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  1. Angelsmom1009

    The Act

    I’ve been fascinated by this case since I first heard about it, so I knew it was only a matter of time before they made a movie/miniseries out of it. Admittedly I wasn’t super sympathetic to Gypsy early on...I felt bad about what she went through but I believe she was in on the con later on in her life. But after watching the first two episodes of this has softened my views a bit. That scene of her after her dental surgery as she’s sobbing and looking in the mirror was heartbreaking. And to see how her mother isolated her...I do get it. Her mother was a disgusting person. Random: I was THIS close to naming my daughter Gypsy Rose. I think it’s such a beautiful name. Glad I saved her the Google alerts 😂
  2. Angelsmom1009

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    I wanted to see it too honestly...I love first dances at weddings, no matter the couple. All that money and they couldn’t get a videographer? But honestly this is a poor and transparent attempt at swinging the attention back to her because she’s feeling some type of way about not being in Miami this weekend. She clearly wasn’t invited and why would she be? Her and her miserable ass husband have been awful to Ana, and Ana is past that “invite someone to something out of obligation” stage in life. Keep your bitter ass in NYC, Elsa.
  3. Angelsmom1009

    Ana Navarro: Thank God It's Friday!

    Ana looks beautiful and so happy! Is her dress lavender? Such a vintage feel to it 💜 I’m sure the Domenechs were not invited...why would you invite two people who clearly do not like you and one of which tweeted something tremendously disrespectful and borderline racist about you to such a happy moment in your life? Just because you happen to work with one of them? Nope!
  4. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week Of 2/18/2019

    I'd bet a million dollars she'd never heard of them until she received whatever liner note from production saying they were guests today, nor has she ever Googled them, because then she would have seen that they have talked about her father on their old show (not favorably) and have talked A LOT about the current administration (also not favorably). I LOVED Desus's answer to her about having more Republicans on the show..."How many Republicans have reached out to us to be on the show?" It was a true illustration of how out of touch that party is with "regular" people. I also loved their cracks on Howard Schultz running for president, with the two little rich girls at the table! "You're rich, buy a Starbucks or a Versace store, there's better things to do with your money!" I do have to say that I do like Abby in situations like this. She says stupid "tow the party line" shit but she can turn it off and have fun with non-political guests. You can also see Nutmeg SEETHING about AOC being their first Showtime guest and them being proud of her come up because they know her personally, before she became a household name. I honestly would be curious to see Megs on their show. Anyone who has seen the Bodega Boys in action knows not to be deterred by the jokes and the NYC swag...those dudes are wicked smart, well read and research the hell out of each topic they talk about. McCain is not smart enough to keep up with them and they would not kiss her ass under any circumstances. I'd ALMOST feel sorry about the takedown.
  5. Angelsmom1009

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Agreed, super cringeworthy. None of it is really “new” news i.e. the lawsuits and Big Kev’s boorish behavior, but to see it all laid out together...I can’t help but feel sorry for Wendy. She is self-made and a pioneer in her own right. It’s almost admirable that she’s managed to do so with that barnacle of a husband clinging to her money for so many years and burning so many bridges with his nonsense. And with her trying so hard to justify his bullshit, standing by him, aiding in covering up all the crazy etc, it’s so textbook Battered Woman’s Syndrome. She has admitted to having low self esteem and I’m sure over the past decades they’ve been together he’s convinced her she’s nothing without him and that it’s them against the world. Which is why she has no friends, except for Reg(makes me wonder where their friendship would be if Reg was in NJ and around for all of the craziness and not in CA just hearing whatever Wendy tells her on the phone)and she’s fought so hard to keep their skeletons in the closet. The difference between 20 years ago and now though is that we are living in the age of easily accessible information, and they can’t just quietly sweep this stuff under the rug. We’re all watching it play out day by day, and frankly I’m surprised more information hasn’t come out. I saw those pics of Wendy in FL, looking a mess, carrying bags with no shoulder sling (more proof that the shoulder thing is BS)...honestly she always looked a mess on her “off” days. The few times she filmed her after show at her house in Livingston, that was her exact look. For someone who has money and access to some great quality wigs, she definitely favors those frizzy blonde ones, as well as the frosted pink lipstick. That was her signature look in her radio days before a team of stylists. Despite all that, I really hope this means that she’s staying in FL with her parents, separated from BK and planning her next move. I haven’t been watching the guest hosts and I probably won’t be. With all of Wendy’s drama, I miss seeing the old her on TV. It’s sad to see her downfall. I just...don’t know how she can come back from this, but she’s made enough money and established herself enough to where she doesn’t have to go back to TV. Just retire, Wendy...rebuild your life without that man and be happy.
  6. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week Of 2/18/2019

