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  1. Gigi43

    S20.E15: Brothel

    Okay, my knee jerk cynical reaction to the description was off. This was a pretty Fin heavy episode. But, hey, I've been hurt before yknow? Definitely one of the better eps this season. I called one of the judges being involved. Loved seeing Fin get stuff to do and wanting to handle things with Phoebe on his own. Given what we know of his family, yeah, that probably was a mess of anew attempted relationship. I like Phoebe. I wonder if they're considering Jennifer Esposito for that Hate Crimes show or if this was a one-off. If Barth had been shady, or Vincent Curtola's (sp?) Judge character, I'd have a problem but I didn't have an attachment to Kofax so fine. The worst part of an otherwise good episode, of course, Livs completely leading photo line up. You can't single anyone out! God all her victim interactions and perp interrogations should have to be taped and on a feed sent right to the DA's office.
  2. Gigi43

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    The fact that Andy didn't make a season while Teresa was "away" kind of justifies Teresa's claim. Im sure Joe and Melissa thought the missing Teresa season would be the time to take over and they got a reality check. Dolores, Melissa and Marge made the season for me... but Teresa's been there since Season 1 and Bravo views her as the star. Jennifer could be a good shit stirrer going forward, maybe. But at this point you DO kind of sign up for the Teresa show, though people don't like her. If Teresa left I'm not sure what Bravo would do since they wouldn't even make that filler season. I have trouble believing Teresa genuinely feels bad about past treatment of Danielle. She doesn't seem to feel bad about past treatment of anyone else and Danielle instigated a lot of it. Joe Gi gay comment at the dancing was ignorant but Danielle carried on as if he gay bashed one of her many oh so dear gay friends. Teresa then invited her to a family dinner, Danielle seemed pissed everyone was being cordial and brought the book; and got pissed at Teresa saying the kids shouldn't be around for that. So Teresa went OTT and table flipped during it all. Dina never should have forged her ex's signature but Danielle meddled not for Lexis sake but to be spiteful and Dina is(was?) Teresas best friend. Season 2 Danielle proved her hypocrisy when it was a-okay one of those guys of hers called Chris Manzo a gay slur. She talked about how Teresa's children dressed, brought up the foreclosure when Teresa was trying to live in a fantasy land and then of course the ultimate sin, contacting Melissa (with Joe's full support I'm sure) off camera for dirt for ammo at the reunion. At that point, I think Danielle wanted Teresa to snap at her again because she lives for that shit. Danielle wants to put it all on Caroline now as if she didn't actively make it easy for Teresa to change her opinion on Danielle.
  3. Gigi43

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    If the sister ever used Ancestry DNA or 23 and me or whichever service Melissa used they can have it compared to other people in the system to see if you have family members. It's basically a gamble for the sake of finding family. They store it. Various law enforcement agencies have obtained access to data banks for family dna matches for crime scenes to find family members of criminals , hence where I must adjust my tin foil hat.
  4. Gigi43

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    "You're gonna have my back" Danielle always has to act like she's under attack. When in reality she attacks people or sets up situations and takes the response as her being victimized. I love how Jennifer and Bill completely missed the scene. Bill basically disappeared not long after everyone arrived and rematerialized at the very end. Jackie was a bitch for calling her mom frumpy. Some people aren't obsessed with looks and she always looked put together. I don't buy that you didn't have a specific falling out with your sibling but not be in the same room in YEARS. Oh you can if there's a specific problem but people drift apart and are in the same room for their parents birthday, family wedding etc. "That's not good" LOL at Dolores getting right to the point. "Fight with yourself Teresa" was another good line of the night, thanks to Melissa. I cringed at the Ancestry DNA thing though... sorry thats one thing I have to bust out a tin foil hat over. I don't trust the systems. I knew Joe was going to take Melissa calling out his comments as saying he's a bad father. But he seemed to be better about it in the TH. Antonia has an attitude too advanced for a 12yr old but if she did over hear the dildo comment as the edit suggests I'll cut her one break. I wouldn't want to cross her and Milania.
  5. Gigi43

    S20.E15: Brothel

    Oh it's that time of year for the show to act like Fin's gonna have an episode. Cute.
  6. Gigi43

