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  1. Dobian

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Wireless Telecommunications Facility...LOL 500 cigarettes...LOL This show knows how to bring the laughs. But Gordon really stole the show, it was a very touching performance by the actor and elevated the main story significantly. Very honest and bittersweet, just a well written and performed episode. One of my favorites of the season.
  2. Dobian

    S04.E12: Kimmy Says Bye!

    I wasn't totally blown away by the finale but thought it did nicely wrap things up for the most part. I agree with the sentiment about Jacqueline's ending, and why didn't they have her circle back to her Native American roots and reconnect with her parents, which would have been a funny story line in itself. I could see her moving back to the reservation to manage the huge new casino they built. They could have had Trump be the developer and mined that for a ton of jokes. The Zachary Quinto plot did feel forced but he was pretty funny at least. Lilian doing the subway announcement was hilarious. Glad they brought Xanthippe back, I would have liked to see more of her on the show. I'll miss Titus, he was a true original. I'll miss the show.
  3. Dobian

    S04.E09: Sliding Van Doors

    I thought the episode was great, they were able to sustain the laughs for a whole 45 minutes. Nice tie-in at the end where Kimmy and "Jack" meet their demise because Kimmy never had her bunker experience to teach her about stranger danger! The Scientology spoof was a riot. I thought the alternate timelines of all the characters were pretty hilarious, especially Jacqueline and Mikey.
  4. Dobian

    S04.E08: Kimmy Is in a Love Square!

    I busted up when Kimmy and the two parents arrived back at the house and immediately made like they were tearing their clothes off...to play Scrabble! I immediately recognized the dad as Larry from Perfect Strangers.
  5. Dobian

    S14.E15: Peace of Mind

    What Dean could have done was throw in a third option, like a pack of Ho-Hos. Jack could have avoided the moral controversy by choosing Ho-Hos. I liked the episode because I like these kind of episodes where they split the group up and have a main and a side plot. And the main plot was pretty interesting and funny, with Sam turning into the Stepford husband. That wife screaming at Castiel when he was about to sit in her husband's chair was hysterical.
  6. Dobian

    S10.E01: Battle of the Decades

    I liked both rooms and thought Kahi and Carter each did a good job of capturing their decade. For me, Kahi won the night though. Her design is elegant and timeless, it captures the 50s but will never go out of style. Carter's feels more like a 70s theme room and the kind of design you would do in a family room or game room, not a living room.
  7. Dobian

    S03.E15: Chapter Fifty: American Dreams

    Reggie is a dolt. Veronica knows that if she partnered with him she'd lose her whole business in a month. Best to just keep him on the payroll.
  8. Dobian

    S03.E15: Chapter Fifty: American Dreams

    I guess this show isn't even going through the pretense that these kids are in high school anymore. They're all just hanging out at speakeasies, gang hideouts, and fight clubs now lol.
  9. Dobian

    S14.E14: Ouroboros

    I was also thinking a young Rob Lowe. Kind of underwhelming end for Michael, but I'm glad Jack killed him. Sad about Maggie. Yet another female recurring character bites the dust on this show.
  10. Dobian

    S05.E09: The Trial of Jim Gordon

    That might be how it plays out. Of course in true wacky Gotham style my wish is that it ends with Jim in a crazy polygamist marriage to Lee and Babs!
  11. Dobian

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    So basically, the Krill are now the Klingons, the Kaylon are the Dominion, and Isaac is Odo. I'm still waiting for the Mercer joke to one of the Krill that on Earth we worship Hertz and Alamo. How much did this episode cost? I felt like I was watching a Star Wars movie with all those special effects. How many times in that big battle did it look like a Kaylon ship exploded right in the Orville's face, or the one that blew up while Gordon was flying his little fighter ship through it lol. Wouldn't it have been creamed in the blast radius? Despite Isaac doing a 180 he was still a spy who committed massive war crimes. But it's a show, and the show wants Isaac as a regular.
  12. Dobian

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    I couldn't believe they all missed on Final Jeopardy. Eisenhower just jumps out at you because he was a general who became president. Well one of them at least had the right idea but got the year wrong.
  13. Dobian

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    I just threw up my hands in Final Jeopardy, I can see why they all drew a blank. Betting all your money when you are leading on day one though? Not a great strategy. Even if you think you know the category, it's still a roll of the dice that you will know the question they are going to ask you. Better to just bet a few thousand and guarantee you go into day two with a healthy starting amount. And then bet the farm if you have to on day two Final Jeopardy.
  14. Well that was kind of underwhelming. A bloated two hour show with only three new performances? They could at least have had the singers do two songs in the second hour. The whole show was just filler. The songs were all really good but not the best. It was obvious that Bee was Gladys, her voice is unmistakable. I could see peacock being Donny Osmond but I still leaned toward NPH. Wrong there. I was saying Monster was Martin Lawrence for weeks, wrong again. T-Pain? Meh. I was hoping for someone a little more well known. But I'm not sorry he won, he certainly deserved it.
  15. The whole Jughead as gang leader plot needs to run its course, unless they want to change Jughead. You can't run a sustainable gang without doing gang things like, you know, crime? Cheryl and Toni suddenly getting their own made-to-order girl gang is just way to convenient and contrived. I'm done with the whole Farm plot with nutty Alice and those psycho girls. Betty needs to just move in with Jughead. Archie is now fully on the school of hard knocks character trope. It seems like every meeting or family dinner with Lodges ends with Hiram telling his daughter how much she owes him. Get well, Luke!