    Omg, soooo coming out of my watching hiatus to see the Bodega Boys on Wednesday, I adore them and can’t wait for their new show! I actually hope Whoopi is back for them, they interviewed her on their old Viceland show, it will be interesting to see her interview them, and how their BX style will translate onto the stuffiness of the View 😁 also wondering if they’ll let Abby and Meghan sit in on the segment, they pull no punches, that’s for sure!
  7. Angelsmom1009


    @DangerousMinds 🙋🏻‍♀️ I was in high school when this happened, and I remember my peers and the adult men in my life collectively crossing their legs when the details of what Lorena did surfaced. Quite naturally the media portrayed her as a jealous crazy hotblooded Latina who cut off her husband’s penis in a fit of rage. Then OJ happened, the case was kind of pushed out of the spotlight, and my limited teenage attention span dismissed both cases. So it was interesting to see her side of the story told in detail. WARNING: there are graphic images of the severed organ in almost each episode. You can feel the lead up to it, but just ugh...so not necessary. One time is enough. John, at first, came off as too dim witted to even attract a woman, let alone beat one up. But with each episode, you see and feel his douchebaggery make its way to the surface, and that he’s pretty typical in terms of a text book batterer...denying the severity of his violence, blaming his victim and his own abusive past, his abuse continuing with other partners, his fame obsession, etc. And yet again, it was no secret what he was doing to her, and those who were relatively close to them were not surprised about what happened. Why does it take some extremely violent act for people to speak up? And finally, what I found most disturbing of all is the fact that he is still reaching out to Lorena via letters and social media. It’s probably more about money than anything else (the first thing I thought of was when Amy Fischer and Joey Buttafuco did their first joint interview a few years ago), but it’s just...disturbing after all these years. Especially since she’s mostly been out of the spotlight until recently. It’s so text book, that these abusers never want to relinquish control, no matter how much time goes by. As for Lorena, she still seems a bit shaky, but considering everything she went through, it’s not surprising. But it’s nice to see that she was able to escape alive, climb through that mess of a trial and all of the people trying to make a quick buck off of her trauma, and rebuild her life. I hope she has found some sort of peace.
  8. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    Oh, she HATES this style. HATES it. And this post proves it because she posted it to insist how much she loves it because she really HATES it and she knows how ridiculous she looks. I like Sunny and I’m not trying to be ageist but this style works better on 20-somethings. Jlo can’t even pull it off anymore. Sunny looks so much better with the soft waves and minimal makeup.
  9. Angelsmom1009

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    I never understood why people romanticize Bonnie and Clyde. They were two average looking, not even successful bank robbers/murderers who met an extremely violent end. There’s nothing romantic about their story at all. They also both grew up very poor, something these two know nothing about. I agree that Meghan looks pretty in both of those pictures, and her husband honestly isn’t a bad looking guy...too bad they’re both such douchebags.
  10. Angelsmom1009