    S20.E14: Part 33

    There was no actual evidence of verbal abuse right? I mean I know that can be hard to prove but the closest thing to confirmation the guy was a dick was that he rubbed Carisi the wrong way. The rest was all just the word of a woman who killed her husband. The husband wasn't around ton give his side. Maybe, just maybe, the wife didn't have friends was because she was unstable. Carisi yelled he knew the law better than anyone, yet, Rollins was the one correct about the legal standard of self defense. They didn't have kids together. I am sorry for women in those situations but I don't like this heavy handed justification that death is acceptable for verbal abuse. I do feel in real life we're headed that way when I've heard stories of kids who lash out at others who make fun of them or cyber bully as they get a sympathetic case made for them. Bullying is awful and can have lasting damage but death is as permanent as it gets. There's a reason the law is "physical threat of yourself or some one else" because verbal could be anything. Like having your dinner mocked. Stone works best when he's dealing with his job vs police. What I saw of Chicago Justice he was best when hating evidence came from Voights unit because they aren't credible. Benson and Carisi were weighing purgering because of how they view the case and that is wrong. Plain and simple. You give FACTS to the jury and then they decide. Not St. Liv. If Carisi is going to keep being in favor of purgery then he should burn the law degree. This is twice now. One point for Rollins with "Don't go all Liv on us." I think they will always keep the Lewis rape claim a pocket cards to play with when the story fits which is so stupid because they said over and over he didn't and what Liv went through was bad and brutal enough. Stop, Show!
  7. Gigi43

    Lifetime Original Movies

    I went on a rant on the GH thread that he wasn't even his usual laughably bad self, just bad because he was so, so out of his depth. At least for me he was the only name i knew, yet, he was the worst. I wonder if Victoria likes GH and that's how he was so miscast? He doesn't have the look nor did he try too. Anyway, I thought both actresses playing little Victoria and then teen/adult Victoria were the strongest in the cast, For Lifetime standards, the honeymoon scene was well done. Victoria Gotti, the person, came off much better here than any of her reality TV appearances. I too didn't think the guy that ran over Frankie wasn't that brazen in the aftermath, and also that "rumors" of him being drunk really only started after he "went missing." It would have happened sooner if he was calling Gottis wife a crazy bitch and throwing it in their faces. It took as long as it did because it really was a terrible accident.
  8. Gigi43

    S09.E14: Heroines in Heels

    I'd like to know what Joe wants for his daughter too. In seasons past he's told Antonia to always be a good sister, now he's talking about how he hopes she's a good wife and mother, while disrespecting her mother in front of her. Nothing about how she should be treated and he seems to be becoming a worse example the closer she gets to dating age. Where's the "old school" drilling it into his daughter she better always be treated right? I really hope this is called out at the reunion. Joe's behavior has always been problematic but it's starting to impact the kids and in the past Joe Gi was always around to kinda take heat off him. Gorga could sit there and say "I don't call my wife the c-word", "I don't get drunk in front of my kids" and Andy would grill Giudice on the legal issues and uses of gay slurs. But now it's Joe Gorga who has the mantle of worst HW husband (Bill has not disrespected Jennifer to the kids and I just don't know enough about him or the real workings of the family. ) Last year was heavy on Teresa being out and Siggy but Joe has been really front and center again and Andy has always loved Joe though so I'm really interested as to how it will play out. How he's openly disrespected Melissa in front of the kids has been, for me, the worst behavior this season.
  9. Gigi43

    S09.E14: Heroines in Heels

    Any word on if any Andy Cohens were harmed in the gunning? Terasa really going for Jackie could be her best reason for for being kept around next year. She really faded into the background and, to quote Rachel Green, "lifts right out."
  10. Gigi43

