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  1. She's imperious and I think people are sometimes initially intimidated by her because she aims for and successfully hits their insecurities. I'm thinking way back to her correcting Bethenny on how she should be introduced to her driver and the Herman Munster shoes comment to Alex. What does she really have to offer? The best I can make out from that Bravo special about her was that she was blessed by genetics but otherwise just a common, middle-class, not so special suburban Connecticut past until leaping on the moneyed male gravy train.
  2. ichbin

    A.P. Bio

    I'm a survivor of K-12 parochial schooling. They've got something all right, but if its magic, based on some of the nuns I have known I'm not sure it's necessarily of the white variety. I thought this was one of the best episodes of the entire series. I don't need a comedy to touch the heartstrings, be meaningful, or teach a lesson. I just want to laugh, and this delivered.
  3. Didn't Dorinda say something about having already apologized to Luanne repeatedly over the summer which is why she did not see the need to do so again as her ticket to the clam bake? I totally agree. I can't remember Luann ever admitting to being wrong about anything on the show. That trust issue would have been a tough one to talk away when Andy brought it up at the reunion, and I doubt he would have let that issue go by without comment.
  4. I did! Lots of questions about that. If true, why her? Luann has family. Was she even in Luann's last wedding party? That's a pretty big responsibility. Now she is featured on the show? What gives here? Luann responded to that on WWHL last night, something about how her cabaret show and her fans give her the support she needs.....
  5. Pretty sure she meant it was the one time that she and Luann were involved in something acrimonious. Ronny from Watch What Crappens said she looks like Sloth from The Goonies. I think she looks like Ethel Merman in her older years. Wonder if she's shooting for a solo show featuring construction...maybe a collaboration with Bethenny doing design? With her hair pulled back severely she looked really rough in this episode despite full make-up. Whoever posted that Teen Witch GIF was spot on about that denim bedazzlement. It completely read 80's - 90's teen entertainment. At least the blondes are having a good time in contrast to the brunettes who gather to stew in vitriol.
  6. ichbin

    S09.E18: Reunion Part 3

    They definitely strike me as the type of people whose intellectual curiosity is stimulated reactively, like life is on a need to know basis.
  7. ichbin

    S09.E18: Reunion Part 3

    I honestly would not be surprised if I were to learn he didn't understand the distinctions between being a permanent resident and citizenship and thought he needed the Italian passport because he was born there. Not having citizenship for over 30 years probably didn't have any affect on his day to day life up until this happened. The only time it would be an issue was if he wanted to vote in federal elections. Considering the number of eligible citizens who don't consider doing that its possible he never gave it any thought aside from knowing he was in the country legally. I have my doubts as to whether or not T fully understood it either.
  8. ichbin

    S09.E18: Reunion Part 3

    He would have used an Italian passport. Permanent residents of the USA can still travel. They just need to keep their citizenship country passports up to date. The only restrictions would be on the amount of time they can remain out of the country before once again touching USA soil. The decision to apply for citizenship is personal. When my parents became citizens I also did. They did all of the paperwork, etc. because I was a minor. I'm assuming if Joe's parents became citizens they did so after he was of age, otherwise he could have gotten his with theirs. I remember only having to answer a few questions. Not test or anything like an adult would have had to do.
  9. ichbin

    S09.E18: Reunion Part 3

    He came to the as a small child with his parents. They were here legally and Joe has a green card (permanent resident). He could have applied for citizenship even before marrying Teresa. Permanent residents do not have to ever apply for citizenship. They can still get most of the same benefits enjoyed by citizens. One thing they cant do is vote in national elections. Some jobs require citizenship as well. Joe is now experiencing another important drawback. There could be a lot of reasons why he didn't apply, the simplest being that he probably felt he didn't need to.
  10. I was listening to Andy Cohen's Sirius show on the way to an appointment today and he was talking about the engagement. The reality gossip show was on when I came out and suddenly the wedding was off! On that show they were mentioning that NJ starts filming tomorrow and there was some questioning as to whether that could have contributed to the initial wedding postponement.
  11. ichbin

    Better Things

    Why is this considered to be a comedy? At this point I wouldn't even classify it as a comedy/drama.
  12. ichbin

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    I laughed too. How very presumptuous of her to think she's THAT likely to cause boners. She is one of the best additions to the show. The perfect combination of pretension and delusion. Plus she and her family have entertainment value too. Agreed. She told Teresa in part 2 that she wasn't against her? Bullshit! Just own it. So, she can out-talk Teresa. Big deal considering that's like shooting fish in a barrel. Let me see her take on someone like Bethenny Frankel. Now that would be impressive. She is boring. The attempts at making her family life interesting were a fail. In my opinion I doubt she would be interested in hanging out with likes of the Gorgas if it were not for the desire to be on TV.
  13. I would guess the ones who want to live on the coast have already moved. Both coasts are full of people from the Midwest. And many areas of the Midwest are just not diverse. Maher is one of the few TV comedians who still travels all over the country doing his show. 1. I was specifically referring to the people living in the Midwest, the ones that Maher was referring to. 2. There is also diversity in thought and culture, not only race. 3. Flying in for a performance in front of an audience of fans who are presumably like-minded and perhaps staying overnight in a hotel is not the same thing as actually getting to know people from all over the middle of the country and discovering what really makes them tick.
  14. It reminded me of those bow things they put around chairs at a wedding venue.
  15. What? All I can guess is that the others canceled out.