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  1. Well, there's this https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2013/08/15/john-mellencamp-sons-battery/2662531/
  2. Bought tickets today to the Royal Oak, MI show on May 11th. Shopping for my Jovani dress now 😁
  3. If I remember the media/social media gossip around the lawsuit, the original house she wanted was further upstate in the Catskills. The house she ended up buying is in the Hudson Valley.
  4. Yeah, no. LVP's restaurants existed long before the show and there's also Pump Rules which drives far more traffic into her bars/restaurants than RH does. This show is Teddi's main gig. Without it, she'd still have only 2-3 clients for "accountability" business. Teddi's actions both on the show, in her blogs and on social media just reek of desperation. It's going to be great watching Erika, Dorit & Rinna go back to hating once she's no longer useful as their mouthpiece. She had the dog for a significant amount of time, likely a couple months. When it left Vanderpump Dogs it was too young to have been spayed. It;s been mentioned in multiple accounts that Dorit couldn't be bothered to have the procedure done (in accordance with her contract) so the trainer at VPDs had Lucy spayed and kept her during the recovery before returning her to Dorit. I believe that's why the people at VPDs were so damn upset when Dorit dumped the dog at the shelter. They had bent over backwards providing support & training, only to have Dorit dump the dog without even letting them know. I'm shocked that thy story stayed as quiet as it did. To me, that says Lisa and/or Ken really tried to keep lid on it. Because you know that the VPD personnel really wanted to publicly shame Dorit. I don't blame them one bit. One the most annoying things about this whole story line is watching her act like the victim.
  5. Teddi lied to save her own ass. It makes sense now why she's been all over twitter 24/7 trying to sway peoples opinions. Not working. I was seriously stunned over Dorit's "how much do I have to take?" BITCH, THIS WHOLE THING IS YOUR FAULT!
  6. snarts

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Considering that Jax is closer to my age than I'd like to admit, Michigan State's admission requirements in the late 80/early 90s were a 3.5+ GPA and 25+ ACT (midwest kids generally took the ACT vs SAT back then). I had friends with 3.3 and 26/27 ACT that were wait listed. Sorry, but I don't see Jax with that kind of high academic record. University of Michigan's admission requirements have always been a bit higher, which accounts for all the arrogant lack-of-personality doucheheads it turns out. If you've met one, you know what I'm saying. Although both universities are crazy hard to get into these days, as they attract a lot of international students ($).
  7. snarts

    S03.E03: Firework Starter

    If Lindsey were a real friend, she'd have told Danielle immediately after it happened, not a week later on camera. I agree with ghoulina, she loves the schadenfreude. Jordan is the worst, gives off such creepy vibes. So job dodging that bullet, Paige. Wednesday's are for spray tans. And for Kyle sniffing out the oddness of his using screenshots to prove that she's somehow into him. Oh, not Everett again! Carl 3.0 is my favorite Carl ever (so far).
  8. None of this is new. Luann's said that the lawsuit pushed her over the edge. That's the not the same thing as blaming her children for the relapse. Luann (and others) have talked about how she'd been drinking for months. Appears that was escalating and, in the early part of July, getting out of control. Thankfully, Luann had people around her (both friends & family) who cared and stopped her from making reckless financial decisions. Giving Barbara POA was very smart, as was acknowledging that she again needed help and returning to rehab. She immediately reconciled with her children and does not at all seem angry that they took the action they did. I like that Luann appears to appreciate that her friends & family were trying to help her and can laugh with them about it. The big difference I see between Luann & Dorinda and their behavior is that Dorinda is viciously hurtful going after people personally when she's angry (drunk or sober). Luann may be haughty/narcissistic/etc. but she's not deliberately mean.
  9. snarts

    RHoBH in the Media

    Who's leaking stories to the press now? Lisa Rinna
  10. We really don't know exactly why the Count & kids filed the lawsuit. We certainly haven't heard any of them talk about it. Reading it, the assumption is that the motive was financial, based on the divorce decree, etc. But now learning that Luann was so off the rails that she was on the verge of making terrible financial decisions, it could be that they used what legal means they had at their disposal to try to stop her and force her to get help. Especially considering that they were so quick to reconcile. If Barbara convinced Luann to give her power of attorney, the situation had to be extremely dire. Luann acknowledged drinking in the months leading up the lawsuit, IMHO, she's not blaming the kids for it. She's saying that the lawsuit is what finally pushed her over the edge to seek/agree to treatment (again). Tinsley displayed some excellent tennis skills for not having played recently and I always love seeing Ramona storm off the court. The thing about Dorinda is that, unfortunately, she's a nasty cow even when sober.
  11. snarts

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Also, if anyone manipulated the situation, it was Teddi. She used Rinna/Erika/Kyle's existing jealousy/resentment/anger towards LVP to lie & divert attention away from her own behavior. Dorit also took advantage of the shift to once again play the role of the victim.
  12. snarts

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    PK telling Dorit that she did nothing wrong almost saw me throw something at the TV. Fuck yeah, she did. #TeamLucy Teddi is a lying liar who lies. Watching her story change every 5 min is exhausting. The episode needed more Camille.
  13. snarts

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    It's not just Katie, James has insulted half of the women in the group, has absolutely no remorse about it, and continues to insult them to this day. He's had ongoing issues with Jax. Supposedly working on his sobriety & anger management, why would anyone think this would be a good trip for him?
  14. snarts

    S09.E14: Found

    I hate when people go off to some nameless place. Why couldn't they just pick some country or state for Fiona to move to? I get that when she initially talked about is, she might not have settled on a destination. But the plane was obviously going somewhere, what's the harm in her spending a few minutes to research it? When they mention her next season, will they suddenly unveil where she went? Also, I understand leaving money for the family, but $50k. They're just going to blow it. Fiona should've left $5k, she's going to need the rest.