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  1. Darian

    I'm Sorry

    This show kills me. And with my anniversary coming up (25th! How'd that happen?), I am tempted to borrow the contract idea.
  2. Darian

    Buddy vs. Duff

    It's funny, as much as I find Duff to be a ray of sunshine, I wasn't going to watch this because of Buddy. Then I figured I have never watched Buddy in anything, so I was probably being irrational. Nope. I must have seen just enough of him to pick up on something ugly in his personality. I don't know if I'm going to watch again. I have no desire to see Buddy preen and smack talk, sulk and storm off, and I would hate to see Duff lose to him. Maybe I'll spoil myself and only watch the shows when Duff wins. I just can't stand Buddy.
  3. Rep. John Lewis! I am so happy I decided to watch the Red Carpet!
  4. Darian

    Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    In the music episode, Eddie said, and this is a direct quote: She doesn't like fish, so I made her fish. At judges' table, he said that he made her red snapper because she didn't like fish, and he wanted her to like fish. That's pretty clear to me. It's similar to this episode, where cooking for the person is about his skill, what he wants, not about what the person would like to eat. Just made me a little happier that Michelle won, though I would have been ok with either one coming back.
  5. Darian

    Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    I would not have cared much which chef won, but when Eddie said his dish and why he chose it, I cheered for Michelle. In the regular competition he said the first thing he cooked for his wife was fish, because she didn't like fish. Last night, he said he would have made his late mother fish because she didn't like fish. Eddie, some people don't like fish. It's not a character flaw, it doesn't limit one's life such that you need to convert them. (I've lived near the ocean all my life, in places known for their seafood. Tried it, hate it. Tired of people trying to make me like it). Yay, Michelle.
  6. Yeah, I was trying to explain it to younger friends in advance of this airing. I'm cishet, but went to nursing school in the late 80s (people said I was crazy to go into nursing because of AIDS), and did all my clinicals at the hospital said to turn out the best nurses. A lot of our patients had AIDS. I gave my first injection to a 50 pound grown man. It was as you describe. I still remember their faces, remember the exact color shirt of man I signed into the ER who was so damn grateful that I treated him like a person that I knew he'd treated in a way I couldn't imagine. I recently read the remarkable novel "The Great Believers" by Rebecca Makkai and had to keep stopping because I was crying. And back then I was just on the periphery. The bohemian "we're artists, we're not going to pay rent" part feels dated, but the rest here and in the movie (I haven't seen it live) rings very true to me. And last night, "Will I" had me in a puddle of tears.
  7. Darian

    Nailed It!

    I had watched an episode or two back when it first came out and it didn't catch my attention. Figured I'd go back and watch, but never did. Until the holiday shows came out and I am binging those. So much fun, and I love Nicole.
  8. I liked Kima and would love to see her on another show. I just watched this episode (I kind of hoard the holiday shows until mid-December). Couldn't agree more with your take on the Witchmas woman. I don't mind competitive, but she was obnoxious. I don't celebrate Christmas, but I could do this show. You make Christmas cookies. I can see giving your cookies a personalizing little twist if it's done right and with Christmas still being the focus. I'd feel the same if someone did a Halloween competition and and said they celebrate Hallomas and made it about Christmas. And she didn't invent Witchmas. It's been around a long time. If she wants credit for inventing a holiday, she should actually create one, like the little boy who created Wolfenoot,
  9. Darian

    Holiday Gingerbread Showdown

    I didn't remember any of that, and I saw a repeat not long ago, so thanks. I just knew Holly looked familiar and went looking for what show she had been on. So I am glad for your info about them on the Christmas cookie show. Thank you!
  10. Darian

    Holiday Gingerbread Showdown

    Yeah, it's a pet peeve of mine when themes aren't followed but Beatriz's work was so far above the others, I am ok with the result. I am dying to see what she does for the finale. But I thought Arlene did well and would love to see on another show. I'm silly; I like when all the competitors do well, but then I feel bad that they do well and lose. Arlene's assistant, Holly, looked familiar. I knew I'd seen her on some Food Network competition. They helpfully identify them, so I could look her up. Turns out she and Arlene competed against each other on an episode of last year's Christmas Cookie Challenge.
  11. Oh, my gosh. This is such a fun thread. I relate to so much of it. LIke CherryAmes (loved those books), I got bussed home for lunch, until, I think, third grade. Then we brought lunch and the school gave us cartons of milk (with paper straws). There was no cafeteria so we ate at our desks. I had metal lunchboxes, a new one each year, with a themos held in place by a curved bracket. I don't remember book bags until later, and backpacks came sometime in college. What I remember that lets me handwave any anachronisms is that back then parts of the country were behind others when it came to styles and trends, and even music and movies. We moved from Boston to South Florida when I was in fifth grade, but kept our summerhouse, so I spent summers in Boston. Every year, when I'd go back home, the songs I'd been listening to and movies I'd seen finally got to South Florida months later.
  12. Darian

    Holiday Gingerbread Showdown

    Also finding Adam a thoughtful, interesting judge. He strikes a nice balance of technical talk with more general comments. I'd like to see him on Food Network more. I always love Kerry Vincent and this show is no exception (I even watched her short-lived Save My Bakery show). And, yeah, Marcela's a lot of fun on this show.
  13. I have Comcast (yeah, yeah, I know) and it's showing for on On Demand under Additional Episodes. I've never done this, but I found it on A&E's site and it says you can sign in through your provider and watch. I don't know if that will work, but I hope you find it somehow.
  14. Oh, estellasmum, I am so very sorry for your loss. It's always hard to lose someone but it's heartbreaking that (I keep trying to say this in a way that isn't offensive or hurtful) your family's religious beliefs made it even harder.
  15. This was wrenching. I had to watch it in two parts. And I knew a lot of this. Just heartbreaking. I remember when I was a teenager, the JWs in our neighborhood were so relentless that on Saturdays mornings, we kept a spare purse by the door so my sisters and mom and I could sling it over our shoulders and say we were just leaving. I'm more direct now. Like, "Get off my property now," followed by a promise that I will call the police if they don't. One dude started yelling at me asking what he had done wrong. I said trespassing, and he left, then when my husband pulled up he blocked him from getting out of the car (my husband had opened the door and the man was leaning in trying to preach to him). I am a very small woman, but before my husband could even react, I was out the door and yelling with such rage (some put-on, I admit) that they have never come back. They pass my house, eyes down. Sometimes I am on my porch and see them. I don't gloat or goad them. I ignore. But I'm ready to go off again if they come near us. I still see the face of a lovely young woman who came to the ER where I worked in 1986 and refused a blood transfusion. I think I was one of the witnesses to the form she signed that she understood the risks and was refusing. It was awful. I don't know if she lived or died. Many years later, I was a home hospice RN and had a JW patient. There was always a crowd in the house, not all family, not one of them concerned about my client, but rather clearly there to try to convert me. I had to use every trick I had to get near the client and give any kind of care, but every time, I found pamphlets stuck in the pockets of my bag, which I never left unattended (someone would have made a great pickpocket). They were relentless. I had to fight through a battalion of JWs trying to get me to talk about their religion before I could get near my client, if I even managed. I was actually glad that I went on vacation and wasn't there when the client died. It was usually the opposite--no matter how close I'd gotten to the client, I wanted to be there for them and their family, because I was their nurse and they knew me better than the night or weekend nurses. I honestly think the needless pain and lack of concern for a dying loved (?) one still informs how intolerant I am of these people preaching to me.