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  1. Skyfall


    Or you used the word “plenty” when 15% does not fall into the plenty category.
  2. TayTay, TayTay, TayTay, TayTay Can I call rigged? They voted to give her money as opposed to voting for the best player. Also shows that Ricky picked the wrong person to bring.
  3. Actuality: TayTay, TayTay, TayTay, TayTay, TayTay,
  4. Guesses: Ricky, Ricky, Taytay, TayTay, Ricky, Ricky, TayTay, TayTay, TayTay
  5. Skyfall

    Season 2 Finale Live Posting Thread

    Okay with these answers from Ricky, even Lolo would’ve beat him. Dina may have even slipped into a win...
  6. Ricky is getting slaughtered jeez.
  7. We’ve asked that all month and yet he’s F2...
  8. I took it as her playing for Ricky going over.
  9. Ricky lowkey played a great game until then. He could’ve beat Dina and Lolo straight up told him she had enemies on the jury.
  10. Skyfall

    Season 2 Finale Live Posting Thread

    Okay Ricky just made his first mistake and it’ll be fatal. He could’ve beat Dina and Lolo even told him she had 5 enemies.
  11. Skyfall

    Season 2 Finale Live Posting Thread

    Name a more iconic duo.
  12. Skyfall

    Season 2 Finale Live Posting Thread

    Ricky has lowkey played a great game, just saying. Oh come on it didn’t last long.
  13. Skyfall

    Always Late With Katie Nolan

    Sudden(?) trip down to Miami (reason they missed a podcast week) for HQ, attending the Super Bowl, and being sick attributed to it. Not enough time to write a monologue but add being sick into it? NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO IT. If you don’t already listen to her podcast.
  14. Skyfall


    Only 15% (as of 2012) uses quarters so no it’s not a good assumption at all. https://education.cu-portland.edu/blog/classroom-resources/semesters-vs-quarters-which-system-serves-students-best/ If 3 out of every 4 schools use regular semesters and this show has yet to even mention them doing anything else except semesters then it’s only right to assume it’s semesters.
  15. Skyfall

    Restaurant Startup

    I miss this show