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    You're not alone in this, so I guess I'd better make myself scarce too ;-) But yes, I liked her too for the reasons you did...trying to modernize the stone age Republican ideals and represent a new generation of conservative voters. Yes, she grew up privileged and can't really connect with "regular" folk on a personal level, but that is obviously something out of her control and I honestly feel it shouldn't be held against her. What WAS in her control is having the means, connections, and finances to actually educate herself in politics and do more than coast off of her family name, and actually BE a political analyst or pundit. When I heard she was going to be on the View, I was actually looking forward to seeing her side of things being a young Republican in an constantly evolving world. But we've gotten is the same old dog whistles, talking points, whataboutisms and rhetoric that Faux News has been spouting for years. Tack on a generally nasty attitude and refusal to bend even the slightest with topics, even outside of politics, and you've got Ms. McCain. I'm truly disappointed and exhausted by her as well.
  11. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    Okay, I am almost ashamed at how HARD this made me laugh! I wish someone had enough balls to say that to her the next time she’s giving free “advice” to the Dems about winning. Her head would probably explode.
  12. Angelsmom1009

    "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    I haven’t watched in a while now(just coming here to see you all’s amazing comments 😁), so I’m relying on you all to let me know how Megan “megsplains” Trump’s self serving statement last night. I’m guessing a whole lot of “but Obama/immigration crisis/if Dems wanna win/his base” crap.
  13. Angelsmom1009

    Surviving R. Kelly

    I think this is more about morbid curiosity rather than support. Like I mentioned before, most of the generation that streams music and knows nothing about that life involving cassettes and CDs and whatnot weren’t even born when R.Kelly was at peak popularity, or were infants at least. Now they hear about the Pied Piper of Pedophilia and are like, “What’s the big deal about this old dude’s music?” So they check it out. Does it put a little fraction of money in his pocket? Unfortunately, yes. But I don’t think it’s a long term thing.
  14. Angelsmom1009

    Surviving R. Kelly

    I got that impression too. Especially when Azraiel’s father said when they went to his concert, fully aware of his reputation but insisted that because they were there they wouldn’t allow anything to happen. And obviously it did ☹️
  15. Angelsmom1009

    Surviving R. Kelly

    I debated on watching this because I knew it was going to be triggering as hell...and it has been...but the one thing I am surprised at is how unsurprised I am at the extent of this pig’s abuse. I’ve never been an R.Kelly fan...I’m a teenager of the 90s, and a Black woman, so his music was played heavily on every radio and at every house party or event I went to, but I never really connected to it like most of my peers did. There was just something about him that seemed “off” that I couldn’t put my finger on. Then the Aaliyah thing happened, and at the time no one really “knew” how young she was (which we now know she was deliberately marketed that way), and my side eyeing of him increased. Confirmation came with the pee tape, and I was like “Yup, that’s it.” I haven’t voluntarily listened to his music since. The only thing that really shocks me about this is how complacent and enabling that the adults around him were. How everyone KNEW what was going on and no one anonymously reported him, or at the very least pulled him aside to say “dude you are DEAD wrong for this.” Instead of stepping in, they looked the other way or walked away. Like his ex-wife said, there’s no way he would have been able to get away with what he has without help. It truly makes me sick that no one was looking out for these girls. Yeah, a teenager should not be near anyone’s tour bus or hotel room or whatever, but (most) teens think they’re invincible and that nothing can happen to them. I think about some of the riskier situations I put myself in at that age and shudder at what could have happened. You can’t pass judgement on a teenager’s thought process with an adult brain. And an adult brain KNOWS better, which is why it makes me so damn angry when people cape for him or defend him or call the girls “fast” or try that “separate the art from the artist” nonsense. A molester is a molester, period. Finally, I’m wondering what the blowback is going to be for this for him. The millennials aren’t enamored by him or his music the way my generation (younger Gen-Xers ) are or were. Most of them are too young to remember how big he was in the 90s or really know his music outside of hearing him at an Auntie’s party. He’s already threatened to sue. Looking forward to the conclusion tonight.