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  1. During kitten bowl they showed an adopted cat with paralyzed back legs who was very active and running all around dragging her rear legs behind her. So sweet and damn you Hallmark you made me SOB.
  2. For me, as cheesy as most of these movies are, I can usually find something redeemable. Pretty people, chemistry, good cinematography, one or two enjoyable sidekicks even if I don’t like the stars. In the cookie cutter movie I hated the bitchy woman, but Erin’s relationship with the dad and kid, and the Alan Thicke and Erin’s mom budding relationship saved it. There was a mediocre PenaVega couple movie that was boring, but in the last 10 minutes the kids danced dressed up in little reindeer costumes and makeup and it was adorable! Didn’t love the movie but just 3 minutes of cuteness made this one redeemable. Didn’t save it to DVR, but didn’t hate it. Sweeter Side had nothing. Unpleasant people, bad story line, bad acting, I just couldn’t find any reason to like it and every reason to hate it. My most recent pet peeve is footwear. After watching endless Christmas movies of women tromping through the snow in heels or cute non-winter boots, i’m Now subjected to women in high heels strolling through uneven cobblestone streets, farms and vineyards, and even African safari lands. There are so many things to nit pick on and I can let most of it go but this is the one triggering me now.
  3. If there is a worse Hallmark movie than The Sweeter Side of Life I can’t name it.
  4. I always thought that I was knowledgeable in geography. Not Ken Jennings level, but I know a thing or two. But apparently I missed a few classes because unbeknownst to me, there are a significant number of small European countries, all of which have a handsome young prince poised to assume the throne imminently. And open to marrying lowly American women. I’m turning 60 soon. Do you think I’m out of the running? Or maybe I should make a play for the retiring king. There seem to be 30 or 40 of these countries, there must be one that would work for me.
  5. Woopwoopkitty

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I can’t stand hearing them pronounce turmeric as toomeric. My dictionary does list it as an alternative pronunciation but it still makes me want to throw things.
  6. Bobby Campo is a national treasure. that is all
  7. I enjoyed it. It didn’t rock my world but it was a refreshingly different story line than the typical tropes. But I was distracted by Carlos’ haircut. It looked military and I dont like that style.
  8. Argggh! I am getting really irritated with them repeatedly singing “bells on bobtails ring”. It’s Bobtail. That’s the name of the horse. Maybe it’s a canned song used in multiple movies but it’s seriously pissing me off.
  9. I’ve seen it both ways, but IMDB lists Hermey so I’ll stand corrected. P
  10. I’m sure someone has done a drinking game, but has anybody done a cliche scorecard? Let’s say we start with a common trope, such as big city girl with semi-jerk boyfriend goes home to a small town and encounters her high school flame. then we add points for each of the following cliches: a town square tree lighting stranded at the airport in a winter storm parents died in a car crash when she was young making gingerbread houses ice skating A festival or craft booths kissing under the mistletoe a town factory closing (toys, cookies, hats, whatever) etc. What did I miss? edit: I missed a character with a Christmas name such as Holly
  11. Funny, I didn’t like the Rudolph movie as a kid but now I love it. I have a disturbing amount of RtR-NR decor including 2 sets of stuffed TIOMT toys. Also lit porch decorations, including the spotted elephant who is my favorite. The best part of the movie is when he says “i’m Cute! She thinks I’m cute” My nitpicks are two mentioned above, leaving the door open and only 6 not 8 tiny reindeer pulling the sleigh. My other nitpick, (sorry to call you out, voiceover) is when people call Hermie “Herbie”. It’s Hermie. Don’t get me started on Smokey Bear being called a Smokey the Bear. I have never understood the appeal of Frosty. At all.
  12. Upthread I read there are ~150 Hallmark Christmas movies. I made my checklist off the website, where I found 94 movies listed as being shown this year. So far, I have watched 52 of them since early November! I’m not sure whether to be proud or ashamed. in any case, my favorites movies so far are the following, in no particular order: Switched for Christmas A Gift to Remember The Christmas Cottage Marry Me at Christmas A Christmas Detour On the Twelfth Day of Christmas A Very Merry Mix Up 12 Gifts of Christmas The Nine Lives of Christmas Christmas Cookies Ice Sculpture Christmas Snow Bride Christmas Connection I am looking to watch Fir Crazy since a few people mentioned that as a favorite. i am surprised that people didnt like Christmas Connection. I’ve watched it twice and cried both times. I liked the easy going relationship between the two instead of the forced romance. One of the things I like to watch for or the older male supporting characters. You know, the guy who might be CCB’s dad in one movie, and Lacey’s evil boss in another, then a weather caster, maybe an inn keeper, in Alicia’s. We see several of the same actors over and over as I try to figure out which other ones they were in. I do find myself being turned off by some of the plastic faces. The one with Mariah Carey is quite notable for that, and there’s a few others that really bother. Also, something about Jessica Lowndes bugs me. The long hair with the long face and the excessive make up, especially in her wedding at the end of December Bride.
  13. Woopwoopkitty

    S06.E04: Justice

    I am dying laughing. I nit pick on things like daylight saving-not-savings time, get it right. And don't get me started on Smokey Bear. Not The bear. Just bear.
  14. Is the first R in February silent? I ask because I have heard repeatedly that The Walking Dead returns in feb-u-ary 2015. Add me to the list of those who find the abuse of less/fewer and continuously/continually among egregious abuse of language.
  15. Woopwoopkitty

    "The Colbert Report": The Final Week

    My favorite cameo appearance was Trevor Potter's briefcase. The guest I most missed was Emily Basilson (I think that was her name) that was on several times. Maybe I haven't watch the CR long enough, but I didn't get the Lincoln unicorn joke. Can someone please enlgihten me?