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  1. vibeology

    S11.E04: Trump: The Rusical

    If that's the reason, I think she could have spoken up and gotten a switch within her team. No one was trying to screw someone over with the casting and if the part would have screwed her over down the line, I get the sense most of the queens would have been willing to trade parts. Silky was crazy wanting the lead over the 40 second comedy solo. Those 40 second solos often play better. You don't have to be on as long so you get to go big quickly, get a moment all to yourself and don't have a chance to be upstaged because it's a solo. It's very clear what sort of parts Ru responds to and rewards in these musicals and sketches and they're rarely the lead.
  2. vibeology

    S10.E02: Fit for a Queen

    Doug's room was ugly and weirdly spartan considering how "ornate" everything was. The silver leaf looked bad. The wall sconces looked bad. There was nothing in that room. Those gold things sitting on the floor only highlighted that there was no furniture anywhere. Where did all his money go? Frank's room was a nice looking room but it looked like what an average person achieves when they redo a room rather than something designed. Again, where did all the money go? (I'm actually certain the answer to this is fabric.) The room had no focal point and if it was supposed to be the bed, the headboard needed to be grander. I wouldn't be upset if I got Frank's room and I wouldn't rush to change anything, but it's a let down for a design show.
  3. vibeology

    Single Parents

    I think pretty much everyone has a built in convenience tax for something in their life. A prime account, occasionally buying something at a more expensive place for the sake of time, the occasional take out when you're tired and don't want to cook, breakfast on the go so you can get 15 extra minutes of sleep etc. The problem is her whole life is a convenience tax. That is not sustainable and it makes it hard to feel bad for her.
  4. vibeology

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    I assume it was a poorly drawn penis, a poorly drawn van and two poorly drawn lesbians with an arrow pointing at one of them. I died laughing when Bortus unveiled the pillow full of cigarettes after seeing all of the carefully hidden single cigarettes around their quarters. I love Leighton Meester so I was always going to enjoy this, especially when it has her singing.
  5. vibeology

    The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    This. That cop suggested that the mom was lying because she said she checked under the bed but she couldn't have because the mattress goes down to the floor. But in a hotel, I wouldn't remember that in a panic. Of course I'd check under the bed. I'd be pulling back couches and opening every drawer and cupboard. And yes, I'd be closing the window where my other kids were.
  6. vibeology

    S02.E17: Betrayal

    I was actually fine with that. Those big houses are separated enough that you can't really see what's happening next door. What lost me was the FBI comes into Quo Vadis and the henchman starts shooting rather than put his gun down and turn on Gordon. How loyal must that guy be? (And I'm sure he's the one who shot the doctor and chased down Julian but Gordon has committed a conspiracy and widespread fraud. He could have easily made a deal.)
  7. vibeology

    S05.E15: #JustakidfromCompton

    I'm sorry but Junior was not as qualified as the other kid because the other kid went to college. And you can argue that you don't need college to set appointment reminders or get someone coffee, but if the plan is to use the assistant position to funnel new talent up into the agency then someone who studied marketing or advertising or communications in college (and I'm talking any college, not specifically Harvard) would be a better match than someone who didn't. I cheered when Ruby went in. Needs based scholarships are important. They give kids a chance to access places and people they wouldn't otherwise get. It's not a charity handout; it's a very small part of leveling a very uneven playing field. Also, I liked in that scene that Ruby and Bow were respectful of each other. I really hope the show continues to improve their relationship after their blowout.
  8. vibeology

    S05.E11: Meet the Parents

    I have to say I think this is the least annoying Roland has ever been. As much as he was on at first with Patrick's parents, when it became clear that Johnny might have accidently outed Patrick, Roland behaved appropriately and didn't make the situation any worse. For Roland, that's a huge step forward. The whole episode was sweet but also stressful. I was stressed from the moment it became clear that Patrick's parents didn't know about David up until Patrick sat down with his parents and told them about David. I'm so attached to all of these people and I just want them to be happy. David's support of Patrick made me cry. When he offered to just be a business partner that was the most selfless thing we've ever seen him do.
  9. vibeology

    "If I Hear That Song One More Time..."

