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  1. *****MOD NOTE***** A bunch of off topic posts have been hidden. HIV transmission statistics have literally nothing to do with anything that happened in this episode, discussion of Charlie Sheen is barely on topic as he was only mentioned in passing. If you all want to continue this discussion in a civilized manner I suggest taking it to Small Talk, however remember the rules and be civil.
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    Testing testing

    YAY! Found the gif search thingy.
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    Testing testing

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    Cast in Other Roles

    Ryan Hanson is on this week's episode of Dax Shepard's podcast Armchair Expert, they talk about him getting the role of Dick etc.
  5. Lisin

    The Grand Tour

    This is the best news I've gotten all week!
  6. But they do use iodine which is sometimes connected to the fish allergy. I've also got the same allergy as Beth and I've been triggered so many times I now take benadryl before eating almost anything not made at my house. For instance, I order vegitarian sushi, but the chef uses the same knife to cut mine as the person who ordered normal sushi... triggered, same for sandwich places, loads of sandwich shops serve tuna and don't wash the knife, they just wipe it off. Same for griddles and grills. Also I understand allergic reactions get worse each time they're triggered so it's possible that before B could eat a soup that shared a ladle with a soup that had fish in it and now she can't. There are a billion ways cross contamination can happen and even if you're very particular and ask a ton of questions it can still happen.
  7. Yes, because of the "say what's in this drink" line which implies he drugged her or spiked her drink to make her too intoxicated to leave. Not to mention that the entire song is about her wanting and trying to leave while he stops her. So yeah, it hints at date rape. I don't think anyone is implying it causes date rape. Just that it's a super rapey vibe in the song and people in this century, after Cosby and Weinstein and on and on, are done putting up with thinking it's cute to pressure a woman into doing something she doesn't want to do.
  8. OK gang, I'm going to ask you all to please stop snarking on fans of the show even if they're on another site. It's 100% fine to make fun of Ree etc. but let's please leave the fans out of it. Thanks.
  9. Lisin

    Past Seasons Chit Chat

    FYI you can actually sort the threads by title name instead of last date posted which will kinda sorta put them in chron order since alphabetically they'll go in episode name order. There's a little "Sort by" button thingy on the right side of the main forum page.
  10. Lisin

    S11.E5: Edward vs. Lewis

    So, New Hollywood and Old Hollywood are next door to each other. Jeff bought Old Hollywood to do a "quick" flip and then when looking out the window at the view became concerned that some nasty developer would snatch up New Hollywood and add a story making Old Hollywood's view nonexistent so, because New Hollywood was for sale and everyone was going absolutely insane living in Valley Vista while the renovations continued he bought New Hollywood which didn't need any work but preserved the view of Old Hollywood and gave them a place to live and work while Valley Vista was being finished and had the bonus of being right next door to their other project. Currently New Hollywood is the home and office, Old Hollywood is the place Gage is working on (that keeps leaking etc.) and Valley Vista is the home that, in theory, Jeff, Gage, and Monroe will move back to once it's finished and live "forever" or until Jeff decides to sell it and start this whole thing over again. Valley Vista and New/Old Hollywood are about 10 miles apart, but with LA traffic that's about a half an hour. Valley Vista actually has a pretty big yard (this is an older picture before the front fountains were installed:
  11. Wow, so first off my apologies for taking so long to tally up the Season 8 Winners and Losers (I'm 8 episodes behind! GAH!) and I'd like to note that because the show went on too long, and everyone is awful, most of the Winners are one-offs. And now without further delay: @Tara Ariano's pick for Winner: David's Landlord Tara's Winner Tally: Steve 2, Pam the Social Worker 2, and the one-offs: The shooter (Guys Kelly got shot THIS SEASON), Ms. Schulzi, Dr. Daniel Day Kim, Jackie, Nut Guy, Donna, Tiny, Jill Abernathy (is this the landlord's name?), Melissa, Terry, Nat, Duke, Emma, Carly, Harry, Grandma, Mrs. Hazelton, David, Val's Lawyer, Timmy, Chris's Mom, Andrea, Janet, Val, Alex and Jackie. Tara's pick for Loser: Brandon Tara's Loser Tally: Brandon 11 (note, his first loss he's listed as "Brandon who does not respect sleep" which I believe Tara would agree is an important distinction) (Honorable Mention 1), Kelly 4 (Honorable Mention 1), David 4, Josh 2, and the one-offs: Vanessa, Detective Line Up Screwer Upper, Woman who accepted the job at the beat, Racist Band, Emma, Dr. Monihan, the Hunter Family, Bill Taylor, and Ross the Rapist. @Sarah D. Bunting's pick for Winner: David's Landlord Sarah's Winner Tally: Janet 3, Val 2, and then the one-offs: Shooter, Daniel Day Kim, Noah, Zach, Recording Studio Manager, Nut Guy, Loan Officer, Zach, Tiny, Space Heater, Melissa, Richard Belzer, Duke, Jamie, Donna, Mike Piazza, Grandma, Dr. Jeff, Noah, Val's Lawyer, Jasper, The Tomato Thrower, Peter, and Alex. Sara's pick for Loser: Kelly Sarah's Loser Tally: Brandon 10, David 8, Leann 2 and the one-offs: Blood Bank Director (Kelly's the UNIVERSAL RECIPIENT YOU MORONS), Fruit Roll-Up Legal Team, Crab Cake Chef, Ben's Parents, the Hunter Family, Kelly, Josh, Brian the Scab, Jesse, and Donna. I promise to do better next time. Also, I have now typed Brandon into the notepad on my phone so often that anytime I use the letter B it's a suggested word. Thanks?
  12. Lisin

    S13.E06: Rumors

    Guys, lets keep the talk to the episode, personal life stuff goes in Small Talk. Thanks.
  13. A few things: Stop snarking your fellow posters Political posts will be removed Posts quoting posts that have been removed also get removed so sometimes your post is “fine” but it quotes a removed post so yours gets removed too. Make it nice!