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  1. Tdoc72

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    Re:rings In the People Mag article, it said they didn’t do rings since they’d already been wearing them. And they are in the pics. I seem to recall Christine saying a while back that they did that when they got engaged.
  2. Tdoc72


    I wondered that too. When the police knocked on the door, they said the dog was barking. But when the officer was talking to the dog in the crate (shown on bodycam), the dog was sitting there quietly and didn’t even seem interested in the treat the officer gave him. So maybe he’s just a super chill dog not bothered by much?
  3. Tdoc72

    I'm Sorry

    I kept thinking about her giant padded headboard. You can’t wash it and they are always sitting against it when talking in bed.
  4. Tdoc72

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Is her sister Lily trying to catch Duggar boy? During the pregnancy announcement, she had such weird posture on the ottoman. Like she was displaying herself. I get a fame whore vibe to her, although it makes me sad that I think that about a kid.
  5. Tdoc72

    All Episodes Discussion

    Oh I meant does he currently have a girlfriend/wife. Sometimes Dateline/48 Hours/20/20 bring out a current paramour who claims they’re not guilty. Sometimes it’s an ex, who says they could be guilty. So I was just wondering what his current or recent status was. I agree w/you about an affair or life insurance. I think this was a ‘you can’t leave me’ situation. Although the detective probably never investigated any of that, so 🤷🏻‍♀️.
  6. Tdoc72


    To me, it was more like Christine said they had an agreement to wait for awhile and now Mykelti was seemingly wanting to change that plan. I don’t think he was saying no so much as we had a plan. Personally waiting awhile wouldn’t be the worst thing.
  7. Tdoc72

    All Episodes Discussion

    Oh, he made me so mad! 🤬 Dude, you know you’re sitting down for an interview w/48 Hours! Peter didn’t just show up at your door. This was scheduled. So maybe review a file or 2. Find your little police notebook and skim through. Refresh your mem! You looked stupid on tv. And another vote for the husband did it. I wonder if he has a new girl or wife. They said he still lived w/his parents correct? Hmm...wonder if they are covering for him.
  8. Tdoc72


    Prosecutor's Detective Nicholas Cattelon testified Tuesday that after Sarah Stern's disappearance, her safe deposit box still contained $25,250 in cash. ‘It was all older currency, not in circulation anymore,’ Cattelon said. He described the cash as ‘dry rot, stuck together, falling apart, it was very brittle.’ Cattelon also described processing Sarah's car for fingerprints, but finding none. Link to article: https://amp.app.com/amp/2743513002 Also interesting to me: Liam lost his phone at Sarah’s house, which was found in the yard later by her family member and turned over to police. He bought a new phone 2 days later and never entered any info for Sarah. Hmm, suspicious. Also the safety deposit box key was found hidden in a vent in his house (different from the key found in his key ring to one of the fire safe boxes). This makes me even more incredulous that his fake crying mother thinks he’s innocent.
  9. Tdoc72


    I don’t believe Preston had guilt or conscience. He turned on Liam before Liam could turn in him & cut a sweet deal. Re:money—see below so I don’t have to type it twice. Yes, I noticed the odd skirt too. I thought it was a giant wrinkle at first. According to Dateline, the money was found in an old house of her mothers. It was very old and dirty (not burned—to me it looked like maybe it had gotten wet then dried but kind of rusty looking). They found $25,000 in her safety deposit box. In the fire safe, there was $9,390. I think Liam said he stole $10,000 so they must’ve spent a little. Liam was afraid to deposit it in his account because of its condition so they buried it. They didn’t say why she took they much out. Her aunt told her not to tell anyone about the cash (and rightly so) but she clearly told. I wish I had a box of money in my house, dirty or not. I’m reading through the Websleuths threads on this and I’ll post more if I find anything else of interest (or if I need to correct anything here).
  10. Tdoc72

    S16. E14. Once Upon a Tim

    I didn’t like that he had his gun safe right out in the open near the door and within a toddler’s grasp. I think it was biometric or at least had a code but still.
  11. Tdoc72

    General True Crime Shows

    Yes! After watching this, I had a convo w/my teen girls about people who try to trick you this way. I did tell them that while I want them to be helpful people, your safety comes first. I’m always telling them these little things I see on ‘creepy murder shows’ as they call them. You know, don’t have your ear buds in, pay attention to your surroundings, lock your doors and then riffle through your purse, etc. They usually roll their eyes and scoff but God, I hope some is sinking in. #1 thing I always talk about—don’t get moved to a secondary location. Do whatever you have to to avoid being taken. Also it’s sad that I have to talk about this stuff w/them.
  12. Tdoc72


    The Uber driver was rough. I generally cry at most crime shows but this one I sobbed at every story: the mom w/her daughter & friends, the Father & son looking for a new car (although I was kind of weirded out at how calm the teenage girlfriend was. Shock I guess?) & the Cracker Barrel scene. I’m so glad his ‘insanity’ defense didn’t work, although still weird how he would go back and forth between killing and just being an Uber driver. I do wonder if the wife divorced him or still contacts him. It would’ve been interesting to hear from her.
  13. Tdoc72

    S01.E16: The Rosary

    James Roday’s real name is James Rodríguez & his dad is of Mexican decent. (I actually knew that as a long time Psych fan.). Wiki tells me that his character’s name is Gary Mendez. And then promptly bet that he might mess it up!
  14. Tdoc72

    General True Crime Shows

    Investigation Discovery nitpick: So I taped a special Valentine’s Day murder show called Missing Valentine. It was about a 2001 missing N.J. mom Patricia Viola. Some googling showed me that in 2002 her foot was found on a riverbank however it wasn’t identified by DNA until 2012 and they still don’t know what happened to her. I also found out that this show was just an re-packaged episode of Disappeared. But they didn’t even update it. Not even a black screen at the end. Ugh!
  15. Tdoc72

    General True Crime Shows

    Didn’t he also go back to some of the dead bodies and have sex with them? Like not freshly dead but days old dead? (I didn’t watch 20/20 yet.)