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  1. RachelKM

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I agree. Randall is impulsive and Beth has indulge him. Season 1: Randall bring home his bio dad without warning Lets Kevin move in Has a breakdown - quits his job. Beth is supportive and takes all of it in stride. (I realize the breakdown is legit and not something you can discuss first, but it was a major event in the family) Season 2: Fostering Deja (technically they discussed it, but Randall was so all in on it and wrapped it up with his grief over William, it was impossible to slow his roll) Buying his father's former apartment complex a state away and committing to being the BEST LANDLORD EVER... drafting Beth for her expertise. Again, Beth jumps in with both feet for both decisions. Season 3 Runs for mayor, again a state away Beth was already showing the strain of it and then she lost her job. I think the show does a good job of not making any of the characters perfect. The Pearsons are all good people with serious hangups. And that is no less true for Randall and Beth. I've always loved them and their relationship. But even in Season 1, I thought Randall's behavior was over the top and I wondered how Beth didn't lose her mind. Ultimately, I agree that Beth's shares some responsibility because she has indulged his whims for so long and allowed the city council thing go for way too long before voicing her concerns which were evident from her tight smiles from the get go. Moving on to the other Pearsons, oh Kevin... He is not in a place where he should be making life decisions, but I'm not surprised he did. Honestly, his current ideas about kids aren't well formed ("It's what people do"), but that's why he isn't at all ready to commit. But again, since he isn't really clear on his reasons he might want them, I get why he chose Zoe. As a woman who never wanted kids and faced a partner who changed his mind to wanting them late in our relationship, I may be projecting. But I don't think it was a good move. Kate and Toby's story is interesting and I'm glad we're seeing it play out without a lot of time jumping. But as others noted, it seemed like more time should have passed. 6 days? Beth had a recital? Kevin and Zoe already got to a couples appointment? Heck, the Randall/Beth busy schedule montage alone seemed to encompass weeks. Randall wasn't even sworn in when Kate went into labor. The NICU dads conversation was well done, though.
  2. RachelKM

    S01.E07 Out Of Scythe

    Rya Kihlstedt was on the recent Heroes Reborn. She was the main adversary of the show through the season. Though I'm not sure she qualified as evil, she was definitely not good.
  3. RachelKM

    S01.E05: Malivore

    It's the "with Lizzie" part where I think Raf's actions run afoul, imo Even if he didn't seek out Lizzie or intend to use her as a weapon against Josie, the choice to have sex with Lizzie is not neutral. Raf is not responsible for Josie's feelings, particularly in light of the fact that she's been sending him mixed signals. Granted, I think the mixed signals are due to Lizzie having called "dibs" on Raf, but that still not his fault. And as long as he and Josie are not actually dating, he can sleep with anyone he wants for any reason or no reason... except Lizzie (and maybe Penelope). I wouldn't have an issue with it if Raf was actually interested in Lizzie, just like it would be fine if he dated Josie despite Lizzie's feelings. He seems(ed) genuinely interested in Josie and how the sisters navigate that is their business. But choosing to have sex with Lizzie for no more than a release is not cool. If he has any awareness of Josie's feelings, screwing her twin for no reason other than to do it is bullshit. And I can't imagine there wasn't some degree of Fuck U to Josie in his choice. He'd have to be an idiot not to know it would hurt her. As for the rest of the episode, I pretty much liked it. I agree with others that Ric and Dorian's constant use of the term "monster" to the Dryad sounded both ignorant and shitty. But otherwise, I found that story interesting and we got some significant movement on the season arc front. And I loved Penelope's smack down of Lizzie about the way she treats Josie. Lizzie is brat and an attention suck with no sense of awareness of others. And while Josie isn't 100% blameless in their dynamic, the show has gone to significant lengths in the few episodes to date to show us that Lizzie is extremely volatile. Josie seems to spend a lot of her energy trying to ensure her sister isn't upset.
  4. RachelKM

    S01.E04: Hope Is Not the Goal

    I HATE SPIDERS. HATE!!!!!!!!! To this day I have never watched the spider scene in Chamber of Secrets and I saw it twice in the theater. The spider episode of of Doctor Who is still on my DVR because I don't even want to deal with it enough to delete it. Why the fuck did I watch any of this? I mean, I still looked away a lot, but I just risked waaaaaayyy more nightmare material than was necessary. That said, the Hero Strut of a slime covered Hope, Lizzie, and Josie was sort of fun. DO NOT HURT HOT DORIAN, SHOW! DO NOT! Still don't care about Landon. Kaleb is still a creepster douche, but his snark was solid after they found Dana. So that was fun. So he's officially more tolerable than Landon. Low bar, but there it is. Can we be done with the Lizzie's endless jealousy of Hope? It's probably justified, but It's annoying to have it so front and center ever episode. That ending scene with Ric and the twins was good. Go Josie. Please be done Lizzie. I've been trying to decide why I like this show. I realized that it's the straight cheesiness of the monster. It reminds me of all my British shows.
  5. RachelKM

    S01.E03: We're Being Punked, Pedro

    I meant awful more in the sense of coming off as a shitty person and terribly written. He certainly doesn't have any body count that we're aware of. But his whole vibe and the Vamps over Tramps thing had a very rapey feel. I didn't like his attitude, his actions, or his bro-ing MG into covering. But also, he seems like a hamfisted Rape Culture Athlete stereotype, like he's just there to be That Guy.
  6. RachelKM

