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  1. alegtostandon

    7th Heaven

    Have not watched this show since my last rant. Hallmark is showing the whole last season today. Turned it on to the episode where the parents are heading to Scotland to bring bitchy Ruthie back home...what a self centered, spoiled bitch! One scene is the blonde fake Camden girl over at Lucy and Kevin's house. She has informed them that she married a serviceman to get the benefits but didn't like the housing so has filed for divorce. Guess being homeless is more appealing. They show her in the living room breaking the news to this enlisted serviceman that it's all over. Kevin and the red haired fake Camden girl are sitting there with the fake Camden boy,T-Rex or whatever. All we see is this poor newly enlisted serviceman hunched over at the sad news that he is now divorced. A few episodes later, it comes out that the guy the fake blonde Camden girl married is the orphan boy Rev's parents adopted. Now, don't you think of he's sitting in Lucy's house, he would say 'hey, my fake brother is a minister and lives in this neighborhood!'. This show is so ridicules!
  2. alegtostandon

    S02.E05: Head of Household #2; Nominations #2

    She said something to the affect of 'I don't clean'. I'm very serious, besides the family reality show, is she known for anything else? I cannot imagine that screechy voice carrying a tune. Did she Kato was going to change his nomination by her c interrupting him after every word?
  3. alegtostandon

    S02.E04: Live Eviction #1

    My theory on The Mooch...After being fired from the White House, he did not want on his resume to be the first voted off of CBB. He had an agreement with production that if he's put on the block the first week, to save face, come up with this storyline. Who knows, maybe he was a boring mole. I am so glad Cupcake Boy is gone. That speech! I could not even begin to put together what he was trying to say. I just know that I could not watch that 'I am so shockedđŸ˜Č' expression any more. Mr Tostandon refused to believe that was Tamar, he was convinced they brought in someone new to replace Mooch. Putting Kandy (?) up was a mistake. Yeah Kato! Joey Lawrence is a huge waste of space. Same with Dina. Oh, Jonathan's fear of Lindsay is ridicules, he was not HOH. Coffeewinewater, your post appeared while I was typing mine. I had wondered the same thing about the concern for Tamar. Tamar is the loud, screechy one.
  4. alegtostandon

    S02.E03: Power of Veto #1

    Have to say it again,, Loud Mouth Drama Queen Bald Lady (love that!) is getting on my nerves! I am familiar with Toni Braxton but have not really seen her since her 90's MTV popularity. Have never heard of LMDQBL till CBB. Anyone watch their show? Is she always like this? I forgot Ricky was there! Loved that he did not feel like he had to follow Ryan's demands & could think for himself. A lot of drama. LMDQBL & Real Housewives woman...the Olympic woman feeling the Olympic man needed to respect her because they are both Olympians. It's funny that The Mooch was the big surprise houseguest and he's really bringing nothing. I can't believe the one I really like the most is Kato! Where is Mother Lindsay hiding?
  5. alegtostandon

    S02.E01: Season Premiere

    And she was okay with all of the women wearing evening gowns with stilettos? lol. I just remember last year that's all Omarosa wore I don't think we'll have the political rants with The Mooch, Omarosa was selling her book last year. Thought i had quoted a comment about Joey's hair looking sprayed on...he always had such great hair.
  6. alegtostandon

    S05.E18: Hazardous To Your Health

    I thought it was part of the ruse too. I have no idea how I found these books Amazon, they are BH 90210 'Snide Episode Recaps' . Each season is a book. Since I'm watching the show on POP now & they are on season 6, I thought I'd start the books with season 5. They are hilarious, I feel like they were written by one of us!
  7. alegtostandon

    S02.E01: Season Premiere

    Tamara Braxton is going get on my last nerve with that screaming/laughing/tongue thing. I remember the football player because of his drug tests, remember Joey Lawrence, Kato, , Mooch & Tom Greene but have no idea who anyone else is. Why is Lindsay Lohan's mom considered a celebrity?
  8. alegtostandon

