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  1. DisneyBoy

    Spoilers And Shockers

    It is all so stupid when they could have just had Abby and her multiple personalities set the fire to set up Ben as payback. With the actress and the character thankfully leaving the show, it could have been the final gotcha surprise as Chabby are delusional in their love and happily ever after. THAT would have been excellent. Abigail could just wink at the camera and walk off with Chad and we would be the only ones to know the truth. That would have been an amazing sendoff! It's just insane to me that two characters with as much history as Ben and Abigail have basically been kept apart for months now. You would think him living in her town after their messed-up relationship led to so much death would be fertile enough ground for the writers to explore, instead of forcing this redemption arc on us and basically putting him only in Ciara's orbit. It's been obvious for a while now that they stopped caring about Claire's character integrity. Once they stopped writing her as an aspiring singer and Theo left town there's just been nothing for her, aside from reacting to whatever is going on with Ciara. She had past relationships with both Chloe and Eve, not to mention her grandparents John and Marlena...and I can't even remember the last time she had scenes with any of those characters. I like Claire, I like the actress who plays Claire, and I liked how much potential she had when she first came on board. And likeability. Shitty move KC/RC.
  2. DisneyBoy

    Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    I only saw a bootleg of Waitress but found the show a little "meh". I think I liked DEH more (also saw a bootleg), but even that show felt like an after school special to me...
  3. Diplomatic. Totally avoided the "he's a serial killer being redeemed" part...because really, what could he say? He's not about to speak out against Corday or Ron. This show has a disgusting history of women marrying their rapists so Ciara falling in love with a serial killer really isn't much different than any of that. Honestly, I don't really know how these actors put up with some of the crap that they're forced to peddle. My stomach turns when I think about some of the messages viewers have received over the decades about what's romantic, and what's expected of each gender. This show, sadly, isn't too concerned with the morality of the stories it tells. ("Morality" generally being open to interpretation, but you know what I mean.)
  4. DisneyBoy

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Where is the pic of her wedding outfit?
  5. DisneyBoy

    Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the advice. Since it's difficult for me to get to New York, I try to make a point of only seeing shows that I feel are a "sure thing", for lack of a better word. I also try and go when I know there's at least two shows I want to see at the same time. Which brings me back to my other question... Where the heck is Dreamgirls!?
  6. DisneyBoy

    Another World

    So sad to hear of Carmen's passing. She was the only Iris I ever knew on the show and I loved her. Still amazed they didn't release the character from jail and give her a return arc before the show ended in 1999. She was such a huge player and her exit storyline was a frame-up. It begged for an epilogue! She had such warmth and class.
  7. Well said. They went all-in on the whole Ben The Crazy Killer angle and then revelled in it. I get that now they see potential in the actor to do other things, but as long as he's still paying Ben Weston, it doesn't work. Dumb as I thought the idea was, maybe they should have brought RSW back as a long-lost twin or lookalike. At least then they could get away with the technicality that it wasn't really Ben the serial killer. ...and of all the female characters to pair him up with, they choose Ciara? Ciara the girl whose step brother raped her? The girl who was lied to and used by one of her last boyfriends? The girl whose saintly cop father is dead? And whose other cop parent flew into a rage, murdered the town mobster, went to prison for it, and then managed to skate on a technicality? Great. Because what Ciara really needs is more trauma in her life. Most of us haven't forgiven Hope for randomly murdering Stefano, and we're all inclined to like Hope because she was once a very likable character and has a long history on the show. If we're getting hung up about what the writers have done to Hope even after liking her more often than not, how in the hell do they think we'd be able to overlook Ben's murder spree when that's pretty much all we know of the character?
  8. DisneyBoy

    Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    So the show is really worth seeing? (I've seen Danny before, so I know he's good.)
  9. I won't be so hard on the last one.....I get the sense she had no coaching along the way. But she *could* cry. The problem was the original Ciara was so well-written and well-performed.
  10. DisneyBoy

    Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    Thank you bosawks - but again, is it a must-see production? I'm not a huge MFL fan but I liked the movie....
  11. Actually, I'm pretty sure the Brady Pub is the safest place in Salem. I can't remember the last time a major crime happened there, if you ignore the propensity for assault in that establishment. There was also that glorious day when Clyde strapped a chemical bomb to Jennifer's chest and left her to detonate in the Brady Pub. Oh my, what a glorious day that was indeed!
  12. DisneyBoy

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Honestly, I think the fault lies more with the writers who came after Reilly and didn't shift the show back towards character growth and the human experience. Reilly did what he did well, and it was good for the show, but that era ended well over a decade ago and since then we've had writers who can't even bother to give us a sense of who these people are at the various stages of their life. I haven't heard Kate or Marlena reflect on aging or being grandmothers or any of that. Of course the college-aged kids don't make any sense either. What classes are they taking? What do they want to do with their lives? How have they changed? I have absolutely no idea and they've been on my screen for years now. It's like we're not allowed into these characters anymore. Reilly not only gave us the spectacular over-the-top drama and spectacle, he still didn't lose sight of who the characters were at their emotional core. If Kristen was just some villainess making crazy things happen but we didn't care about her pain, none of her plots would have mattered. And that's kind of what we have now - sometimes big stuff happening, but no emotional entry point into it, or rarely. It's like there's no time to just allow something simple to be explored, like a character being depressed, or a character reflecting on their life. Hell, we hardly ever see these characters at their jobs! It's when they take time for the small stuff that the actors really get a chance to shine and the world of the show feels more true to life. If we aren't getting that now, that's squarely on the shoulders of the current writers and nothing to do with James.
  13. It would be nice to see some kids having active roles in the plot again, but we already "have" Parker, Holly and Arianna....and they're never seen or used anymore. Is Ron going to out more effort into Sami's kids? ....and after the Theo/Ciara/Chase SORAS, shouldn't Johnny be 17?
  14. I wonder how the cast must be feeling. Were there rumblings of this for a while? Did SN suspect..? IF they're able to get away from SONY, who the heck is going to pick this show up and run with it? Could it still run on NBC if it's being backed by some other entity?
  15. DisneyBoy

    Unpopular Opinions

    No....he isn't. Sorry but the reasons behind Will's resurrection weren't even consistent. First, they said he didn't actually get choked to death, so Rolfe gave him a serum to make him appear dead and then reversed it....but then they started saying he DID die and they used the resurrection serum on him, same as they did on very dead EJ and very dead Vivian. And very dead EJ managed to somewhat remember Sami afterwards, unlike amnesiac Will. *Throws hands up*