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  1. BluBarbi98

    Bar Rescue

    I just watched this show for the first time today. This place was disgusting and I'm surprised they ever made money to begin with. I wonder if there were other factors besides Corrie that contributed to the loss of the $70,000 a month revenue. Good on the owner for taking Jeff's advise to fire Corrie, promote the other guy, and pivot in a new direction. I hope it works well for all of them.
  2. Just got around to watching the finale and that was disappointing. I was rooting for the XGamers and then Team Yale. The BB team really annoyed me for their seemingly irrational dislike of Team Yale (and I am not a fan of Evan's).
  3. BluBarbi98


    This was a tough episode to watch. I’m glad Zoey was a friend to the end. While I can excuse the others who were sick, the friends who were ok but didn’t come to the hospital left a bad taste in my mouth.
  4. BluBarbi98

    Hawaii 5-0 In the Media

    Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim have left Hawaii 5-0. This is incredibly disappointing especially since it seems like they won't get a proper goodbye. . http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/daniel-dae-kim-grace-park-exit-‘hawaii-five-0’/ar-BBDuVEa?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  5. BluBarbi98

    S13.E24: Ring Of Fire

    So I hate that I have to agree with Minnick but …… it WASN'T her job to inform the police & firefighters that Stephanie was missing. Before you throw stuff at me, hear me out. At my Corporate America office building we review our emergency procedures at least twice a year. In the event of an emergency we know where to go and once we arrive at our designated safe place the manager of each department is required to take attendance. If someone is missing they report it to the safety officer who would then, presumably, coordinate search and rescue efforts. (We've never had it get that far). Following that model, Bailey as the Chief of Surgery should have been accountable for her surgeons and should have made sure that the authorities were informed. I'm sure that there are all types of emergency evacuation plans out there and that plans may need modification when the real emergency occurs but it didn't seem like they had any base plan to work from at all (which is incredible considering all of the stuff that has happened at this hospital)besides the "Code Orange" The problem with this show is that they treat our core group of surgeons as if they are the only doctors/ employees with authority at this hospital. While it's okay on any given week this is the second time that Bailey has called a "Code Orange" and disaster ensued. Why didn't they install some kind of communication devices in each section after the first "Code Orange" led to the C-section from hell? I've obviously thought about this much more than the writers. I'm glad Minnick is gone and hope she stays away but I hate that it was for something like this. Obviously she' s not the co-worker I want to get stuck with in an emergency but she should have been let go because Webber is the better teacher not because he's the kinder person.
  6. BluBarbi98

    David Tutera's CELEBration

    I just finished watching the episode with Jill Zarin. I wonder how things would have worked out if he really wouldn't have been able to make it.,
  7. BluBarbi98

    S01.E16: My Brother's Keeper

    This is the first episode I've been able to stay away awake the entire way through. I agree with the above poster who said that Loretta taking in the boys was a given. As soon as they showed the still-shot of Bull I knew he was their father. I wanted to cry when the little brother was being taken away and again at the end when he put his hands up mirroring his older brother. This was a great episode. I loved the parallel's between the two different brothers' relationships.
  8. BluBarbi98

    S12.E11: Check

    I didn't dislike this episode but I was surprised they didn't get the Jenny connection sooner, I got it as soon as they did the animation. And Abby's description was almost word for word the same as Vance's. I even expected Gibbs to reply, "Not good enough" when Abby said she put up a good fight. I didn't recognize Mike Franks death either. Somehow I mis-remembered him being shot. I was afraid they were going to recreate Shannon & Kelly's death so while I was shocked that it was Kate's I am relived too.
  9. BluBarbi98

    S13: Char Glover

    Not only would I wear that outfit it was easily one of the best outfits on the runway. I like the Sandiya (?) but Char was robbed.
  10. BluBarbi98

    S13: Nzinga Knight

    I too am disappointed that Nzinga wasn't selected to particapte. I don't think she stated what her religious beliefs were but seeing a designer create modest fashion would have been interesting to watch, process and discuss. Ultimately I think that is the reason she wasn't chosen. The judges are forever looking for young, edgy and/or sexy. It would have been too much of a mental strain for them to actually think about modest and fashionable as two harmonious components.