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  1. snarts

    SURly Staff In The Media

    There a many way to conserve resources. Telling people what size house they should buy, thus impacting their ability to wisely invest in the real estate market, is a bit much IMHO. Maybe, if resources are that constrained in California, people should be applauding Ariana's decision to not procreate, rather than using it against her. Apologies, I simply copied/pasted, the system assigned the author's name.
  2. snarts

    SURly Staff In The Media

    People can and should buy whatever type and size of house they can afford. Choosing to remain childless doesn't relegate you to a one bedroom apartment. Real estate can be a great investment.
  3. snarts

    S09.E11 The Hobo Games

    Lip forgets that he's also an alcoholic who made some mistakes before he found rock bottom. Who was there to help him through those mistakes,? Fiona. This story line sucks ass. Is Debbie no longer working as a welder?
  4. Seems like a strange way to behave if they're not friends, Also, this -- https://www.bravotv.com/the-daily-dish/mohamed-hadids-fiancee-shiva-safai-celebrated-her-birthday-at-tom-tom-with-lisa-vanderpump
  5. snarts

    S07.E10: So Vain in Solvang

    She was also walking around Solvang wearing a silk robe.
  6. snarts

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    The previews seemed to imply that they're sent, as Lindsay mentions two replacements and Kailah from The Real World/Challenges is shown arriving. Probably a fake out. Anyone how are the ratings are doing? It doesn't seem like there's a lot of buzz around the show and MTV not promoting it much of late either.
  7. snarts

    S07.E08: A Housewarming Divided

    Let's be real, Billie is pissed that she's not main cast member, a point which was reinforced when she wasn't included on the tweet about Girls Night. (Key note that none of the other female SUR workers that night were included either) Billie took it personally because she fancies herself a cast member. She took that anger out on Katie and not only liked, but retweeted, a number of comments accusing Katie & others of being transphobic. Not cool. Billie's actions last year when warned about Ariana's brother showed me all I need to know about her and what's she after. I don't blame anyone from not trusting her and/or avoiding her. For her to turn on Lala like she did, just shows how much she's chasing the camera. Lala was the one who befriended her and brought her into the group in the first place.
  8. snarts

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    Yes! Didn't Hannah nearly get fired on BD Med for putting sparklers on a cake?
  9. snarts

    RHoBH in the Media

    I didn't purport anything. Ramona tagged them as if they were there. What's even odder is that both Teddi & Sonja were there, but not in the pic.
  10. Even better, from a friend of! People post shit like this because other people will believe it and go on to post it elsewhere.
  11. snarts

    S09.E09: Boooooooooooone!

    This show is almost unrecognizable from earlier seasons. I question why I am still watching.
  12. According to Ramona, both Bethany & Luann were there (although not pictured) ...hosted by the Housewives OGs.
  13. snarts

    S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    Many people would agree to filmed for $300k/year. Chelsea actually shares very little of her family's life. In return, the money affords them the ability to live comfortably while stockpiling funds for the kids college education/future. If I found the show that exploitive, I wouldn't watch it.
  14. snarts

    S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    Except we do know how he treats/feels about Paislee because well, see above. So Adam didn't make a choice to sleep with Chelsea? Way to blame the women and paint these "poor" men as victims. Adam & Chelsea were both there for Aubree's conception, yet somehow Chelsea has gone on to be a respectable mom and self-supporting adult while Adam is a negligent father and addict with a criminal record.
  15. snarts

    S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    Worse. He signed away his parental rights to Paislee because he didn't want to pay child support. The only reason he hasn't done that to Aubree is because he's not forced to pay any substantial support due to Chelsea's MTV income. That said, he's in serious arrears on even that paltry amount. Adam being a piece of shit is all on him.