    I have always said the exact same thing. A simile only works if people understand it. Just because words sound good together doesn't mean they actually should go together. I dislike the lyrics to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You for similar reasons. What does "Your love was handmade for somebody like me" mean? Handmade, like from an Etsy store? Is it artisanally crafted love? Is it like a popsicle stick heart? Or does he mean custom made? Tailor-made? Three people wrote the song (leaving out the people who wrote No Scrubs and get credit now because Shape of You clearly ripped that song off) and no one pinged that the lyric was wrong?
  10. vibeology

    S10.E17: The Wild

    Why did they need to bring the crib upstairs? Doesn’t Haley live in the basement?
  11. vibeology

    While You Were Out

    I loved Ananda Lewis growing up. She was the serious MTV veejay who could talk about guns or AIDS and still talk pop music. I was always bummed that she never transitioned to more mainstream media but I love seeing her here.
  12. vibeology

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    The only thing I can think is that they lied to the daughter and made her believe that she actually had a learning disability which would make them really, really shitty parents on top of really, really shitty criminals.
  13. vibeology

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    So, I hated that. I mean, I'm okay with where almost all the characters ended up but the getting there was awful. Shaun again refuses to seek help for any sort of serious problem, like being kicked in the ribs and it nearly kills him and almost killed that other patient. Coming into the ER and getting treatment would have been the right choice but Shaun for whatever reason is always against getting help. I'm glad Shaun ended up healthy but getting there sucked because it shows that Shaun is still unwilling to show weakness or seek out help. Then Andrews just decides that he wants to hire Shaun back? No one in the board meeting is a lawyer and brings up discrimination? Han argues that Shaun was fired for being unprofessional but neither Glassman or Andrews point out that he was transferred first for being autistic? Ultimately Shaun's problem is solved without him doing anything but repeat "I'm a surgeon" over and over. Awful. Shaun was passive throughout this storyline about him overcoming obstacles. Hell, at one point Glassman referred to him as an "inspiration" which is so close to disability inspiration porn and such a wrong note in a plotline about Shaun facing discrimination. Glad he got his job back but it sucks that he had no agency. Lim and Melendez sit down with HR and proceed to sexually harass the HR worker (that crack about submission was not cool), proving they're not going to be professional anywhere else. Then they proceed to prove my point by making out in the ER in front of staff and patients? I'm glad the episode ended with them breaking up and Lim getting a promotion but except for their last scene, ugh. Shaun practicing on Claire and getting a style approval from Lea before going to ask Carly out was great. It was the one plot line I have absolutely no complaints about. Shaun gets it with Lea; she put up clear boundaries and he is respecting them. Awesome. If the show undoes this awesome thing by having Lea be jealous or some garbage next season, I'll be annoyed. Glassman and Debbi is the one plot I hate, Hate, HATE! She put up boundaries and Glassman trampled all over them, using his recent cancer as a cudgel to make her feel guilty. They've been on a couple of dates and he wants to marry her? It was gross the way he kept pushing her and showing up at her work and home to pester her. And that he was rewarded with her saying yes? Gross! Gross! It reaffirms that a no is just a yes waiting to happen and that women can be won over if you just bug them enough. Awful storyline.
  14. vibeology

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    She's not a billionaire. Her company has a total worth of a billion dollars. She doesn't get all of that. But Forbes has cheated on this sort of reporting before because it makes for good headlines.
  15. vibeology

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    As mentioned, when someone has a disability they are entitled to reasonable accommodations and those must be provided before you can discipline or fire someone. A large hospital would have a hard time saying that most accommodations are unreasonable. In addition, Dr. Han has made numerous statements to other doctors that the reason he has moved Shaun to pathology is because of his autism which is discrimination. All Shaun has to do is show that he was subject to adverse employment action (being moved to a different department against his wishes) as a result of his disability (which he can easily do citing his own conversations with Dr. Han and the conversations Dr. Han has had with every other main character on this show) and he has a case of unlawful disability discrimination. I am not a lawyer. I googled "California employment law disability" and confirmed the above and there is a chance there is nuance I'm not getting but it's certainly worth Shaun talking to an employment lawyer to explore his options and if this was real life, that's what everyone around him would be telling him to do.