    S09.E14: Heroines in Heels

    I need to test this out now! The only ways Teresa's mindset makes sense to a rational person would be if somewhere in her mind, she knows Danielle is a mess and therefore is holding Marge to a higher standard because Marge isn't crazy. Or Danielle knows things. I mean, look at the two women who were talking about Joe Gi. Kim D, though she was using the "We heard", but she was supposedly Teresa's long time friend, and of course Jaqu Laurita. Jaqu was straight up running her mouth at the season 4 reunion like it was stuff Teresa had told her in private over the years of actual friendship. That's a betrayal. I mean Jaqu is unstable and I was done with her the second she also said at that reunion "I swear on my child WHO'S AUTISTIC!" (I've had to hard time even looking at her after that, on many levels, having a disability since birth that set something off with me to her, my mom stopped watching because of her/that too.) That doesn't mean her rambling wasn't true. It probably was. As was what Teresa then said about Chris. But Teresa has to get it through her head that Joe himself put it out there! That was him in Napa. The C word came from his mouth as did the, uh, grunts. That was him who told Andy that that call costs him some expensive gifts. Also, with Jennifer she was moving on, maybe in part because she and Marge aren't friends. There's a lower standard from someone who you don't know well and haven't been getting along with, and people that came to see you in the hospital when you had your baby talking about your husband. Melissa was giving Danielle info at one point. Teresa was friends with Danielle, and Jaqu and Danielle were super buddy-buddy, any of the three could have given her ammo. Maybe that was Danielle's card to get back on the show. Wait for the girls to be out of the house, if they really wanted her off the show, and then use it to get her place back. Teresa also could be dense enough to have given Danielle info post prison. I don't know why the hell she would, but I don't know why the hell she does a lot of things.
  11. Gigi43

    S09.E11: Whine Country

    Tekashi has now plead to 9 counts of racketeering, conspiracy to murder another gang member and other crimes that he now faces up to 47yrs in prison. Doubt it will be the club fed setting though he dimed on other gang members to feds, so who knows what will happen. Couldn't happen to a better guy. The case of the 13yr old should have put him away forever. Can we please learn from Tekashi and R. Kelly? The societal "we" not you fellow posters. I hope Teresa has serious regrets now. Yes it's a picture but it's also public support of a scum bag and Milania was involved.
  12. Gigi43

    S09.E14: Heroines in Heels

    Melissa and Dolores tell Teresa Jennifer breaking the glass ato Melissa was Cray, Teresa talks about what Marge said. Marge reminds Teresa Danielle said she called Teresa untrustworthy when she didn't, to drive a wedge and manipulate Teresa, Teresa says "Danielle didn't do anything to me." This seems like a new level of existing in a different world for Teresa. Jackie seems okay but the sister storyline doesn't work for me. All these years and you want to make nice when you need a story for Housewives? Hopefully her sisters in on it... 😐 I think I like Bill somewhat. He seems to know what the deal is with his wife and isn't putting on for the drama. Maybe when you have an actual career you don't need to compensate as a househusband? Joe Gorga needs have his ass kicked but he was on point this episode. He can be amusing but not nearly as often as he thinks. Melissa was on point all episode until she said "Joe doesn't need to change how he thinks just tone it down with the kids." No he needs to change his mindset. Melissa pegged Jennifer exactly "she thinks she's the fun kind of drunk, she's not." That's it. That's why Jennifer didn't get drunk with the kids there at the Communion. Jennifer thinks this is entertainment and it's not. OMG they were raising money for Cohen! Back when it was Schneiders I spent a lot or time there. Actually probably as Cohens too my last extended stay was 2003 (various medical problems, but not cancer as they were raising,for. ) It's a big Children's Hospital and I probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that place. Okay so maybe I'll blindly defend Margaret for the rest of the season like Tre and Danielle. I'm almost sorry, but, "prostitution whore" will always be a classic insult.
  13. @bannana and @CountryGirl I'm so very sorry for both of your losses.
  14. After the show CBS NY ran "coming up on the news at 5 remembering Kristof St. John" as part of the news preview. Maybe there just wasn't enough time to put a tag in the show, so affiliates are stepping in. I wonder if there are any Neil scenes taped? At this point I don't know if I could watch it seems too strange. Clips are one thing. New material is another.
  15. On-and off viewer who just saw the news about Kristoff. Wow. I knew he had a hard time grieving but was glad when he was able to return hoping that would help having some thing to do (I know someone who lost their husband and brother fairly close together and she says all the time she's glad to have a job that keeps her busy.) Depression is such a horrible thing, people can want to believe you're doing well and you can seem like it, unlike with a physcial illness where denial is far less likely to play a factor particularly with those around you, and then it gets tragic. Did he have any other kids than the one who passed? I don't want to be speculative... but maybe this was accidental? The superbowl was yesterday, he could have over did it with alcohol and meds, specifically if he's been on any antidepressants that's a lethal combination. No matter what this is sad. He was talented and my heart goes out to those who knew him personally. Especially those very close to him who may be beating them selves up feeling they should have "done more." It's such a hard thing to prevent. I do hope he's at peace.