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  1. Just got around to this week's show. I thought Overtime was pretty good, which suggests that the problem wasn't the panel, but that Bill was more interested in beating his favorite dead horses about the "problem with liberal"s and kids these days instead of dealing with the more interesting news. I do think this week shows why Bill loves him some blowhards because this was a more thoughtful, reactive panel which meant that we needed Bill to actually be involved and moderate instead of letting somebody filibuster until it was time for a scripted bit.
  2. wknt3

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    Yeah this is another one of the episodes where you can tell who has never worked in chain retail because there the ones saying "nothing remotely similar could ever happen in real life" It's exaggerated for comic effect of course, but I definitely experienced some deja vu - especially the conversation with corporate. I really liked this one too. This should have been the one the returned with after the hiatus as it's a great reminder of what the series can be at it's best and there was the whole winter storm theme too. As far as I can see there really wasn't any sort of continuity reason why it couldn't have aired first.
  3. wknt3

    S20.E18: Blackout

    I can live with Rollins being portrayed inconsistently. Given all the issues they've had with the writing for her over the years it's arguably the most in character thing they can do. There's always something they can point to if they need her to take a position just so there can be conflict. But I hate it when they do it with Carisi. It would have made far more sense for Rollins to be the one not liking investigating cops and had Carisi take the other side, with Fin taking the position that it's just another case and they should simply do their jobs (but make sure to dot their I's and cross their T's because you never know when a lawyer is going to try to pull something. It also would have been more interesting to watch her come around and empathize in the end. Or maybe even have the whole squad be professional from the jump with the conflict coming from outside?
  4. wknt3

    S20.E18: Blackout

    The Good: They actually managed to pull off a plot about corruption and the powerful without going completely off the rails! It's a St. Benson's Day miracle. Fin. It goes without saying, but we should still say it anyways so they don't cut his time any more than they already have. His scene with Benson at the end was really nice. The guest cast was really good as always, although I pretty much expected that from the beginning since it was an "old pros and returning champions" week. I'm not sure if it was intended or not, but I loved the lines about if Benson was a Lt. or a detective. The Bad: As pretty much everyone has already mentioned the setup was pretty good, but the ending was extremely rushed. They could have brought in Stone and the legal side, maybe given us another suspect (not that anyone who's watched more than two procedurals didn't know who the perp was as soon as they saw the credits) and given us a proper wrapup. Failing that I would have preferred that they cut the whole Benson blesses the victim and dispenses forgiveness scene at the end and devoted that time to the other plot threads. Carisi in the squad room. Really OOC for him to be pulling the blue wall crap. It especially felt off because Rollins was Benson Jr. "believe victims always and don't ask questions even if it's our job" this week. It kind of felt like we were slipping back into the bad habits of "women good and understanding, men evil and disbelieving" and even though they didn't really go there they really need to avoid even hinting there if they are going to do this type of plot at all. Chekhov's Memo was a dud. Overall this was better than expected given episode description and avoided all the obvious pitfalls, but still was a bit lackluster. I guess I should be happy that the show has improved to the point where competence is no longer enough of a surprise to make me happy, but as it stands my reaction as a viewer is 'OK I guess." Hopefully they get back on track next episode.
  5. It's pretty standard for the star's representation to get an Executive Producer credit when a show is sold as part of a "package deal" where they are attached to the project from the start. They don't have any active involvement in the show it's just that they helped put the deal together that sold the show to the network and they get points (and a credit) in return.
  6. Yeah you're about 10 years too late on that one! I definitely could see something like that in the late Baer seasons *although it's more likely they would have gone with something more like attempting to escape using a jetpack and end up dying a quick and gruesome death when it doesn't work. Why would you ever want to suggest that the fans want to hear about grandma ever again? Who hurt you?
  7. wknt3

    S16. E16. Bears and Cubs

    From what I've learned from TV, there is no random crime in Central Park - bodies are always moved there or it is staged. So don't commit infidelity, get involved with the mafia, etc. and you should be safe.
  8. Yeah he really seems to have begun to believe his own BS that he is some sort of tough intellectually rigorous interviewer. Instead of the truth - he is pretty much the media equivalent of batting practice for right wing pundits. He doesn't do the reading, he doesn't ask the toughest questions and until Milogate he had pretty much given up on any sort of push back or follow up questions. It's ridiculously easy for anyone with an ounce of ability and media training to recite their talking points and then filibuster their way through and run out the clock. And it's not like it's hard to figure out how to play to Bill's vanity or his pet issues and get him to endorse your views even if he doesn't really agree with you. Especially since appealing to obnoxious rich white guys who long for the good old days and resent cultural change is pretty much the job description for conservative talking head. To be fair appearing on panel is a little risky since you do have to worry about the other guests and if's a week Bill doesn't feel like moderating you can get your ass handed to you by a Dan Savage or a Malcolm Nance, but it's not like their core audience is going to see it and affect their career too much anyways as long as they don't do anything too drastically stupid.
  9. wknt3

