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  1. Dirtybubble

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    If a woman is promiscuous then so be it, some people are just sexual beings and that's how they express themselves. IDK with Sonja, is this her schtick, is this her "character" for tv? Is she trying to be edgy for shock value or is she just desperate? Who knows but as long as she remains a fun, good hearted person I'm cool. It's when she starts drinking and just acting like a b!tch is when she grates me. I still have sore feelings of the way she treated Tins a few seasons ago. That stoopid, mean behavior is what I don't like in her. LoL--oh and yeah this is Bob the Builder/Luann's lapdog show. Gah I'm sorry I'm just digging Barbs yet *shrug*
  2. Dirtybubble

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    IKR, I am just not digging this chick at all 😡 The way she scurried over to Luann to tattle about what Dorinda was saying just stupid. Didn't she agree at dinner with Dorinda that she was just gonna let D handle it her way?? IDK what it is exactly but something about her just bugs me. Maybe it's that stoopid horn necklace or the tucked in polo shirt and mom jeans -- she just doesn't seem as classy as the other NY HW. On a happier note and I am liking Sonja so far this season. To think of Dorinda like that and bring home some leftovers was nice. No matter what is thought of her manners or social etiquette it was still a thoughtful gesture. Now I will probably take this all back when she starts drinking but for now, in this moment, she is a-ok!
  3. Last year when the show first started a blogger I follow went to one of her shows and spilt some T. From what I heard it's pretty good. The "friends" part of Countess and friends is the real talent. Lu because she has so many costume changes isn't on the stage a lot and it's her guests that really bring the entertainment. Sooo IDK , go to see Lu and stay for the real cabaret entertainment. *shrug*
  4. As far as the Tyler Perry quote goes I have to side eye the producers, all this just seems so convenient since the last Madea movie just premiered around the time this episode aired. IDK call me cynical but my gut is telling me that the big wigs with the show had some sort of advertising deal with "Madea's Family Funeral". It just seems way too random for Dorinda to pull this out of thin air. Nothing is random in Reality TV world.....
  5. Ok so I wasn't hearing things. I watched this episode twice and both times I could have sworn she mispronounced spatula. Grrrr... that drives me crazy. I'm sorry but the poor English coupled with the awful wardrobe/makeup just makes me think she's a reject from RHONJ. Oh and kudos to whoever is calling her Bob the Builder! HAHAHA! I was wondering why she was handing out tool kits as gifts so I Googled her and turns out she owns a construction company. Enh IDK, it just seems like she's trying waaaay tooooo hard to get her apple.
  6. Ok I'm glad this is being brought up b/c I didn't want to seem like a complete douche by talking sh!t about the new girl BUT.....holy crap I'm just gonna come out and say it, this chick is FUG. Lawd she is unattractive. It may be because she shares the screen with, IMHO, some of the most attractive HWs in the series. Say what you will about Lu's drinking but she looks fantastic!
  7. Dirtybubble

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I thought the scenes with Kylie and her family was sweet. She seemed truly broken up over her daughter going to college in D.C. (alllllll the waaaay across the country) what a sweetie. Crazy question, what is going on with Denise's chin? Did she get some bad work done? Was she in an accident? Not that its bad but there is just something going on with her chin/lower lip that bugs me.
  8. Dirtybubble

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    I like her as well. A lot of people give her crap b/c she's boring but as one poster mentioned earlier she's living her carefree life not trying to sell you a product. God bless B but good lawd she might as well have Skinny Girl stamped across her forehead. Tins is fun and silly and I don't find her vain or just horrible humans like those toads on Vanderpump so I say keep her around! What a sweetie pie
  9. Dirtybubble

    Favorite Commercials

    I thought it was pretty funny too; who know he could sing so well
  10. Dirtybubble

    Favorite Commercials

    I don't know but seeing this emu in a Liberty shirt and sunglasses is too funny. "He'll figure it out..." 🤣
  11. Dirtybubble

    Favorite Commercials

    "That guy is the worst!" IKR, it just cracks me up.
  12. Dirtybubble

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Sorry if this has been mentioned but the Liberty commercial with the "fitness junkie" and his creepy AF calves is just stupid! Fitness junkie I think not, not with that squishy gut...
  13. Dirtybubble

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    IKR?! It's like she never existed! If the actress didn't/couldn't come back next season that's fine but please explain why she is all of sudden not here. And please don't neuter your interesting characters. Lord Alfred had such a big part in S2 and now he's reduced to following Prince Albert around like a puppy dog doing literally NOTHING! Gah this pisses me off! I hate to keep comparing this show to Downton Abbey BUT Julian Fellowes is a genius at keeping a consistent story line going with his characters
  14. Dirtybubble

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    I agree with previous posters about the footman and the duchess relationship = zzzzzzzzzzzzz LAWD it is boring! I can't even remember the character's names and it's almost the end of the season. It would be more compelling if they had a more developed story. We know NOTHING about these 2 people than the standard soap opera rich girl/poor boy story line. Good grief it is so dull and cliche'.
  15. Dirtybubble

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    Not only does no one go home but they still add 2 more people?! Uh-oh this show is starting to reek of desperation. I see this being a 1 season wonder.