoulders taken from above, and, I suspect, with a heavy use of filters. That's usually the type of photos people take to disguise what's going on down below the neckline. I know a woman whose FB photos suggest she has a heart-shaped, wrinkle-free visage. In fact her face is the shape and condition of a satellite dish that's been weathering the seasons for way too long. But, filters ...
  3. essexjan

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    Wow, what a piece of work. I think she has to be one of the nastiest women we've ever seen on this show. She tried to be all sweetness and light in front of Dr Now (who saw right through her and called her on her bullshit about eating 3 meals a day right at the start). But her true colours showed when things didn't go her way. The 'goodbye' scene at her grandma's house - so what if her mum had to get back to work, just say goodbye and give her a hug. But noooo, it wasn't what she'd "planned". I have no doubt what she'd planned involved everyone gathered around her, praising her for this wonderful thing she was doing and saying how much they'd miss her, pleeease don't go ... Now, cast your mind back to episode 4, when Justin was travelling to Houston. He wasn't used to walking or being on a plane, but he was stoic and didn't whine once. And when they didn't have a big enough car at the rental place, he explained calmly that he'd need a bigger vehicle. Contrast that with this Pissy Bitch, who complained non-stop about how much it hurt to walk, that she'd been lied to about the distance she'd need to cover at the airport and how this was all everyone else's fault. Then at the car rental, when Christian was dealing with it, she interrupted with "you NEED to get me a bigger car" and bursting into whiny tears. No wonder he walked off and went to the bathroom. I confess I LOL'd when she said Christian had been forced to sit at the back of the plane. Hahaha! Good for him! The scene in Dr Now's office was a real eye-opener and a glimpse of the abuse I'm sure Christian had to take all day, every day. I don't blame him one bit for walking away from that. (He didn't even need to run, just, you know, walk away from her at a normal pace ...) I loved the denial at the end (and I paraphrase): "I'm giving up, but when I spoke to Dr Now he was mad that I'm giving up. But I said I'm not giving up, I'm just not doing this right now. I want to lose weight but I don't want to do any of the things I need to do that'll result in me losing weight. But I'm not giving up. I'm just doing everything I want to do against the advice of the only person who can help me."
  4. essexjan

    S06.E08: Obsessive Habits

    Okay, I just had to rewind because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This is at about 7 minutes in, when Barb has asked Whitney what on earth she's trying to prove with the Shit-A-Thon. Cut to a TH of Whit saying her confidence was shot after Hawaii, but "I'm in the best shape that I've ever been or possibly can be, so I'm ready to do this ..."
  5. essexjan

    S06.E21: Sean & Dottie's 2018.07.25

    I'm sorry to hear this. I think Sean was a victim of atrocious parenting which left him unable to function as an adult. I hope he is now at peace.
  6. essexjan

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    After the joy last week of Justin's motivation and success, we're back to the usual 600lb Life participant who only knows how to win the blame game. Holly is so utterly self-centred and self-absorbed. I know we only get a teeny snippet of backstory, but all we heard from Holly was about how bad things were for HER, how hard HER life is, how much pain SHE is in. What made me particularly cross was her whining about how hard it was for HER to live with her husband when he came back from Iraq suffering from PTSD. Imagine for a second the hell he was living every second of every day! And again when she selfishly bemoaned that the only thing she had in her life that she could love was food. What about her fiance? What about her dog? What about her parents? I LOL'd at the sugar-free jam. No die-beetus for Holly! Also, did anyone else notice the nightgown she was wearing in the scene where Ray came back from work with McD's? It was grey with dogs printed on it. It was absolutely filthy dirty, particularly the lower part of it. *shudder* I predict zero success for this woman.
  7. essexjan

    The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    I'm so sad to wake up to this news. Fatima was the star of her season.
  8. essexjan

    S07.E04: Justin's Story

    This was a wonderful episode. What I loved about it was: Justin took full responsibility for the situation he was in. He accepted that he had done this to himself and had insight into what had led him to weighing nearly 700lbs. He is intelligent and personable, and I can't remember too many other college graduates on this show. He had a clean house, which he owned, and his dog was nice and didn't seem neglected. (His dad's bird was cool too.) He was uncomplaining and never lost his temper, even with the car rental place not having the extra-large car he'd booked.* When he reached his limit unloading the trailer, he just said calmly "Dad, I can't finish this tonight" instead of having an "Ow mah laygs" meltdown. At a fast food drive-thru, a healthy option (grilled chicken) was his choice. Every time Justin was weighed and the scale went down, I said "Yesss!" and did a fist pump. I was so happy for him. I'm also really glad his dad came through when his mum flaked on him. Addicts are unreliable, and I'm glad Justin found the courage to confront his mum - in such a gentle, yet firm, way. I can't wait to see the follow-up on him, and I wish him every success. I think Dr Now should force patients like Schenee to watch this episode - Clockwork Orange style with their eyelids propped open - to show them how it should be done. * I was totally on Justin's side at the car rental. Last time I rented a car in the States, picking it up at Wilmington DE to drive to Rehoboth Beach, my friend and I had made it clear that I am very short (4ft 11) and so we must have a compact car and were assured when we made the booking that we'd have a Camry. So what did they give us? A brand-new $60,000 Ford Mustang! Even with the seats as far forward as they'd go, I couldn't reach the pedals. So despite us paying for two drivers and insurance for me (as I was a foreign visitor and needed to buy insurance), I wasn't able to drive it and so my friend had to drive the whole time. They had nothing else available and thought they were doing us a favour giving us an idiot muscle car.
  9. essexjan

