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  1. mlp

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    I thought (hoped) Sara was doomed when she did that. She would have been crucified on Chopped for "disrespecting" Iberico ham. I have a horrible feeling that she's being set up for the win. I was a bit shocked when the judges chose Justin to leave instead of Adrienne. I don't dislike her but it seems to me that he has been better all along. Chris Coombs has certainly grown up. I know that he's well regarded now but he was one of the most obnoxious contestants ever on Chopped. Maybe the most obnoxious. I'm still hoping that Eric wins but I doubt they'll let the last remaining male beat out four females. Women will start screaming even if he clearly deserves it.
  2. I would jump for joy if they replaced Nancy Fuller with Carla. She would work well with Clinton of course and she wouldn't be poking at Duff and Lorraine. I think she'd be a vast improvement on the judging panel.
  3. mlp

    Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    I liked Brandon from the start also and I've enjoyed watching some of the interchanges in LCK . It seems clear to me that the other chefs like him. I suspect that he can actually cook rings around a couple of the people who are left in the competition. I like Michelle so I'm happy that she's the one returning. Her dish looked quite complex for the short time she had to prepare it. I like Eddie too but his dish was all white and looked boring. It may have been delicious but it wasn't very appealing. I thought the other chefs who were watching looked happy that Michelle won.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wasn't sorry to see Madison go. I just loved her at first but it seemed like she was getting much too pleased with the attention and the idea of being on camera. Her baking wasn't great and she kind of wore out her welcome. I wish the producers would stop with the gimmicks and also with telling the kids very specifically what to make right down to the flavors they must use. I wish they'd just tell them to "Make a birthday cake" or something like that and then let them be creative. I thought Valerie was harder than necessary on Davis wrt his monkey. From what I could see, the only part that wasn't good was the face. The body and tail looked just like a stylized monkey.
  5. mlp

    S16.E11: The Greatest

    I felt the same way. I've seen Laila on a variety of other shows and she's a gorgeous woman with plenty of self-confidence and personality. I thought she looked uncomfortable and I thought it was very odd that they didn't feature her more. She can cook. She's competed on Chopped and even judged on Chopped and BBF so I imagine she had opinions about what was served.
  6. mlp

    Worst Cooks In America

    I'm sure that's true. In fact, I remember reading a couple interviews with people who had been on the early seasons who said they got quite a bit of instruction behind the scenes. I always think that's what contestants going home are referring to when they say how much they've learned. Still, the show would be more believable if they started out with some basics. I suppose they don't really care because they probably know viewers regard this show as comedy/entertainment more than an actual cooking show.
  7. mlp

    S16.E11: The Greatest

    I don't really understand why they need a story at all. This season has reminded me more of FNS than of previous seasons of Top Chef. At this point, I'm hoping Eric wins but I'm not terribly invested in any of them.
  8. mlp

    Worst Cooks In America

    You make some very good points, Hellga, and I can't disagree. However, I do wish they would start like they used to in the first couple seasons and do skill drills and so on rather than throwing them in at the deep end. I'm just an average home cook and I doubt I could pull off some of those things in 45 minutes or an hour if I'd never made them before. I figured Mickey was doomed when he put the wrong amount of broth into his pressure cooker and editing called attention to it but I was hoping that would turn out to be a red herring. I really liked him and I was sorry to see him go. Both of those young women drive me nuts for different reasons and I don't think Travele has what it takes to make the final dinner. I like Brett and I hope he wins.
  9. mlp

    Chopped 2019: Put Down the Chopsticks

    Marc too? Oh, good grief. I expected better of him. If Chris Santos stoops to acting effete, I will be shocked and disappointed.
  10. mlp

    Beat Bobby Flay

    I did not understand tonight's new episode at all. In the first round, one chef made a rather elaborate dish given the time allowed and used cocoa nibs in several components. The other chef didn't get finished and presented nothing but a cocktail in a glass that had had its rim dipped in cocoa nibs like a margarita. Alton Brown and Valerie Bertinelli judged and said they couldn't taste the cocoa in the completed dish and gave the win to the cocktail claiming that the cocoa on the rim was the "star of the dish." In the second round, the chef and Bobby made flourless chocolate cakes. The competitor's cake looked great and Bobby's was a mess but he still won because, said the judges, it was more chocolate-y. The whole episode looked blatantly contrived.
  11. mlp

    Chopped 2019: Put Down the Chopsticks

    When I first saw Geoffrey using chopsticks, I thought he was doing it just to keep Martha company so to speak but now he's using them even when she's not there. Gah. I'm surprised the other guys haven't ridiculed him enough to make him stop it. He looks ridiculous not to mention pretentious on a whole new level.
  12. Paige has not been my favorite but I have to give her and her mother a lot of credit for the way they handled that whole burn situation. I could see the concern in mom's eyes but she remained calm and let Paige decide whether or not she wanted to continue. Burns, even small ones, are painful but Paige did not have hysterics and decided to soldier on. I also give credit to the other kids who knew she had lost time and pitched in to help her finish. Karthik was the right choice for elimination but I liked him and was sorry to see him go. Davis really deserved his win. The goat he piped free-hand was impressive. That kid has some real artistic talent. I like all the kids who are left but I won't be at all unhappy if Davis wins the whole thing.
  13. mlp

    Worst Cooks In America

    I was pretty sure they weren't going to send anyone home and I was happy that they didn't. They do that once every season and this seemed like the week for it. Before the show started, I was hoping we'd see the last of the two silly girls this week but by the end I was worried about Brett and Mickey neither of whom did anything really egregious (like sprinkles on candy melts). I like Carmelle but I can't picture her handling the final meal. I'm hoping the final two will be Mickey and Brett.
  14. I'm glad Ariel won although Mia did a very good job. My favorite person on the whole finale was Mia's good-looking and emotional father. There were some really obvious editing curiosities. When they showed the roller coaster rides, the shots flashed back and forth from the car with just the girls in it to the car with other people in the seats behind them. In the scene where Mia was planning her dishes, Motto was sitting on the bed wearing his red hat. Next shot - no hat. Next shot - hat again. I don't like Brett but I thought it was unfair to him that Gordon screamed at him about chicken being undercooked when he had been standing at the oven trying to let it cook longer while his "head chef" was screaming at him to bring the chicken NOW. Heather is disgusting.
  15. mlp

    Worst Cooks In America

    My opinion exactly. I hope the "model" goes next. She's very much aware that she's on TV. My favorite all along has been Mickey and still is but I'm surprised to find that I really like Bret. He's pretty much the exact opposite of everything I usually like in a man but there's something about him...................... He seems like a nice guy despite his formidable appearance. This show is always goofy but I think they've toned it down a bit from the past couple seasons. There's a lot less screeching and I'm finding it more watchable.