    S20.E17: Missing or We've Got something

    True, but unfortunately that's not coming back. We might get something similar at times, and I would argue that we have on occasion recently, but the economic and creative reality is that this no longer a true ensemble, but a series centered around a single lead with a small supporting cast. We can still have good weeks (and I stand by the opinion that this was one) but it will never be as good as it was with Belzer, Meloni, Wong and the large supporting cast of recurring characters as well as the larger budget for location shoots etc. It just isn't possible. I think as fans we need to either accept the reality and expect them to do good work within those constraints, or drop the show. They certainly should use their resources better (add a recurring detective to the sqaud and more CSI/ME/TARU types instead of using the cast budget on soapy subplot characters) and keep up the improvement in the writing (it's actually more important now that they can't cover up some of the flaws that have always been there) and it's another reason why they should agree to end it gracefully while they still can, but if we are expecting them to go back to Season 6 all that can result is disappointment.
  10. wknt3

    S04.E11 Steps Challenge

    It might be about money in a way. A series regular isn't necessarily under contract for every episode, and a major reason why an actor is a series regular without appearing every week is the casting budget. Of course there are other reasons like you say, and unless someone says something we'll never know, but money should never be ruled out when speculating about why anything happens on television.
  11. wknt3

    S09.E17: Two-Faced

    Yeah this was a real dud. The only part of the episode that got anything other than a meh from me was the Jamie plot and that wasn't very intense and all negative. I was rolling my eyes at Jamie when he couldn't understand why Eddie would think he would ever put their relationship over duty and professionalism (hint: the fact that you are having this conversation in the first place...) and I also was a bit queasy, but unsurprised that the young African American female officer who has been willing to consider a different approach to policing turns out to be corrupt. Other than that it was a big yawn from start to finish.
  12. wknt3

    S20.E17: Missing or We've Got something

    The Good: An episode all about the entire squad investigating an actual SVU casr, followed by the prosecution and further investigation without any extraneous nonsense. The whole squad below the rank of Lieutenant. Fin and Carisi were great as usual, but this was a bounce back week for Rollins too. The guest cast and directing. This is the kInd of plot that can derail really easily if it's not handled well. But nobody hammed it up and as somebody already mentioned the action scenes really flowed well. The comic relief also did a good job of lightening things up while staying grounded. Stone and the legal side. Not only was it handled well, but it was nice to see them working together without any bar scenes or Benson trying to give orders to an ADA. The sister telling off Benson at the end when she tried to make it all better as usual by whispering platitudes while making constipated faces. The cherry on the sundae of a really good episode. The Bad: Benson. For all the usual reasons. Even a script that avoided so many of the usual pitfalls still had to have her charge in to a hostage situation. And Mariska's overacting was even more noticeable in a week of really sold performances. Overall this was a really good episode. Maybe the best since early Season 17. We have had higher highs, but what makes this a standout is the lack of glaring flaws except for the one they can't get rid of. This is one I can see myself happily watching In reruns which puts it above about half of the last decade or so. I've said since Chernuchin came on board that they seem to be trying to go back to basics and fix the writing and it seems like they might finally be there. Now let's keep it up and give us a solid final season...
  13. wknt3

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I'm sure Mika just meant that she needed to dress her baby more traditionally "girlie" so that she would grow up knowing her value...
  14. wknt3

    Law & Order

    Yeah I was agreeing with you. I can understand people being unhappy with Green's exit, wanting something happier, but saying there wasn't any grounding or set up is just plain wrong. Personally I would have loved if they used the other main part of his background and had him going over to Intel at Lupo's suggestion. I was dsagreeing about the laying the groundwork thing because I've seen the idea before that they tried to set up escape hatches to make it easier to write off characters and make it clear that the actors were expendable, but I don't think you need much familiarity with L&O to know that they weren't afraid of getting rid of anyone at any time if they weren't willing to toe the line and were quite happy to do it with any explanation or none. Perhaps it's just that the writers were so good that it often looked like it was planned all along?