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  1. Racj82

    Temptation Island (2019)

    I didn't say you or anyone else said that. I just know the underlying context of what some people mean by that out of your league type banter. And maybe personality wise he does need to reevaluate what he's looking for. Looks are whatever. There are way too many mismatched pairings in the world for some people to still be worried about who is in what league. Individuals decide that. I don't think she is clinging to fame. I think some do. That's why I said and/or. There are millions of people out there like Kaci. I'm glad she seems to better be in a better place. I just don't want to hear her babble through it. It's not just her. Shari jumped on a podcast I listen to about the show and I deleted it right away. Just don't care. I don't follow Twitter feeds or anyone's social media. Just give me the show and possibly a reunion. I'm good with that. A lot of people and I'm not saying anyone is here or judging anyone become internet sleuths for this type of stuff sussing out all the details. It's not for me.
  2. Racj82

    Temptation Island (2019)

    I never want to hear about reality Steve again. Honestly, I never listen to any reality show participant playing damage control and/or trying to extend their Fame on podcasts. I don't care what they have to say. Kaci dated an asshole for years. I don't need any justifications for it.
  3. Racj82

    Temptation Island (2019)

    At the end of the day, coming at anyone on this show on some shallow level is pointless. This show is a bunch of pretty people looking for love with other pretty people. It's temptation island. The physical component is going to be heavy on everyone even if the biggest connections go beyond that. He's no different than anyone else. He's no more shallow than any other hook up on this show. If they didn't think the person was attractive on some level they wouldn't care. I also don't spend a lot of time projecting things on to people. I can't label him as shallow in a show where everyone is going for someone attractive. I also hate this whole, fat guy know your role thing people project on to overweight guys. If he said that's all he wants or deserves is a hot skinny blond, maybe tell him to slow his roll a bit. That's not what's going on here. And also, Independent of where they are now, he got the hot girl. In real life and on the show. Whatever. People like what they like.
  4. Racj82

    Temptation Island (2019)

    I don't really understand where you guys are coming from with John. He kept the women at arm's length because he didn't actually want to connect with the other women. Why would he want to if he doesn't want to cheat? Of course, you could connect on a human level. But...he did. He's been the most open of the guys about what he's feeling. He didn't use it to try and get some action. We've almost exclusively only seen the guys open up to women they wanted to date. But, John was open with Katheryn and Brittany just because he was open. He seemed to be worried early on that no one would be into him and already had an idea of how people would look at him. Oh my God! A dad bod! The man had Kadi on the brain the whole damn time. I don't think he was being phony to the women. He literally didn't want anyone else but her so he held back. Javen was the same way even though he did well just being naturally funny and inviting. Not saying he's perfect or whatever. He may want a certain type of woman looks wise. Most of us have a type. Doesn't make him a bad person or a creep. Even at the most base level, people are going to sympathize with him because we watched Kadi cheat on him almost the whole time and shit on his character as a man while she did it. He never did the same and at the very least never deserved any of that.
  5. Racj82

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    I respectfully get tired of how many thing gets twisted into a race issues. I respect that you and others feel a certain about terms but I just can't go there. Nor do I think the therapists were going there by bringing up those topics. They used those sound bites with those couples because they lucked into storylines for that week involving the two. Literally everything AJ generally does I can't even begin to care about because it's all so obviously overblown but getting hammered and being a dick was the worst possible look for him. He really needs to talk to someone and learn how to express himself later. At this point, I just can't deal with Kate, not Luke. How do you stay with or have sex with a dude that treats you like this? At a certain point, you are your own worst enemy. We all have flaws but she had no business signing up for this show. She needs to work on herself. Fuck Luke all to hell for treating Kate like some cum deposit.
  6. Racj82

    S44.E15: Idris Elba / Khalid

    The gold digger sketch was super unfunny with a weak punchline. I assume that's why the audience wasn't into it.
  7. Racj82


    I didn't and nobody else says Ana can't date Aaron. That's not even going to be the issue. It's going to be how long was this going on? Were you guys together when I was into him? Why wouldn't you tell me? It's about expectations. If my friend wants to date someone I was previously linked to, I would expect to hear about it from that friend. And also not months after fact. As you get older, these things might matter less. But, when you are young, this stuff matters big time.
  8. Racj82


    That is exactly how it goes and doesn't have anything to do with whether or not Zoe wants Aaron. Ana should have said she had feelings for Aaron a while ago as a friend. There were real feelings between Zoey and Aaron so it's not something, as a friend, you get to just skip over. I would never date anyone my friend was involved with but even if it never went anywhere concrete between them, I would tell my friend what's up. They damn sure shouldn't be hearing it from a third party if you are supposed to be friends.
  9. Racj82


    I don't know why the twins/Zoey beef is such a sticking point with some. It's probably one of the most realistic things the show has ever done. Real life doesn't often have moments like Zoey's mass apology tweet. In reality, most issues just fade away if you are real friends because the argument was pointless to begin with. The twins casually got over it. That's friendship in it's most realistic.
  10. Racj82

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Agree with most of your post but Kady is absolutely a cheater. I don't care how emotionally or mentally far out of your relationship you are, cheating is cheating. I also do think that one could cheat but not always cheat. But, I would never continue to date someone who has cheated on me and I'm sure I would not date someone I know is a cheater. I, for sure, would not date someone willing to cheat with me. Yes, it can and has worked. But, I couldn't trust a relationship that starts that way. Which is why I would never want to be a single on this show. The foundation of a relationship you might develop during this is built on such bullshit and deception. No thank you.
  11. Racj82


    I don't care about Nomi's coming out story. I've seen enough coming out stories to fill a life time. Skipping it is fine with me. The big deal with Ana and Aaron is girl code. It does not matter that Zoe chose otherwise. For a time, she was really into him and Ana knows this. So, not telling Zoe about this hook up is just going to be a big no no. This is something that at the very least, you bring up to Zoe before it happened. Ask if it's okay. How does she feel about it. You don't just hook with the dude behind her back. It would be hilarious if they went full different world and pulled Zoe from the show ala Denise and kept the show going. They won't do that but it would be funny.
  12. Racj82

    Temptation Island (2019)

    I feel nothing for Kaci and her who is the real Evan nonsense. It's all the same person. If you are still trying to separate the two than this is the situation you will continue to be in. Evan is garbage but he was very obvious garbage. And the guys aren't interested in her because she kept them all at arm's length. She's also not very attractive but mostly the former is the problem. Hate to shit on her looks but yeah. She's not the type that is cut out for this show in many ways. Hopefully she grows a backbone soon.
  13. Racj82

    Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

    They are never going to play in da club in the movie. Ever. They don't have the budget to pay for the song in the movie. They can only afford it for the trailer. Blumhouse would have to Shell out the money for it and they won't .
  14. Racj82

    Dating Around

    I was of two minds about the white female main dater. She seems like a good person and I was hopeful for her while I wouldn't date her in a million years. She just pushes a lot buttons for me. Mainly, I would be on constant eggshells not sure if I'm going to step on a joke or phrase that will trigger her. It's not that I'm out here making offensive jokes or what not but she just hits me as the type that has a ton of no no's and that would get tired after a while. Like I get the hate towards women and being told to relax. But, I was literally thinking the way the guy was in the moment. I think he was trying to get her to reel back from a silly joke. Not belittle her or whatever. But, that was also all it took to just torpedo everything. We just wouldn't mix.
  15. Racj82

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    Alex was so happy. That alone made this episode such a win.