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  1. rue721

    Supernatural Ending

    I'm sad about it. I think it's probably the best choice and not a total surprise. But still, sad. It does seem like the end of an era. So many memories of watching and sharing this show over the years.
  2. rue721

    S14.E16: Don't Go in the Woods

    Well, I can tell the bunker is not anywhere near the South, because if it were, once Jack was healing people with his bare hands, at least one of those teens would have been praying and trying to get him to come to their church youth group. Dude is either possessed or the messiah, so either way, it works, right? hahaha
  3. rue721

    Spoilers With Speculation

    Oh, and another reason that I think that Jack will sacrifice himself somehow...he's supposed to be doing what the Winchesters do, right? And that's practically all the Winchesters do. The men in that family have never met a survival instinct they haven't utterly ignored in favor of martyrdom.
  4. rue721

    Spoilers With Speculation

    I think probably Jack will be asked to be put out of his misery, so he can go to Heaven. Either the other characters will be like, "but you still have a wisp of a soul, Jack," and Jack will be like, "so send me to Heaven now, before I lose it." Or the other characters will be like, "you don't have a soul anymore, Jack, you're just an angel," and Jack will be like, "so send me to Heaven so I can keep the lights on up there." (My money is on the first option, though). And Dean will kill him because he promised back in the day that if Jack needed killing, he'd take care of it. And then Dean will sit alone in the woods, weeping, as per Jensen's spoiler. I don't think anybody else is going to be put out of their misery and sent to Heaven a la the snake, because I doubt anybody aside from Jack even thinks of going to Heaven as a good thing at this point, it's basically Charming Acres writ large. My other spec is that, soon after arriving there, Jack will realize that Heaven is crappy for some reason (not enough angels, or Lucifer's there, or something) and will realize that he needs to get back to earth URGENTLY to get help fighting XYZ rando danger. And that'll lead to our season-ending cliff-hanger in some way or another.
  5. rue721

    S14.E15: Peace of Mind

    Probably most people wouldn't -- I think that was kind of the point. The whole place was built on oppression (psychic/psycho Mayor) and repression (Sam and the townspeople). I liked the idea of a town living in a delusion, and that the psychic was just some random mostly-human monster. That felt like a throwback kind of MoTW idea, especially how it was meant to tie in with Sam's state of mind, and I wish the show would go back to doing more of that. It was also fun how the town had such a sense of place. That also felt like a bit of a throwback to earlier days of the show, in a good way. And usually Cas is boring to me, but I liked him in this episode. Like when he matter-of-factly asked the clerk, "Scanners I, II, or III?" LOL who the hell has even seen Scanners? I've seen a lot of movies in my time and I didn't know about that series at all. What didn't work for me was that climax when Cas and Sam fought and Cas made Sam come to his senses. Cas's arguments just didn't seem that moving, and I was kind of surprised that Dreamworld!Sam would even be up for randomly stabbing people to death in the diner anyway. Like really, I would have been like, "You're not a murderer! You're not a puppet!" Not "Sure you were a failure as a leader, blah blah blah." Seemed like a weird (and unpersuasive) tact for Cas to take. I also wasn't feeling Cas and Sam's chemistry this episode. I actually usually like them together, but for whatever reason it wasn't quite gelling. Dean and Jack's scenes were incredibly awkward, and sometimes that was actually pretty funny but sometimes, eh. They did seem to drag. The scene when Donatello tries and fails to impart some soulless wisdom onto Jack especially should have been more interesting than it was -- nothing was *wrong* per se, but it just seemed so drab. Also, Donatello is just such a tragic figure to me, and he's an interesting character in general, so I feel like he was kind of weirdly wasted in this episode. I agree that he's more interesting than Jack, so I would have been more interested in a story about Donatello that maybe also led to Jack learning something or led to everybody else also getting insight into Jack or something like that. But really, the one of the few spinoffs of SPN that I would legitimately be interested in would be the adventures of the prophets, especially Kevin (and/or AU!Kevin) and Donatello, because I do find being a prophet really tragic and difficult and interesting in the show's universe. So maybe that's just me. Otherwise, some of Dean's "comedy bits" were pretty funny. I laughed when he opened the carton of leftover Chinese food and found mice inside, but tried to play it cool. And when he made some weird face to himself in the car after yet another incredibly awkward conversation with Jack. It was kind of funny to me that Dean was finding his interactions with Jack as awkward as everyone in the audience must have. I did find that Dean was written really oddly in this episode, though. So upbeat and childlike? I mean, not that he did anything that out of character, it just all had an odd tone. And I thought that it was genuinely disturbing when Jack put the snake "out of its misery" by turning it to dust in his hands. What was creepy is that he wasn't being malicious at all, but it was still just such an inhuman thing to do. I think part of the point of Dean being grossed out and creeped out by everything was to show how cold and "alien" Jack was acting in comparison, but it was too ham-handed and over the top to really work. Same thing with Dean constantly wanting to eat and Jack never wanting to eat. That said, the only joke that I actually disliked was Jack choosing the angel v. devil cake. The show played it up way too much and the joke wasn't clever enough to handle that kind of attention. Also, I wish that instead of devil's food cake, they had used Flaming Hot Cheetos or something. And maybe the "angel's food" could have been some sort of ambrosia pudding. To be fair, though, maybe my distaste is because I find those kind of packaged cakes gross. Like if I had been Jack, I would have been like, "PASS" on those choices, soul or no soul. Oh, and I was really excited for a minute near the end when it sounded like they were going to leave the bunker and go back on the road. But then, nope. Really too bad. I mean, honestly, Sam did have a point that the bunker has lots of terrible memories in it. This wasn't even the first massacre they've had there. Plus, I like the road trips and the motels and stuff, and I miss them.
  6. rue721

