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  1. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I don't know, ya'll....I could put up with a lot for an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe and multiple trips to Hawaii, Disney, & the Caribbean. But maybe I'm just a travel whore. If I was in my 20s with no job, partner, kids, etc, it would be mighty tempting to chase those free vacations by being Kail's lackey for a while. I could put up with it for a while as long as the vacations kept happening. Even with the perks, though, it seems eventually everyone around Kail tires of her abuse.
  2. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    I think when they mentioned Nebraska, they were referencing the Franklin child prostitution ring allegations, which were eventually proven false, but were a pretty big deal around 1990 before they were debunked. Even though the allegations were false, MANY people still believe the allegations were real and there's a grand conspiracy/several grand conspiracies to protect powerful businessmen, politicians, the CIA, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin_child_prostitution_ring_allegations I think that's the Nebraska allegations/ring that Elisa referenced, rather than something Pizzolatto just made up (of course, the allegations in the Franklin Scandal are made up, but the investigation did happen in "real life," was fairly well-publicized, & conspiracy theories grew out of it that persist to this day. It's almost impossible to follow missing cases of children/teens for any period of time without someone interjecting about the Franklin Scandal and Johnny Gosh. Many people with good intentions have never heard/read that the allegations were proven false. And also, tons of conspiracy theorists promote it as truth as well- http://franklinscandal.com/. Anyway, the allegations/story in Nebraska isn't something the writer made up, so to speak.
  3. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    It really reminds me of something from somewhere....something almost like: "I mean, how many times have we had this conversation?...Well, who knows? When you can’t remember your lives, you can’t change your lives, and that is the terrible and secret fate of all life. You’re trapped, by that nightmare you keep waking up into.... Time is a flat circle. Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again." 😉 I suspect the same. I really like this idea & would like if this was what happened. It would explain more about what Julie's experienced.
  4. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    My Girl's protagonist's name is spelled Vada, but I think Vaeda is can be another spelling of that name. Professor Google just taught me that Vada is a German name that means rose or flower and Vaeda is a Sanskrit name that means "knowledge" (let that one sink in), or just a misspelling/"unique" spelling of Vada. Allegedly Luma means in sunset (in Arabic or Hindi, maybe? Not sure.). "Knowledge sunset" is an interesting name meaning.... I don't hate it as much as Tezlee and I guess it's an obscure name, but at least it actually is a name (Tezlee is not a name. Sorry not sorry). I can also picture an adult woman with the name Vaeda, where as Tezlee is a made-up name for toddlers that would be grown out of quickly. That said, Vaeda Luma sounds like a Yoga pose. I wouldn't have chosen it, but I think it's slightly better than Tezlee. (Why can't any of these people - aside from Javi & Lauren - name their kids something like Emma, Isabella, Landon, Logan, Mason, Eli, Peyton, Skylar, or the other names that are this generation's "Jennifer & Jason"-level popular "normal" names? I know they're "overused" and "nOt YoUuNeEK," but come on. You aren't too special to be a parent to a kid with a "basic" name like Charlotte, Cate & Ty.)
  5. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Not that I'm a fan of Kail's entourage/past entourage members, but....#TEAMBONE. Seriously, she deserved that Scentsy trip as the unpaid assistant and nanny for our little ray of sunshine Kail (at least more than Chris did).
  6. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Exactly this. Since Jenelle changes her likes to match her current soulmates' likes, there are few things we do know about her. Her only constant likes/interests are: Olive Garden, drugs, & yelling (particularly yelling "leave me alone"). I'm pretty sure the crew still knows this about her. And I agree she's a sociopath, @Rebecca. It's definitely a thing. A few of my co-workers/acquaintances who've had babies during the past five years or so have made a big deal about their husbands/boyfriends "catching" the baby at birth. This is definitely a hipster-millenial-quaisi-crunch parent thing. I think it's okay (and I did skin-to-skin with my baby as did my husband after they were born, but we let the certified nurse midwife/OB "catch" our babies because....yeah...not for us and that's kind of why those people were there). It's very much also a thing with the mommy-as-identity-set, so I totally see Chelsea and Cole doing it (no shade at Chelsea there with the mommy-as-identity-set thing). (A couple of people I know have even hired birth photographers to professionally shoot the birth in the hospital - at hospitals with big birthing suites with lots of room for more people than I'd want - and to catch the father "catching" the baby. I personally only had my husband in the room, he didn't catch the baby, and I would never hire someone to take pictures of my babies' birth because WTF, but to each their own.)
