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  1. I love Tim K on SNL. I remember one bit he did on WU about the death of Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov. To this day “Bory Yuri in a Hurry” makes me laugh. And I was like 6 when that happened. I would love to see more from that era, but since that is from the non-Lorne years, I’m not holding my breath.
  2. I want a "Lorne Micheal's Family Reunion" sketch where everybody does there Lorne impression, like the did with Christopher Walken.
  3. ajsnaves

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    I actually enjoyed this more than I thought. My first thought, as we see the shuttle going down, “Did they call, or are they just gonna show up?” I’m glad it sounds like they called first. Then I thought, “that’s a whole lot of uniforms for the government. Uniformed governments never leads to goo things.” I also thought they should have explained that Kelly and Bortus born under different signs and what the attributes of those signs were. “Kelly is an Aquarius. On Earth, that means she is...” Ed can just fill in the blanks. I noticed that apparently they get their baby blankets from the same place every other hospital in North America does. Those ubiquitous white with blue and pink stripes. As too whether or not this was the right time for “First Contact,” Ed did say that The Union likes to be “the first” to avoid it being with someone more violent. Imagine if it was the Krill who got that message first. That said I would love to see a successful first contact, where everything goes as expected.
  4. ajsnaves

    S03.E02: London Bridge is Falling Down

    I noticed it especially when she was on the street talking to Palmerston and Wellington. She was almost hobbit sized compared to them. Funny, that’s where they decide to be historically accurate.
  5. ajsnaves

    S03.E02: London Bridge is Falling Down

    Victoria was upset about being pushed into leave the palace to go to Osborne House. She thought it made her look cowardly, and she resented Albert for pushing her to leave. This came to head when she found out that the Chartists presented their petitions peacefully. I think any coldness towards Albert leading up to the note from the PM was a manifestation of that uncertenty. Then again so much has changed from the real history, maybe she will have him killed in the next episode for insubordination and sleeping with her sister. I guess we will see.
  6. ajsnaves

    Match Game

    Jillian was like the Idiot Whisper. For the toy I said Pea Shooter. I said ranch dressing for the veggie one. The rest is a blur right now.
  7. ajsnaves

    S02.E02: Primal Urges

    To be fair, he really was only a danger to ship and crew when he was off duty.
  8. ajsnaves

    9-1-1 in the Media

    Saw this today. https://tvline.com/2019/01/01/911-buck-eddie-gay-storyline-season-2-interview/ Buck and Eddie for ever!
  9. ajsnaves

    Nailed It!

    Surprised nobody else has started this yet. I am about half way through the season, and loving it as much as the earlier eps. My one issue is that it seems like they are giving them shorter completion times this season. 90 minutes is not a long time to make a ski mountain or robot cake. I am shocked that it seems people don’t use the panics right away and ask HOW to do this? Question: What are they mixing with the cake to make cake pops? Butter Cream or Butter Cream Froating? (Is there a difference?) I would love it is Sylvia Weinstock were a permanent judge. I don’t know if they have enough stuff to tide her over though.
  10. ajsnaves

    Ho Ho Ho 2018 Holiday Special

    I thought this was a good episode all around, without any duds in the celeb panel. (Which is a nice change of pace) Everyone seemed to try their best, and worked well with each other. Has Ron Funches been on before? He’s all over the place sometimes its hard forget where I have and haven’t seen him. Anyone hear when the rest of the season will play?
  11. ajsnaves

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    I think the existence of Mindy St. Claire proves that Judge Gen is not involved in any shenanigans, and the system is supposed to work a certain way. She said she had not had a case in 30 years, which was presumably Mindy. The odd way Mindy’s points could have been accounted for meant that someone had to interpret the rules, and make a decision about how to award points. Leading to the Medium Place. But if someone like Mindy can get even rate a visit to the judge, but someone like Ghandi or Bea Arthur is just thrown to the Bad Place no questins asked shows there is a problem somewhere in the system. But Accounting is not the problem, since I imagine they were the ones to send the case to Gen. (ie: “We got this weird case, we don’t know how to apply the points, Gen please help us.”) She got the case before the relevant saboteurs got to it to ship Mindy to the Bad Place. I’m guessing it is someone in both Places colluding together, finagling the system to require way more points to get to the Good Place than the system originally planned. Maybe even making the changes slowly so nobody would notice. That’s how I would do it at least.
  12. ajsnaves

    S01.E04: Peggy's Day Out

    These were not the Congressional Hearings, but the Watergate Grand Jury, which would have likely been hearing testimony, leading up to indictments being filed on Sept. 15, 1972. Remember, the break-in occurred in June of that year. So that still being in the news makes sense.
  13. ajsnaves

    Downton Abbey in the Media

    Movie behind the scenes. It looks like Mr. Carson is still Butler and Molesley is still a footman. I wonder how much time will have passed.
  14. ajsnaves

    HGN in the Media

    According to Facebook there will be a “Brand New Eoisode” on November 21st, with a Holiday Special on December 11th. Don’t know if those are the only 2 episodes were getting now, or if the new season premiers on Nov. 21st with weekly episodes after. My onscreen guide wont go that far yet.
  15. ajsnaves

    S02.E08: Buck Actually

    I think Hen and Chim are the paramedics.