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  1. TVbitch

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Wendy also said Gage and Jeff Lewis were married but they were not, they just broke up. I didn't make it through today's show, but I watched her bask in the shout outs from the couple few celebrities who offered support. Girlfriend just doesn't know how to work this to her best advantage. If she had "pulled an Oprah" after the photos and talked seriously to the camera for 10 minutes about this, she would be getting A TON more support and shout outs. And if she just said, "I also know people are also speculating about my personal life, but I'm focused on recovery and I'm not going to talk about it" they would respect that too.
  2. TVbitch

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Every time Griffin shows up I'm like, oh yeah, there is a Griffin.
  3. TVbitch

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    Lovig Riccardo's updated vintage looks!
  4. TVbitch

    Masterchef (UK)

    I was glad to see Michel. I wish they would let him do Professionals again. Marcus is okay, but Michel had way more personality. I'm surprised at some who have gone... and some who are still there! Irini seems to be the one to beat.
  5. TVbitch

    S07.E12: Modern Families

    Well, we now have the definitive answer to the question "Just how absurdly far will the judges go to keep their favorites in the competition?" If that was a planned non-elimination, why would Anne have kept urging the designers NOT to worry about pleasing the families but to focus on the runway and the judges. There was zero reason to keep Michelle or Dmitry. Dylan looked like a Korean dictator and the girls were wearing weird tablecloths. I'm pretty sure only one of Dmitry's clients will ever wear that clothing again. Having said that, it was delightful to hear Dmitry's parents say his Russian name. Did anybody catch what it was?
  6. TVbitch

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Today Wendy is outraged that that Mama June's studio did not release a statement about her messiness fast enough, cuz it has been several days!
  7. TVbitch

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Yesterday, Inside Edition showed the inside of the sober house. It is pretty shabby. Like, there was a tiny kitchenette, one couch with a TV in front of it, and the "bedrooms" have half of their front wall missing and no door. I'm guessing this is so addicts can't sneak drugs or drink. I am shocked she's in there. Maybe she went to a luxury rehab that caters to celebrities but she sneaked stuff so now she is in the down and dirty sober living. I also agree that maybe she thought she could "hide" if she went to a place no one would suspect in a location no one thought she would choose. I do not think it is somewhere you would pick if you just needed sober support cuz your cravings were getting away from you, or, um, because you wanted to do research about treatment. I will give her credit for doing whatever it take to get clean.
  8. TVbitch

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Even the press is confused. People Magazine reports she is living in the sober house due to past addiction issues and because she heroically wants to bring us the "story" of what treatment is like. But then they refer to her as "seeking treatment" not that she just need sober support. Totally convoluted. THAT is HER truth? Woman is a spin master.
  9. TVbitch

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Y'all... WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! After seeing you guy's posts, I thought Wendy was gonna come clean. Then she starts yapping about Mama June's pills and how Mana June needs to ditch her seedy man (pot meet kettle), but then for Pam Anderson she says "girlfriends are good... until you get a boyfriend" (Jesus God). Wendy is that girl who can't be without a man. No kidding. Anyway, I am like, WHERE IS THE CONFESSION?! She spent like two minutes on it at the end of the show! AND as she started out talking about it, she was just talking about the Hunter Foundation and how she wanted to get more information cuz she had never been to rehab. She was kind of trying to suggest that her going to meetings and stuff was a way of doing some kind of research for the Hunter Houndation. Then half way through that sentence she turned it and said she was staying at a sober living place and had a sober coach. THE END. Did she not know about the Daily Mail story at the top of the show? Or did she not have details about the story and was still going to try to spin it? It was really weird.
  10. TVbitch

    Masterchef (UK)

    I was too. I think the red head is a favorite. She's been put through twice now on not so great dishes, whereas that was Rebecca's first misstep. When did Michel Roux Jr. get welcomed back to the family? I miss him on Professionals after the fall out.
  11. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I'm sure the family is paying Katie handsomely for her silence. (Until they can find a way to kill her too.)
  12. TVbitch

    The Wendy Williams Show

    OMG, Wendy in trouble again!
  13. TVbitch


    She wanted to emulate Steve Jobs, only this empress had no clothes. Steve HAD a revolutionary product, Holmes made one up in her mind so she could live the "Jobs" experience. Either she convinced herself the technology would figure itself out if she just kept throwing more money and skilled professionals at it, OR, she is just a con who stupidly did not have an exit strategy.
  14. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Wait, there was something I forgot to snark about in Friday's wife in the bathtub episode. I really dislike Andrea Canning and this episode was a prime example. She starts out by spending five minutes telling us how she has started a family and lives on the upper west side of NYC (just steps from Central Park y'all!) and how this crime was not far from where she lives. ...Um, what the fuck, Andrea?! You did not know the victim, nor did the crime have any impact on you whatsoever, nor was your personal information relative to the story in any way! She inserts herself into the stories a lot, but never quite this blatantly. I can't imagine Keith doing something like that.
  15. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    It didn't really seem like the sister wanted the kids. She didn't mention them much and maybe they were unable to take them for some reason. And by the time he was convicted they were teens and the daughter was her father's biggest supporter.