  7. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Yep. In my (low cost of living/low pay-scale) area, dental hygienists (4 year degree) make around $60k/yr. Dental assistants make about $32k/yr, which is a little over half of what a dental hygienist makes. Kail has a dental assistant certificate, not a dental hygienist degree (a 2 or 4 year degree in dental hygiene). Dental hygienists are kind of like RNs (with 2 year degrees or 4 year degrees), and dental assistants are more similar to medical assistants as far as training/pay (although some dental assistants, as you said, get trained on the job). Good for Kail for getting the dental assistant certificate at the time when she stopped going to college, but she'd have been better served in the long-run when she went back to college if she'd have done a dental hygiene degree instead of communications when it comes to supporting herself post-TM. At least she does have the dental assistant certificate and some work experience, so she can always try to get back into that when her podcasts and those hosting gigs she's after dry up or don't materialize. And she has completed a 4 year degree, which does at least show she can stick with and finish a 4 year degree program (even if communications is less lucrative than dental hygiene would have been), so dental offices may see that 4 year degree as a plus for hiring her as a dental assistant even though it's in an unrelated field (I'd not expect it to bring in any more money, though). Jenelle has completed a MA program, but she never passed the exam and can't work as a MA without it (not to mention her arrests/drug record). Kail and Chelsea (with aesthetic license/training and experience) at least have something there to fall back on, even if it will pay way less than TM. Jenelle (and these other girls) have NOTHING.
  8. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Briana wanted the baby for a story line to get back on TM and I'm 99% sure the adoption discussion was for a story line, too (which is disgusting and offensive to potential adoptive parents and all, IMO). I think she likely would have not placed Stella in the end even if Luis had said "yeah, go ahead and do that." She knew Stella was her ticket on the show and she probably thought Luis would be a bad dad but the cameras would keep him around enough to cause drama that would keep her on the show. I think she's surprised Luis hasn't been around more (even if he just shows up to get yelled at by the Coven) for the cameras alone. Luis apparently doesn't want to parent so badly that he's not even going to regularly show up for a paycheck (which she should have known since he has another daughter in New York he didn't ever see or parent). However, I'm with you that Luis was a POS for not going along with or encouraging Briana to place Stella since he obviously had no desire to parent or even be assed to give AF for a TV show when his child is going to the hospital for an emergency. If Luis had any sense, he'd have been pushing that adoption story line to become a real thing so he could legally be absolved of having to contribute to Stella financially and since he never intended to parent anyway. He was an idiot for being against it, even if I doubt Briana was really thinking about placing Stella for adoption.
  9. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Preach! I want an Addie & Lincoln spin-off when they're young, independent adults living in an apartment together away from their families (like Snooki & J-Wow style or something). Heck, I'd watch an Addie spin-off now with her commenting on life. She did. (And she had a bazillion family members to help out with the girlses, who weren't in school yet. She didn't work outside the home, yet Corey revealed she didn't make dinner, wash clothes, or clean house. She wasn't complaining about being at home isolated with babies while trying to get housework done, etc. She was complaining that Corey couldn't come hang out with her all day or go to every single doctor's visit because he had work....not to mention that Leah had a ton of family members and friends who were always around and available to help out. It's not like she was doing it alone, not that she was doing much of anything at the time. I definitely remember ranting about Leah having such an amazing support system & free babysitters when I had my infant son with very little support system nearby and both my husband & I worked full-time during opposite shifts.)
  10. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    This is so funny to me because I live in an area where the oil/gas industry is a big deal. Everyone here would know that someone who was working on the pipeline/works pipes was working on a gas pipeline and definitely not think the person is a plumber. We'd just say plumber for someone working on water pipes/septic systems/your toilet/house pipes, etc. The pipeline and pipes are always oil/gas related unless someone specifically says plumber, water line, water company, etc. Regional differences are real and there are way more young men I know who work on pipelines/laying pipelines (sometimes away from home, like Jeremy) than who are plumbers, so I'd almost always assume any guy Jeremy's age who did anything with pipes was doing gas/oil pipeline work before plumbing. My kids are both toddlers now but are less than a year and a half apart....and *&^# was REAL for a while when the youngest was an infant and therefor, I had a baby and a toddler. Sometimes two toddlers isn't a walk in the park either, but it is infinitely better in a lot of ways (mainly, they can interact together more & the little one can express herself). But it was also very sweet how much my son loved "Baby" (that's what he called his sister for the first year of her life) and how much he wanted to take care of her. They started to develop their own little language and jokes as she got bigger. Now they're (mostly) best friends, but yeah....there were a few days/nights when they were an infant and a toddler that were rough, especially since my husband at that