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  1. Balance, flexibility and turnout. All three things work together to make it possible.
  2. Probably, but she’s stlll not delusional to think she has a shot. A delusional person would be that girl upthead w/ the bad tilt technique trying out. And VK was one of Travis’ favorites on the show. ;).
  3. I don’t think she’s that delusional. VK is a great contemporary lyrical dancer and that is what that show is all about. She will need to slim down for it too if she wants a good shot, but she’s certainly pretty enough.
  4. It’s VERY popular in dance. And that girl is doing it very well. Her cash and prizes are actually facing away as much as they can be, which is part of the reason it’s a good tilt. She has beautiful extension in her legs as well - a lot of it is probably her natural flexibility in her joints, but it’s impressive nonetheless. Comparing that photo to the one the black beauty girl posted in the handicapped spot is like one of those “expectations vs. reality” things. Lol!
  5. It looks like she’s never had real ballet classes - sad cause you could tell the potential is/was there. I guess there’s a shot she could take some classes and pick up very quickly, but unlikely at her age. I mean there have been a few DCCs who made the squad w/ really rough ballet technique over the years.
  6. Wow - now that is a nice tilt.
  7. The technique/placement in that tilt photo is horrendous as well. Her dancing isn’t as awful as I expected it to be after seeing that photo, but she clearly hasn’t had much ballet training. Good flexibility and power though - has potential, but needs classes. Figure a little too thin and unshapely, but I think that about a lot of girls.
  8. Or they’ll just give SG to rookie girls that they barely know like Kalyssa and others. I thought I read Angela turned down those appearances for a reason like a job? Didn’t know she wasn’t going on them just cause she didn’t feel like it or they weren’t glamorous.
  9. I hate stuff like that - something is stated as “optional”, but then later down the line it’s thrown back in your face about how important it was that you didn’t do that optional thing and now it is held against you. Sadly, there is a lot of that grey area optional stuff in dance and dance studios. Then sometimes those in power aren’t even consistent about it either and there’s a double standard. For example of something I see a lot, there will be an offer to be in, for ex., 12 group numbers after an audition, but only 6 if them are mandatory. Group numbers all cost money and time to be in - big cost difference between doing 12 and 6. Some parents will say my kid is only doing mandatory groups to save money - it’s supposed to be optional, right? But then next summer their kid is penalized in various ways in the studio for not doing all the groups (offered lower quality groups next season, put in a lower technique class than other dancers of similar ability, etc.) - all cause they didn’t pay for those extra groups which really have nothing to do with how good of a dancer they are. Stuff like that irks me. It’s like you always got to go overboard and do everything and anything offered in some of these places cause the next thing you know you’ve hurt your kids experience and can’t recover - seems like the DCC is the same way, but w/ grown women. To me it sounds like what happened to Angela was a similar thing. They told her the appearances were “optional”, and she might have even had a work or family commitment for why she didn’t do them, but then held it against her later for an opportunity she wanted when she had cleared her schedule and was ready to do SG. But then they also go ahead and put Rookies in SG who have never even done a year on the squad and they really know nothing at about their level of dedication, so there is a compete double standard. I guess I can see both sides where these places want only those who are “all in all the time” to get the best opportunities, but they should probably spell out the consequences for choosing to do less a little better at the time of decision and not after the fact. However, I’m sure revealing how things really are/work would probably make the organization sound really petty (cause they are), so no team director, etc. would have the guts to admit that out loud.
  10. Mia probably looked the worst doing that combo compared to the girls around her. Spastic and without style. Normally the instructor is the best. I felt Alexis looked really good - she managed to look sexy doing it, where some of the others looked a little harsh. I’m not a fan of that combo in general though - not feminine enough or something.
  11. That Colts girl definitely does - she’s so pretty and girl next door at the same time. The Chargers girl too. The Miami representative is very “DCC pretty” as well.
  12. I don’t like the fringe on the shoulders, but honestly, of all the photos it’s one of the few that don’t look like a Halloween costume. So many of them are ugly and tacky. Only ones that looked cute were Colts, Eagles, DCC and the one the Tampa bay girl was wearing. Edit - I like the Lions uniform too. Cute and athletic.
  13. I don’t. She’s too thin and has no curves or shape at all - just a skinny girl who looks nice in a swimsuit cause she’s young and isn’t overweight. I’m sorry, but that photo looks like it belongs in a present day JC Penney catalog designed to sell the swimsuit to women - not a pinup calendar that is supposed to appeal to male fans. I’m not saying she’s ugly, but she just has zero sex appeal. I used to think Melissa had the same unsexy vibe about her, but now that Amy and Maddie have come along Melissa actually didn’t look as bad cause at least she had a shapely/feminine body and looked of legal dating age.
  14. Danielle was the All American Girl/Americas Sweethearts type IMO - Amy doesn’t give me that vibe at all. Just zero sex appeal - how do they even manage calendar shoot photos for her? They probably look like catalog photos for selling the bathing suit to moms.
  15. She’s one of the least sexy DCCs ever - her and Maddie are this. Just so not hot. I hope both of them retire.