    Supernatural Media: I Observe, With My Eyes

    Not sure where to put this, but thought this was a sweet story and a fun thread:
  7. rue721

    Small Talk: The Impala

    Speaking of theme parks -- is anyone watching Deadly Class? I'm trying to watch the pilot right now. I cannot with the school being called Kings Dominion. I mean, maybe it's a joke, but so far, the show is taking itself EXTREMELY seriously, so I feel like it's maybe just a goofy coincidence. Either way, makes me laugh.
  8. I think burning off the soul is a cheesy metaphor for Jack "losing his innocence" and becoming an adult.
  9. I think it's plot driven, because the main characters are usually reacting to events caused by other characters/forces. If the show were character-driven, then I think the plot would stem from their own needs or desires or personalities. Like for example, in a Monster of the Week episode, some monster kills someone and then the Winchesters are on the case -- the case isn't growing out of their needs as characters, it's a plot machination. Or for example, Yellow Eyes makes deals/murders/schemes and then the Winchesters react to it.
  10. For what it's worth, the way that Jensen described it initially seeming to him like a medical event, and how everyone was kind of whispering to each other while Jared paced around frantically flipping through his script...to me, it sounded like Jared had an episode. And I guess that hasn't happened on set before, and that's why it's so scary. Who knows. I just worry about the guy because, as great a support system and as many resources as he has, he does seem like he's struggling. I've seen a lot of serious mental illness up close and personal (mostly family members) and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Also, I am really impressed by Jensen's graciousness. He was such a gentleman. This is so weird for one adult to say about another but he's a really good role model, isn't he?
  11. rue721

    S14.E14: Ouroboros

    I think Jack is meant to be drier (less "soulful") than usual because he's been burning off parts of his soul. And Cas is always kind of dry, I guess because he doesn't have a soul at all. I think part of the point of the conversation was meant to emphasize that neither of them are human, not even Jack.
  12. What? 😕 I can't watch the panel until maybe late tonight or late tomorrow, but in the meantime, does this make sense to you all? I can kind of see that scene being so intense for Jared if he saw it as Sam "saving" Dean from suicide and got really "in the moment" or something. But it sounds like that wasn't the case, it sounds like he was just really frustrated by what he saw as his acting limitations, to the point that he was crying himself to sleep and had a dark night of the soul? This is the stuff that makes me worried for the guy. That reaction is so totally lacking in perspective. But maybe I'm taking him too seriously/literally, and Jared is just being an ~artiste~ about his work or whatever, I dunno.
  13. rue721

    Spoilers With Speculation

    Oh, I just said this in the bitter spoilers thread but it's not actually bitter -- Dean promised Jack that he'd be the one to kill him if it came to that. So I think if Dean takes Jack out to the woods alone, that's pretty foreboding. Something else must be going on, though, because they don't kill people just for not having souls. Certainly not if they meanwhile have grace. But maybe Jack wants to die while he still has at least a wisp of a soul left, so that he can go to Kelly in heaven, a la Lily Sunder.
  14. Oh yeah, and Dean did promise Jack that he'd be the one to kill him if it came to that.
  15. I think Sam had a pretty straightforward and traditional "hero's journey," in the Joseph Campbell sense, from S1-5. Then S6 and S7 were about Sam having completed that journey and needing to find his way back. If S1-5 were Sam's Iliad, S6-7 were his Odyssey. Which I thought ended up working pretty well. I liked the whole thing of Sam going stone cold because he couldn't deal with the pain of his torture in the Cage (aka, the Soulless arc) and then opening the door to dealing with that pain and going through the Hellucinations, and Sam and Dean ultimately becoming closer through the course of all that. But then in S8, the show basically did a "restart" of Sam's journey -- which I thought was bizarre and a terrible choice. And I think Sam's characterization has more or less just gotten foggier since then. Like the thing of him being willing to do bad things to try and save Dean from being a demon -- OK, it's in character, based on Sam's attempt to save Dean from Hell via demon blood in S4, but also kind of inscrutable and consequence-less as far as Sam's character development goes. And honestly, it's not so much that I think Sam keeps repeating the same stories (he is, but not really more than any of the other characters are IMO), it's more like his character just keeps getting less and less coherent and even losing his personality/uniqueness over time. At this point, it feels like he's a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. I think of Sam in It's a Terrible Life, when Zachariah makes Sam and Dean imagine they're working in an office, and how in-character Sam's actions/decisions/reactions were all throughout, and how fun it was to see him still essentially being Sam Winchester within the totally different context of being a corporate drone -- and how colorless and generic and just absent-seeming all those things that made Sam "Sam" have become over time. It's like the life has drained out of him. This is maybe idiosyncratic, but the part I most had trouble with is when Sam started with the taglines about the family. "We're the Winchesters!" and "We're Big Fat Heroes (TM)!" (or whatever that awful line is). Everything about that is so artificial and just...weird! Super weird! Nobody talks like that, and definitely not about themselves and their own #squad. Hahahaha. Anyway, when the writers started in on that stuff, I figured that they had totally just thrown up their hands in terms of trying to think of things from Sam's perspective as a character. Because that stuff is just SO embarrassing to say and...I mean, I know that Sam is meant to be kind of dorky and intense and in-his-own-head and all, but come on. That said, I think that Jared's sometimes poor health probably imposes limitations on what demands/work he can take on, and that probably has a ripple effect on the production as a whole, and also on how Sam is written and acted. Not trying to cast aspersions, I think Jared is a strong actor and clearly works hard, just saying that I think that there could be a behind-the-scenes X-factor like that at play as well.