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  1. I agree but I doubt it has to do with whether kids in certain income brackets can cook or not. I imagine it has much more to do with parents who want their little darlings to be on TV and have the means to take them to auditions and then participate in whatever is required if the child is selected. That's not true of all of them of course. Some of the kids in past seasons seemed to be from ordinary middle-class households but they still had to have a parent or other guardian who was in a position to devote the time needed to accompany them to the show.
  2. That. is Brilliant! I wish I'd thought of it.
  3. I noticed Aaron's hands shaking too - like a fine tremor - and wondered why. He's been on TV umpteen times so I wouldn't think it was nerves. The circus challenge was proof that the kids receive a lot of instruction ahead of time. They were shown two fairly complex dishes from a distance and then they ran off to recreate them with no additional information. An adult chef couldn't do that after just a glance from the peanut gallery. The girl who has cows seems like a nice kid but she looks, unfortunately, like Honey Boo Boo.
  4. I thought he was just showing his age. He's 50 now. He looks more craggy to me.
  5. Something screwed up my local programming so shows weren't coming on when scheduled and, even weirder, they were starting at 13 past the hour. This show was scheduled for 7pm and finally came on at 10:13pm. Very odd. Anyhow, I like all the contestants so far. I thought animal doughnuts was a tough challenge. Most of the cakes looked pretty good although some of them didn't immediately say "watercolor." The right person was sent home. I like Clinton Kelly so I was fine with him although I'd prefer John Henson.
  6. I enjoyed the episode too and I was very happy that the Harris family won. I liked all three of them. The very cute son got some absolutely awesome feedback from the Voltaggio brothers. They must have been really impressed. Michael V. looked like he'd been sleeping on the streets the last time I saw him. It was nice to see him looking good and acting cheerful.
  7. mlp

    Buddy vs. Duff

    Maybe so although Keegan lives in Denver so he would have had to drop everything to do the show with no advance notice. He was associated with FN for years so maybe he did. I'm sure I don't know.
  8. Maybe your local station is cutting it short? I've been seeing a conventional promo with the still shot of Clinton at the very end.
  9. Has this show been canceled already? Both the FN site and Comcast had it listed at 7C. So did my DVR but what I got was a rerun of GGG.
  10. mlp

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I was actually shocked that they gave the wins to Buddy. Duff's cone looked delicious and fresh on a hot day and was entirely handmade. It's true that Buddy used more techniques for his cake but he used molds and stencils while Duff did it all by hand. I thought the gold elephant was beautiful while Buddy's cake looked like it was matte orange. I've always liked Keegan Gerhard but right now I'm mad at him. 🙂
  11. mlp

    While You Were Out

    If Hildi had gone through with her design, the whole family would have ended up on Ritalin. I felt sorry for the poor homeowner who was probably mentally reviewing the contract and also trying not to appear disagreeable on TV. In the end, the room turned out very well thanks to Ty. I like not-Paige. She has a nice voice and manages to be enthusiastic without being hyper. And she didn't have her hands all over other people. I don't believe that the husbands had no idea that something was going on. Neither of them looked a bit alarmed when they first pulled up and saw a crowd. With cameras. My first thought would have been that something terrible had happened.
  12. mlp

    S10.E01: Battle of the Decades

    I had no sound on TLC so I ended up not watching. I hope the station/Comcast gets that fixed. I did get a glimpse of Carter with the Burt Reynolds mustache. Awful.
  13. mlp

    S16.E15: Finale

    I alluded to that in my own comment. If the finalists had served equally outstanding meals, I think that would have been the deciding factor. As it turned out, Kelsey had the better meal (IMO) and won fair and square.
  14. mlp

    S16.E15: Finale

    Before the show started, I was pulling for Eric or Kelsey to win but kind of expecting that Tom and the producers would somehow manage to get the two southern women into the finale. As it turned out, no manipulation was necessary because Eric did himself in. I knew he was toast as soon as he said he was making a tartare and I saw that nasty looking concoction he was stirring. Once again, he cooked for himself instead of the judges. I respect his integrity and I'm sure he's a terrific chef but he wasn't the best at game play. I'm happy for Kelsey. I think she'll represent the Top Chef brand very well.
  15. mlp

    Winner Cake All

    I'm quite sure that the contestants know what the main challenge will be ahead of time - on this show and all the "Wars" shows. They whip out a giant sketch pad and pretend they're coming up with elaborate designs just like that. Then they just happen to find some obscure thing they need in the "pantry." I'm inclined to think that the first challenge, the cake topper, might be a surprise but I'm not so sure of that. I think this show has some good points. Giada has been pleasant and the judges have been baking/pastry people for the most part but it would be better if the competitors were working in a/c instead of a hot tent and if they had more time.