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  1. steff13

    S02.E09: It's Getting Steamy Up in Here!

    I agree. Even if they don't go forward, she'll always have in the back of her mind that she wasn't enough for him.
  2. steff13

    S02.E09: It's Getting Steamy Up in Here!

    That and a bulldozer would knock me over. I've always suspected it was intended to be a three-way kind of thing.
  3. steff13

    S02.E09: It's Getting Steamy Up in Here!

    I don't know. She's so funny looking. She and the husband look like they could be related. The first wife is so cute, she could do much better.
  4. steff13

    S02.E09: It's Getting Steamy Up in Here!

    I refuse to accept that Vaginal Steam Facilitator is a job. I think it's another way to dissuade Vanessa from having sex with Dimitri; the steam is "accidentally" too hot and burns Vanessa's hooha, putting her out of commission for a couple of weeks. 😂
  5. steff13

    The Alldredges

    So, the chances that the text message was actually from her brother, and that she actually had an appendix issue are about 0.0%, right? I think she's just changed her mind about joining the family.
  6. steff13

    The Winders

    Tami needs to run far away from Colton and Sophie. She could do a lot better.
  7. steff13

    S07.E07: Brandon's Story LIVE CHAT

    I had pulled pork and broccoli for dinner. That coney and 5-way Brandon had looked good. 😮 That's an Ohio delicacy right there.
  8. Agreed. He is smarmy and gross, and I think she is just humoring him. I think Meri, on Sister Wives, agreed to polygamy to keep Kody because she really loved him and didn't think such a "hot guy" would be interested in her otherwise. I think that's why she didn't play nices with Janelle and Christine from the beginning. I don't get that from Ashley Snowden, but I do think that she doesn't really want this. I think he just wants to create his own little harem of women worshipping him and bearing his loinfruit.
  9. steff13

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    I wondered about something like that too. The way her parents talked about her when she was a toddler eating constantly. Usually they tell you not to worry about overfeeding babies/toddlers, because they self-regulate, and only eat when they're hungry. There are other neurological issues that can cause a lack of satiety, though.
  10. Are the new family (living in the motorhome) Jewish? The mom mentioned that it was their Sabbath, and asked if the kids wondered why they weren't at Synagogue.
  11. steff13

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    I did. What is Strive?
  12. steff13

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    Oh my goodness am I sick of the catfish storyline. Look, Meri, you got catfished because you were looking to cheat on your husband. No matter how bleh Kody is, you're not a victim. The best course of action is to let this go. What's going on with Meri and this new "friend?" She's really shoving her down everyone's throats.
  13. steff13

    The Snowdens

    I love Vanessa. She's bubbly and nice and she has amazing hair. :) I don't think Ashley really wants this to work. I think something will always come up that will be a dealbreaker.
  14. steff13

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    I love the way he says Belarus. <3
  15. steff13

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    I think cashmere is a super weird choice for a chicken costume. I'm excited to see Dimitry again, I love him.