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  1. clady

    The Brink

    I thought pilot guy was playing both women. I didn't believe a word he said.
  2. clady

    Sent to the Hole: When Did Oz Jump the Shark?

    For me the first season was gritty prison drama. Every season after that was pure soap. But I loved them all...except for the very last episode. Yuck.
  3. clady

    Jaime Lannister: The Kingslayer

    I don't think there's a mystery either I was just wondering if I had missed their explanation.
  4. clady

    Jaime Lannister: The Kingslayer

    I've been wondering how they know Tyrion killed Tywin? I know they do but what makes them so obviously sure. Did I miss an explanation? Is it just because he was murdered the night Tyrion escaped?
  5. This is the last time Ned and Cat see each other.
  6. Polyhymnia-you are so right about Cat. During this reread all I kept thinking is this is all her fault. She was making decisions on the fly and unfortunately, in hindsight, they were bad ones.
  7. Jon leaving never occurred to me at this point. I really fell for the wall being his best chance at having a fulfilling life. I think if he had went to a banner man he would just be Ned's bastard and he didn't want that. I don't think the label has gone away like he wanted or hoped though.
  8. Sansa is probably my favorite character (mainly due to the show though) so I hope your prediction comes true! Honestly in the books I have no favorites. I pretty much dislike all the main characters on all sides or feel neutral about them.
  9. Totally it can be seen that way. Just for some reason I didn't come to that conclusion. I was just wondering if I missed it stated outright. Of course it doesn't have to be and I'm fine with everyone else's interpretation. I'm horrible at finding deeper meaning and reading between the lines. And that's why I'm enjoying this reread and having other people's opinions to reflect on.
  10. I'm ahead of the reread so the Dany chapter is not fresh in my mind but where does it say the Dothraki women don't consent? I probably just skimmed it but all I got out of it was that their ways were different. As I write this I'm remembering a discription of one guy grabbing a woman and then the other guy wanted her so they fought and then then winner went to the woman and finished. That must be what everyone is referring to right? Dany's age is what bothered me greatly. And I thought it was ridiculous how she suddenly wanted him after some foreplay (I hesitate to call it that) and was like yes. That made me roll my eyes.
  11. My what if is Ned turning down becoming Roberts Hand. His fate might have changed if he refused but really I doubt it.
  12. clady

    2015 Awards Season Discussion

    I just got back from American Sniper also and I thought it was fantastic. I feel Bradley's nomination is deserved and I've never liked him. I've never cared for any Clint Eastwood directed films either but this one was excellent. I don't care that the book is inaccurate, it's a good movie. Well worth seeing.
  13. clady

    Getting On

    I was surprised by Dawn on the cello. But I really liked it. This show is so good. I wondered if the doctor delivering the news about Dawn and Patty's non- baby always delivers news in that manner. She was pretty cold but I guess that could be because they are healthcare professionals. Another fantastic episode.
  14. clady

    Getting On

    This show is just fantastic. I am moved to both tears and laughter when watching. The acting, writing, and directing are phenomenal. This episode with the alcoholic patient really hit home for me as my family struggles with this and we've lost family members who can't or refuse to stop drinking. They all go down fighting from that last drink. So real.
  15. clady

    The Comics: Same, Yet Different

    In the comics the people they were with in the grocry store raped his wife and daughter so he killed them. I don't think he did it alone in the comic though. But it caused his family to leave and they ended up dead.