    S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    A few years ago I discovered the 'personal hygiene bottle' - which I now use every day (search on Amazon, you'll see what I'm talking about, it's a (usually blue) bottle with a spout). I found out about it from an Indian friend. It's something used in many areas of the world where the plumbing isn't up to dealing with flushed toilet paper. It really was a revelation to clean myself with a jet of warm water and then need only a couple of squares of toilet paper to dry myself. I usually carry one in my daypack, just in case I need to poop when I'm at work or out (although, like most people, I prefer to do this at home, but ya never know ...) I'm not sure how this would work on the severely obese, though, as I'm guessing it's kind of difficult to locate the various orifices when you weigh 700lbs.
  10. essexjan

    S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    I really enjoyed this episode. This is, I think, the only participant I've really liked. It's so unusual to see someone do everything that's needed of them, without question and without excuse-filled backsliding. And to see her playing softball at the end of the episode - I actually cheered! As others have said, the ass-wiping scene was too much. But she, Rick and Katrina were a loving family. They had a lovely home and seem like good people. I don't know how much of the scene with the mother was TLC frauding (as if!), but I do understand that dynamic. My own mother left my in harm's way from an abusive father, and my addiction to dull the pain was alcohol (from the age of 14). When I got sober at the age of 39 I had to deal with those issues. But as my parents both died in the early 1980s, I only had to deal with my own issues around it, not theirs. It was, frankly, a relief after they both died that I'd never have to deal with them again. Anyway, all power to Brianne. I think Dr Now was totally over the fist-bumps after the first time she did it though.
  11. essexjan

    S06.E02: If Heather Finds Out ...

    Babs was gorgeous in her 20s. I also call shenanigans that Whitney didn't know about the marriage. And even if she didn't, what's it got to do with her? It was a short marriage - four years from 1968-1972, a lifetime ago. I skipped through a lot of this show. None of the storylines is genuine, the best part about it is Todd's passive-aggressive behaviour. Normally I hate that kind of thing but with Whitney as the target, I'll give Todd a pass.
  12. essexjan

    S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    For once I didn't dislike the subject of this episode. So many of the people on this show are repellent, not just physically but in their personalities and the way they treat other people. Octavia has had a rough life, she had to take on a lot of responsibility at a young age and had the history of abuse so many of the women on this show have had. Her house was clean, and she kept herself as clean as anyone who has to shit in their own bed is able to do. Women are bombarded with information about diets from girlhood, so I don't understand how Octavia and her friend could be so clueless that they didn't know fried chicken and biscuits, BBQ, chips, etc. would take them out of the 1200 calorie plan. For her to gain so much weight after she was on the diet, Octavia must have had nothing but cheat days. She and her friend's relationship was an unhealthy, co-dependent dynamic, and they both lacked the psychological skills to enable them to navigate the problems that being on the diet caused between them. I'm glad the new carer who came in seemed to kick their asses into gear, and I hope they both lose weight. I wish Octavia well. She's an intelligent woman, and although she's had a sad life, she doesn't seem bitter like so many of the other people on this show. In other news, I got up from being curled up on the sofa the other day and my legs were stiff. I said out loud "Owww, mah laaayyygs", and noted the 'WFT?' faces of everyone else in the room.
  13. I've seen the photo and also the evidence it's real (same bathroom, same t-shirt in other pictures). I feel embarrassed for Colt. But on the other hand, anyone who lets someone take an intimate photo of them - even their spouse - should know that there is nothing private on the internet. This is particularly so in a volatile relationship like Colt and Larissa's. But I must also add that the man who was the love of my life (he died a few years ago) also had a really tiny penis. But this didn't stop him being the most amazing lover I've ever had. He made up for the one thing he had no control over - what nature gave him - by honing his skills in so many other ways. (blushing now...) I've also dated men whose d*cks were the size of a toddler's arm. And after the initial novelty wore off it was like 'oh God, get that thing away from me' So Colt can't help what he was born with, but I do think he's guilty of a huge lapse of judgement.
  14. essexjan

    S06.E11: Where Truth Lies

    Okay, so I went back and re-watched. It was Kolini who said (at about the 45-minute mark in the show) "At this point I would like my sister not to feel like she has to marry him because from what I saw at brunch I wouldn't want her to marry that". (my emphasis added). I think that family will do everything they can to drive Asuelo out, and then blame him for abandoning Kalani.
  15. essexjan

    S06.E01: Single, Fat and Crazy

    As I'm in the UK and we measure weight in stones (14lbs to a stone), I put Whit's weight into Google and it turns out she's over 24 stones. Ye gods! I'm just on 5ft tall and at 12 stones consider myself to be grossly overweight (it's a lifelong struggle and I'm definitely at the upper end of what I consider tolerable for myself). I cannot imagine being double that weight. It's beyond contemplation.