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  1. MyPeopleAreNordic

    True Tori

    They've moved nine times in eight years. Unless a parent is in the military or something similar where it cannot be avoided to move a lot, that seems like a really disruptive and stressful thing to do the kids' lives by choice. I know the kids stay in the same schools and all, but the upheaval of moving and then settling in somewhere to maybe stay a year seems like a lot of stress on everyone, especially the kids.
  2. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Leah Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer...She's 23

    Leah knew what the score was with Jeremy's work schedule and his availability to talk with children who would be in school etc when she decided to make a baby with him. Oh, poor, poor Leah. Yes, I'm feeling so sorry for her as she cashes those over $1k/mo child support checks for ONE child while she has a gazillion of her own relatives or Jeremy's relatives to help her with Addie, etc (and who are more than willing to do so). She also has all the help (and no need for a 40 hr/wk job) that $300k/yr of MTV money can buy. Leah is hardly raising Addie all by herself 90% of the time and isn't It sucks for Addie doesn't see her dad as much, but as for her mom, Leah knew that was the score when they made Addie- so she needs to STFU. My SIL is raising four kids on an elementary school teacher's salary & gets what Jeremy pays Leah in child support monthly for Addie from her ex FOR ALL FOUR KIDS. And my SIL works 40+hrs/wk and doesn't have a crew of in-laws or family in the same town to help her out with her kids. CRY ME A RIVER about Jeremy "not being a dad," Leah. Try living my SIL's life for a day. Try being a single mom whose baby daddy manages to avoid paying child support at all or only pays a couple hundred dollars per month, working a full-time non-MTV job, and juggling childcare, etc. Even with Jeremy away for work most of the time (which sucks for Addie), you have it soooo damn easy with Jeremy as your kid's dad (and all the family support & MTV income) than the majority of single moms out there. All I see here are two babies. How sad for everyone involved.
  3. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E09: Momster Mash

    PREACH! I don't watch the show anymore, but reading about it made me roll my eyes with these same thoughts. (And all husbands and all kids aren't necessarily what they're cracked up to be. I am hoping a magic MTV show comes along and offers you $300k/yr to be on a show about adults with degrees and work experience, but allows you to film from your couch. I'm sure it'd be more interesting than this show.)
  4. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E09: Momster Mash

    Ever since we saw Gracie go to the fridge attempt to find some sort of food to feed her siblings when Leah was at the height of being pilled out, my opinion of Gracie changed. Yeah, the kid is kind of abrasive and almost mean at times, but we all would be if we had to scrounge to find lunchables and make midnight canned ravioli as kindergartners to feed our toddler sister & twin while our mom did an opiod nod. I think Gracie is really the one who kept (keeps?) the bare minimum of survival going for all three of the girlses when they're with Leah. Gracie is tenacious AF when it comes down to it. My money is on her for breaking the cycle, especially with Miranda & Corey in her life. Unless she ends up feeling like she has to stay around to help Leah do the basic functions of adulthood (especially if Ali goes downhill before the twins are adults themselves & Leah falls into deeper addictions, etc), I think Gracie is going to be able make a break for it. She's already pretty much better at the basics of adulting than a lot of the adults in this franchise and she seems to understand that good grades can be a way out of becoming Leah version 2/Mama Dawn version 3.
  5. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I am so glad to hear this, buddy! 🙂
  6. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E07: Surprise

    Yep, we had to get a new one about 6-7 years ago when we lived at our 1,100 sq ft condo. When all was said and done, it cost a little over $6k. The AC company guy said most people (with decent credit) don't have $6k just hanging out somewhere, so the vast majority of his clients (who can get approved) pay it on a 12 month payment plan with no interest. We were paying over $500/mo to pay it off interest free in a year (and did it), but this was before we had kids/childcare bills/etc....and we definitely missed that extra $500+/mo of income that was going to pay for the new air conditioner. I could totally understand if Kail had said she'd cancel child support and didn't (or he could have been getting child support) and his whole AC went out and he thought "wow, it's going to cost 12 months worth of child support payments/how many payments I've made since she said she'd cancel child support/etc to replace it" and got a little miffed. I would have been, too. It's also possible Jo & Vee were trying to save up to pay for the new AC without a payment plan (if there wasn't an interest free option available or they just didn't want the bill monthly, etc), so they realized they may have had more money in savings had Kail canceled support earlier as she said she would, or if Jo had been receiving support from Kail as he is apparently now entitled to based on their income differences.
  7. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Right??? Tyler and Cate could have used some of their TM money to get some type of education, like a technical program degree/certification, for example, so they can have a way to support themselves. They claim their kids will have what they couldn't even begin to dream of as kids, but hell, the TM2 money most definitely brought 16/17 year old Cate & Ty the kind of money/opportunities they'd never have dreamed of without it....and they'd done nothing with it as far as preparing for the future for themselves, getting educations, etc. Saving for their kids' educations is great, but Ty & Cate would best serve their kids by taking some of the money they have now from the show & flexible schedules (no "real job") to get some sort of education to be able to support themselves and their kids when the show ends (as well as to set an example for their girls).
  8. MyPeopleAreNordic