    S05.E18: Hazardous To Your Health

    I think Suzanne knew David & Steve, IIRC, Dylan got her a job at Peach Pit. I don't think Claire was in the picture yet when Susanne was a PP waitress, she was still wild, out of control high schooler. Another storyline...graduated from HS early, started college as a 2nd year college student, ironically, moved in to the beach apartment, became another self righteous member of 'The Gang'. The fact that Kelly ever recognized Erica as a prostitute on the LA street is so unbelievable. Last she saw her, she was a freckled face adolescent, I think she was around 12-13 years old based on the episode when Dylan tried to teach her to swim. The 17 year old hooker looked nothing like Erica. From what I remember, Erica did not like Kelly. I do not think paternity was ever proven, Dylan just took Suzanne's word. Valerie & Jonsey, were suppose to be newlyweds. This was actually one of my favorite Valerie episodes. I just started watching BH 90210 on POP recently. They are in the college years, the Walsh's just moved, allowing their BH home to be turned into KEG BH
  9. alegtostandon

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    We had under floor heating when I was a kid and we lived in the Bay Area, I think it was called Radiant Heat. It was wonderful! There was a show on after HH last night (1/17) about a guy moving from Jersey to Florida and was looking for a room to rent, had his mom in tow to help. I didn't catch the name of the show, did anyone else see it?
  10. alegtostandon

    Jonathan & Fernanda: Buying Boobies & Thangs

    I had always thought the panties belonged to her...but I thought he had swiped them from the laundry on one of his trips to Mexico. Those scarf pictures are horrible. She does not have a model body but the photos are very unflattering. Finding out he did the photos might explain why. I see that full lip pout, all I can hear is '...but I NEED YOU HERE!'
  11. alegtostandon

    S05:E03 Caterpillar to Butterfly

    I thought the idea of a penis pinata was pretty funny. I am not a regular viewer of this show. I've actually not really watched it since it first started. Is Mother Jazz suppose to be someone like Kris Jenner, The 'momager'? If so, she should have requested a list of questions from ABC or submit a list of acceptable questions.
  12. alegtostandon

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    IIRC, during the first part of the Tell All & the subject of Leida not wanting Eric to pay child support, Ashley said that she did not receive CS, but if she did & the fathers new wife demanded he stop paying, she'd smash her in the face. Re: the Samoan & the picture of him 'dancing' in the airport.... An overweight Kartrashian wannabe! I've seen Samoan men dance, it is amazing, mesmerizing! Every one I have seen have been handsome and muscular!
  13. alegtostandon

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    I recall the episode where Col-Tee & Larissa were looking at apartments and Col-Tee said their lease was up on the house, so they don't even own the castle Queen Larissa lives in! And Col-Tee is a 'software engineer!'! Did anyone else notice how different Debbie looked...she had teeth, her upper mouth was not sunken in & you actually saw the teeth when she smiled! In AZ, we had the couples seeing footage of what others were saying, after Steven said he felt bad about not apologizing to Olga, said they were going to catch up with current footage of the couples, but it was like the show just started from the beginning. I figured it was because of Ashley being in the hospital, Fern and Jon divorcing & Col-Tee & Larissa domestic violence.
  14. alegtostandon

    Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

    lol! I didn't even catch that it was changed to Sonoma, as in 'Williams Sonoma'! I have a swiping keyboard & it likes to create its own words. When we were on O'ahu a few years ago, we went to the Polynesian Culture, Center. The absolute star of the show was a guy Samoa. He was a fire dancer. After the show, people were going up to him asking for his autograph. They had another guy from Samoa who climbed coconut trees.
  15. alegtostandon

    Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

    I never watched this show while it was on. This show, along with 7th Heaven, were 2 of my moms favorites. I started watching Dr Quinn on Hallmark a couple of months ago. Last night (this morning, whatever you consider 3am), I saw the last episode where Colleen gets married. I was excited for the next episode to be S1/E1, I've never seen how she came to the town or acquired the children. Instead, they skip S1/E's1&2 & start with E3! Guess I'll have to Netflix it.