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  1. SunshineOnMe

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    I'm just here to watch Lisa chase after ponies.
  2. SunshineOnMe

    S35.E05: The Past Will Eat You Alive

    The spelling might not be right, but the thought is probably true! I can see a run for the bushes after this "prize."
  3. SunshineOnMe

    S05.E04: Kate Goes to Church

    I feel like in an earlier season Kate said it was her most favorite thing to run a theme party. She did a scavenger hunt and something else.
  4. SunshineOnMe

    Season 19: Live Feed Discussion

    This is kind of OT- and sorry about that. But how are the have-not's sleeping in those beds? I haven't seen any pictures and I can't even imagine how they're making those work.
  5. SunshineOnMe

    S04.E13: Ain't No Thang Like A Chicken Wing

    This makes me sad. How do we know?
  6. SunshineOnMe

    S02.E08: Flirting with Danger

    Hey- reading this gave me a pause. I'm not condoning what the women did at all (yuck to pushing yourself into their private crew quarters) but how weird is it that here the age gap is showed as being normal, but with the other woman, Bobby called her a cougar. I read somewhere (maybe here) that she said she was 37, and Bobby is 32. Even if she is 43 that's still the same age gap as above. That kind of stuff drives me crazy.
  7. SunshineOnMe

    S02.E12: Blood, Debt And Tears

    What's funny to me is that they all grouped together regardless of if they knew they were in the program or not.
  8. SunshineOnMe

    S02.E13: Bed And Baggage

    This was honestly, a tough season. From whip marks, to sewage, to child abusers. Wow..... My hat's off to the volunteers.
  9. SunshineOnMe

    S02.E05: Hazed And Confused

    This all makes me so sad, Nanu.
  10. SunshineOnMe

    S02.E10: Sewer Gate

    Okay, so wimpy me again. This episode broke my heart. What made it so bad is because I felt like the only reason why they got the little bit they got (moved to different rooms, sick man checked out) is because the 60 days in cameras were there.
  11. SunshineOnMe

    S02.E07: Criminal Justice

    no, it was the beatings. I seriously cried, but I'm a wimp, I'll admit. It really was a trigger for me.
  12. SunshineOnMe

    S02.E07: Criminal Justice

    I saw the first look--- The very end made me cringe. Anyone else see it?
  13. SunshineOnMe

    S02.E06: Pod Wars

    I just watched the first look. Honestly, I don't know if I can "stomach" the show any more.
  14. SunshineOnMe

    S02.E06: Pod Wars

    Maybe they should hang the curtain waist down, if it's needed for legal reasons. Ay yi yi yi.
  15. SunshineOnMe

    S02.E06: Pod Wars

    Not to mention how good are the cameras when everything takes place in the back room behind a shower curtain the jail was so nice to hang up?