time worked nights and I worked days. The kids went to daycare during the day so hubby could sleep, so I basically did everything 5 days of the week on my own- night time feeding/waking with baby, caring for/feeding both kids, getting them bathed, getting them dressed, etc...and let's just say for the sake of my mental health and our marriage (and maybe my husband's life...I kid, I kid), he had to switch to a slightly lower-paying job where he worked days because the infant+toddler thing (and doing it by myself most of the time, plus working) was often a real damn struggle. Chelsea has a lot of support, so even though I know her struggle will be real, too, I'm sure she'll be fine. My grandfather was born in Poland (to a Polish mother & Ukrainian father- both from different sides of the same mountain on what would become the border). I am stoked to hear Kailyn had her kids eat pierogies. They are awesome and I love getting non-Poles/non-Eastern Europeans to try them (they aren't really a thing where I live since we have a scarce Polish population here). I'm going to give Kail a positive mark for this. 🙂
  11. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    I've been pretty sure from the beginning it wasn't a season 1 connection or pedophile ring, but Julie as a "replacement child"-thing. I think that's because when I follow true crime in real-time, there's always people screaming about child abductions being the work of "human trafficking"(even though traffickers generally go after runaways, etc who won't be reported missing, etc) or a "pedophile ring" ran by people in positions of power, etc. So I think the misdirection almost makes sense as far as alluding to the Rust/Cohle case, etc. I didn't think Roland was gay, either. I do think Roland didn't give any Fs about how anyone lived their private/sex life, though, and was progressive in that way. Maybe he had a gay cousin/family member/friend and that's why he reacted how he did when Hayes started talking about the "sick" stuff Purcell was into. I think whatever Hoyt has Hayes agree to in the car (which I guess we'll see next week) leads to him (& Roland) dropping the case and not pursuing it anymore. I assume it has to do with threats to Hayes's family and possibly to Roland's fiance'. I'm assuming that's why he never married her after all - he didn't ever want her to be hurt because of his job (and subconsciously, maybe that's why he'd been dragging his feet even before Hoyt). I'm thinking about how Hayes said last week he used to be fearless (I'm paraphrasing) until he had his wife and kids. He wasn't afraid of anything until then, when he became afraid of them being hurt (I loved that scene, because I really relate to feeling that way after I had kids. It's a type of vulnerability that's so unsettling and "exterior."). I wonder if Roland pushed the fiance' away after Hoyt's threats for her own safety. (Or maybe he just started drinking so much after Harris's murder that she left him.) Agreed, as I said above. I just don't think - or don't want to think - that Roland is in on it. Please don't let it be so! I'm going with the Hoyt security team always travels in twos and somehow a second car managed to follow/see Hayes & Roland with Harris.
  12. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Everyone saying Javi owes Kail for all he has needs to remember that even though he's a fame whore & the TM2 money helped a lot, he was part of the (less than) 1% of our current society that joins the active duty military. He served a deployment. He joined largely so that Kail and her kids would have benefits like health insurance, etc. He (except Cole, Corey, & Jeremy) are the only "soulmates" on this show to have and kept a job while continuing to film (except Cole, Corey, & Jeremy). Javi even joined the active duty military after he got on the show. Yeah, most enlisted guys who spent time in the service don't come back with tons of money to start their own gym - and the TM2 helped a lot with that. BUT Javi has arguably contributed more to our society than Kail with his military service and his service provided Kail & her kids with benefits. So if he gets some money to open a gym with (instead of wasting it on expensive toys like David, fake rock star memorabilia like Matt Baier, or & unused camera equipment like Andrew), then I have zero problem with that. At least he's doing something he's actually into (unlike, say, Tyler's changing "passion projects") and has spent a lot of time doing before opening the business. At least it's an investment leading to a possible career/something to maybe support himself after filming ends for good (and while the gym business is tough, it seems more sustainable than a pot-themed hair care line or a t-shirt business). Those people can miss me with that "he owes it all to Kail nonsense." The TM2 money helped, but at least he's trying to actually do something legit with that money....and he's at least contributed to our society. What has Kail contributed to our society (besides those alleged teen mothers dropping in number stats and snark for us)? I'll wait. (Oh, and without Javi, Kail wouldn't have had a story line for several seasons or Lincoln to get that second baby bonus.) Also, maybe it's possible Lauren is actually smart enough not to rush into marrying Javi (I mean that's doubtful since had a baby with him & moved up there so quick, but hey...). Sometimes it's not just the guy waiting to get engaged but the woman. I HATE that some people make me end up defending Javi's fame whore self, but here I am.
  13. Finally, a Duggar who we can all relate to. Happy birthday, Henry!
  14. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    From your lips (fingers?) to the Flying Spaghetti Monster's ears.
  15. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Did a Duggar make a post about loving a family member without including God? And thanking Lauren for choosing him rather than God sending/giving her to him? Damn, Josiah may just be the most "woke" Duggar child (obviously, the bar is set low.....but I'm impressed).