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    I'm just excited that a Duggar knows there's a Finland and had some curiosity about the place (even if it was Abbie's idea, so a Duggar-by-marriage).
  9. Nurie is really a pretty girl without all that make-up on her. Kaylee is, too, but this is the first time I feel like I've actually seen what Nurie actually looks like.
  10. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E07: Surprise

    In Jo's defense, he worked as a copier machine technician for the first 4 years or so of Isaac's life. When Kail moved to Delaware with his son, he had to leave that job. So he had a "normal people" full-time job for several years even after TM2 was on the air. (That's a lot longer than many people in these casts have kept "normal" jobs after TM/TM2 started to air, so that's at least t his credit.) I think Vee puts together a living as a real estate agent and by doing make-up artistry (so she's self-employed, I supposed). Being a realtor can most definitely be a full-time job, even if it doesn't have traditional "40 hours in an office/retail space/etc per week" schedule. Plenty of realtors do realty as their full-time job. Prior to getting her realtor license and make-up artistry credentials, Vee was taking classes/studying for those credentials. Before moving to Delaware, I believe she worked at a daycare & went to school. I don't know what Jo did between leaving his job as a copier machine tech & what he says he does now, but I don't think over the course of the whole series that Jo has been spending the whole run on the couch/without a "real" job (like Jenelle, Tyler, Catelynn, etc). If he's working a "normal" person job now, then it seems wise that he's not giving the public too much information about that job as I'm sure some delusional Kail fans might call or come to his place of business to confront him (because as Twitter shows, some people are crazy). It's probably best for his job security to not be too public about his job if he's working for someone else, etc. We don't see a whole lot of Jo's life and I don't trust Kail's narrative 100%.
  11. Definitely! And Jill could have simply said that Tim was injured on the job/at work and sustained a concussion. She didn't even have to mention what his job was. Everything about how this was worded (even before she got to the Devil stuff) pissed me off. PREACH!!!!! 1) They word this like regional accrediting bodies are just giving colleges accreditation nilly-willy and Landmark was just like "Nah, no thanks." Getting and maintaining real, recognized (regional) accreditation is no walk in the park for colleges/universities and many of them have entire offices/positions full of people whose job is just to gather and analyze info to keep the college accredited and guide it through the reoccurring accreditation processes. 2) Um....who wants to break it to these people that there are more countries/cultures out there than England/English and the US/Anglo-Protestant-Born-Again? (Silly proposition, I know.) 3) I still wish Nurie could go here because while it sounds pretty darn awful, it still sounds better than being a servant for Jill and family. Maybe she'd at least learn some new, more toned down make-up techniques from the other girls.
  12. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E07: Surprise

    Well....in Jason's defense, if I had to ride somewhere with Leah, I'd probably offer to drive, too. I don't even like to drive, but somehow I trust my own driving skills a tad more than Leah's. (I know she's not apparently not pilled out anymore, but we've seen her almost nod off while driving and take her eyes off of the road for large periods of time to look in the mirror at the girlses while she talks to them.
  13. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Team Bone. Team Jo.
  14. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    Absolutely this. I think the people behind the show have said since the first season that the show isn't about the case, it's about the (lead) characters. I think he was officially cleared after Tom's suicide and then Tom was basically thought to be responsible. I think I recall hearing that in the 7th episode (maybe). So...that sucks for Tom's legacy/memory, but perhaps Tom would have been happier knowing Julie was living happily without having to relive everything and would rather that continue, even if it meant not having his name cleared publicly.
  15. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    I hope Henry gave it to Roland and let him take it from there. I hope. (Revising my head cannon to this.)