    S01.E03: We're Being Punked, Pedro

    The VD/O/L timelines confuse the shit out of me. It was 2009/10 in Mystic Falls for, like, 3 or 4 seasons. I think Hope was actually born in 2011 if the Originals was in the same timeline as Vampire Diaries. And I think the twins would have been born in There were two time jumps, a 3 year and then a 6 year (I think), that I recall and they were both after Hope and the twins were born. At any rate, Lizzie and Josie should be 2 years younger than Hope. It was nice to see Jeremy again. I like Lizzie, Rafael, MG, and Josie. I mostly like Hope, more when she's not being angsty and sullen (not that she hasn't earned it, but it's not fun to watched even if justified). It was nice to see her and Josie acting more like teens who have essentially grown up together (which is what they are) and to see Hope smile. Landon is annoying and a dick. I'm not sure whether its the writing or the acting or both. But if he is supposed to sympathetic, it's a miss. Like, I get that he has trust issues and has had a hard life. But a dick is a dick. And the actor is not nearly charismatic enough to make asshat work. Also... Vampire Football dude is awful. I'm not sure what the show wants to show with him, but I hope it's dealt with soon.
  7. RachelKM

    Legacies in the Media

    Huh.... Okay. The completionist in me can handle 3 more.... Does Landon have to be in them?
  8. RachelKM

    S04.E04: Episode 4

    I don't think George has any illusions that Caroline would ever lift a finger for him. However, I agree that her station is what requires he show civility and respect. While she may never be on his side, he cannot afford to commit an open affront to her or her family. It's not her support that would be in jeopardy, but that of everyone else he needs. They may like his money and they may grudgingly let him play lord in light of his cash and marriage into an appropriate family, but he's only in as long as he plays by the rules which means never openly flouting the social obligations of their respective stations.
  9. RachelKM

    S03.E05: The Perfect Game

    It appears that Dex has an active diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (the therapist's note also indicated psychosis) and a current prescription for mood stabilizers and/or anti-psychotics of some sort. I don't doubt your personal experience with mentally unstable people getting into law enforcement/faking it through a psych eval. But there is no way Dex would pass the background checks for an FBI agent.
  10. RachelKM

    S04.E04: Episode 4

    I didn't think Hugh could get more annoying. But it turns out dead Hugh is just as fucking awful as 18th century boy band poet Hugh... only more oppressively present.
  11. RachelKM

    S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    That would be enough inspiration for me. Holy hell! I now resent ever shirt William Jackson Harper has ever worn. So much this. I adored this episode. It was everything I love about this show. I love the core six together and on the same page. I haven't loved the last two episodes much, but this episode was an example of why I never doubt this show. Even its worst episodes are still good and move the story. But its great shows shows (which is the majority) are just magic literally and figuratively.
  12. RachelKM

    S04.E03: Episode 3

    I agree that people seem to generally respect Demelza and I would happily say fuck'em to anyone who judged her for wearing her hair loose and un-styled. I understand the point many are making, though, that it isn't consistent with the times. Demelza has been the wife of a gentleman and now PM for two decades. It well past the point where she would have adjusted her style to at least reflect her station. I mean, if you look at season 1, she went from absolute ragamuffin with soot on her face and a cloth protecting her head to dresses and hair up. It's just odd that her styling has actually regressed since S1. And really, it's sort of idiotic for a woman who is working so hard to wear her hair down and blowing in the wind across her face. There is a reason women tie their hair back to work, It's fucking annoying.
  13. RachelKM

    S04.E03: Episode 3

    I have no idea whether Tomlinson has had any augmentation, but the flatness in that picture is more due to the style of corset for part of the late 18th Century. If you look at pictures of Elizabeth and Verity from the first season, they also often look pretty flat. Elizabeth wears lower necklines in that season, so there's some push up evident, but it's still a shelf where the dress is. Demelza's dress has a high scoop so nothing shows. Also, Tomlinson is very thin, so it's less clear that she's being flattened. The turn of the 19th century (where we are now) moved more toward the look with the empire waist when they began to downplay hips and emphasis busts. In any case, if you move along the same link (or any of them, they're all linked to specific parts of the same image series) to the pictures from 2013, it's clear she Tomlinson was not completely flat even then. Also, loose woman? Do you mean for the mores of the time?
  14. RachelKM

    S04.E03: Episode 3

    I don't think that is the issue. These photos are not precisely the same era, but it shows Tomlinson with her hair in an updo: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1870434/mediaviewer/rm269622784 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1870434/mediaviewer/rm402736384 There doesn't seem to be an aesthetic issue other than the choice of styling Demelza. Also, there was the period on the show where Demelza wore her hair up. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1870434/mediaviewer/rm2183077376 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1870434/mediaviewer/rm455024128
  15. RachelKM

    S01.E01 Pilot

    I enjoyed it. It was a bit heavy handed at times. Hopefully that will tone down as the show goes on. Feminism should stay. Constant discussion of it, maybe less so. Mel is a little overly intense. She could use some chilling out too. I liked Maggie and Macy, though. Not sure yet about Harry, as much as I love Rupert Evans generally.