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  1. alegtostandon

    S05.E12: Up in the Air . . .

    I bet you didn't do it in the middle of a family restaurant, lol! I am a newly recent viewer to this show. I think I watched the first original episodes and the mom grated on my nerves then. She has only gotten worse. Jazz Hands was nothing but an afternoon in the park. Kicking a soccer ball around, hula hoops, then a group chat. It's a great idea but they need to find a private location, not a public park. I adore the grandparents!
  2. alegtostandon

    Little House On The Prairie

    Inconsistencies drive me nuts. Was watching the episode where James and Cassandra move into the 'Little House', making it the 'Tiny House'. James wants to try Albert's razor but Albert informs him that it was a gift from Pa and James was to not ever touch the razor. Next day, the Ingalls-Cooper kids are kept after school so 'Sister' Laura can lecture them on making more of an effort helping out around the Tiny House. Afterwards, Albert meets some snobby girl who demands to know why James is tagging along with Albert. While Albert takes off with the snobby girl, James rushes home to play with Albert's razor.' ...in the barn...next to the cow. Of course James drops Alberts prized straight edge blade and the cow steps on it & the pearl handle breaks. Next day, Albert is looking for his razor and insists that James knows where it. No luck finding it or getting a confession from James.. Next scene, the Ingalls/Cooper kids are at the mercantile trying on new shoes. Ma and Pa cannot afford to pay for all of the shoes so Albert is asked to wait till next week to get his. While this is going on, James is staring at a case with 2 razors in it, one identical to Albert's. Camera pans back to Pa & Albert then back to the razor case, minus the pearl handled razor. Back at the 'Tiny House', James is filling the wood bin by the fireplace and discovers Alberts razor! Cheers & apologizes until Albert notices that this is not his razor, his pearl handle razor had a bad knick on the blade. Pa checks and declares this one to be brand new. James admits to breaking Alberts then stealing this from the mercantile to make it right. James was sent up to the loft and Albert was sent outside to cool down. Pa went up to talk with James, who kept muttering "I didn't mean it, Pa.". I have no idea what that means. Pa is now outside talking with Albert, who demands that James be punished. Albert then begins complaining about how rough its been on him since the 2 extra kids have been crammed into the "Tiny House" and wishes that they had never come live with them. Pa stops Albert and said "it's a good thing Laura and Carrie never felt that way when you moved in with us.". James obviously over hears this conversation and runs away. I guess that both Pa and Albert forgot about the episode shortly after Albert moved in and Pa bought him a calf to raise. Laura was very resentful of Albert taking up all of Pa's time & even cried that Albert is now calling him 'Pa', he's Her Pa! Albert over hears this conversation and runs away.
  3. alegtostandon

    Little House On The Prairie

    I was watching the episode, I think it was called The Reincarnation of Nellie. It's the episode where the Oleson's replaced Nellie with Nancy. Nancy is jealous of Albert's girlfriend, who is getting the lead part in the annual spring fling or whatever it was called. So, she "accidentally" locks her in the ice house overnight. The poor girl had to be hospitalized at Doc Baker's office & miss school because of how cold it is in the ice house. What I did not understand is went was it so dangerous for her to be locked down there but not dangerous to be used as a jail. I can remember 3 men being locked down there as a jail, the racist barn burner, the little person who stole food and a doll & the land schemer.
  4. alegtostandon

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    Instead of eating yogurt, crackers and bananas, this over 600 pound person ate skinless chicken and oranges! I noticed they left out the half dozen mini cupcakes she devoured after eating a whole pizza!
  5. alegtostandon

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    On their first trip to Dallas, they stopped at the gas station for mom to pee & buy the largest soda possible for Jeanne, while Jeanne stayed in the parked van with the van door open right next to the gas pump smoking a cigarette! She wondered why people were looking at her! I'm sure we will be reading soon that both mom and daughter were discovered deceased in their beds. I had a friend whose husband had a massive seizure & died while laying on the couch while she was out of town. Not only did the sofa need to be destroyed, the carpet around the sofa needed to be pulled up & destroyed. I was shocked when mom said she had to sleep in the bed where dad had died.
  6. I just saw this episode. I never understood why or how Brandon was so sexually attracted to Emma. And why was Emma so focused on Brandon? She seemed more like the type who would go after an older, married, wealthier man. Emma could not have made it any clearer that her stupid article was about her and Brandon, even down to the ugly watch she bought for him. Then poor Kelly cried to Donna that he passed it off as a gift for her. No, Kelly, you found it and assumed it was for you.
  7. alegtostandon

    S07.E09: Tiffany's Story

    As someone who was hit by a drunk driver and is living a life of extreme pain, I got a bit upset too. She has self inflicted handicap that by losing a few hundred pounds, could be helped. I, in the other hand, like you, TheBigBoot, will still be living in this unrelenting pain. Has anyone else noticed a change in the way Dr. No talks?
  8. alegtostandon

    S07.E09: Tiffany's Story

    Pondlass1, this made me laugh! I was thinking while watching 'what would Mr Tostandon do if I were to sit on the edge of the bed yelling for him to come help me stand up, then immediately after my glasses wearing shower, go to my bedroom mini fridge/ freezer, dig through the grapes & yogurts to find an ice cream cone & inhale that before breakfast, which he is making'. Then all of the fast food! What got me was after she barked orders to her boyfriend, mom & cousin to do for her, she goes to the therapist & decides she needs to learn to become selfish and put herself before others. Whose needs does she put ahead of her own self destructive needs? Glad to see she finally got it together but I sure do not see babies in her future.
  9. alegtostandon

    7th Heaven

    Have not watched this show since my last rant. Hallmark is showing the whole last season today. Turned it on to the episode where the parents are heading to Scotland to bring bitchy Ruthie back home...what a self centered, spoiled bitch! One scene is the blonde fake Camden girl over at Lucy and Kevin's house. She has informed them that she married a serviceman to get the benefits but didn't like the housing so has filed for divorce. Guess being homeless is more appealing. They show her in the living room breaking the news to this enlisted serviceman that it's all over. Kevin and the red haired fake Camden girl are sitting there with the fake Camden boy,T-Rex or whatever. All we see is this poor newly enlisted serviceman hunched over at the sad news that he is now divorced. A few episodes later, it comes out that the guy the fake blonde Camden girl married is the orphan boy Rev's parents adopted. Now, don't you think of he's sitting in Lucy's house, he would say 'hey, my fake brother is a minister and lives in this neighborhood!'. This show is so ridicules!
  10. alegtostandon

    S02.E05: Head of Household #2; Nominations #2

    She said something to the affect of 'I don't clean'. I'm very serious, besides the family reality show, is she known for anything else? I cannot imagine that screechy voice carrying a tune. Did she Kato was going to change his nomination by her c interrupting him after every word?
  11. alegtostandon

    S02.E04: Live Eviction #1

    My theory on The Mooch...After being fired from the White House, he did not want on his resume to be the first voted off of CBB. He had an agreement with production that if he's put on the block the first week, to save face, come up with this storyline. Who knows, maybe he was a boring mole. I am so glad Cupcake Boy is gone. That speech! I could not even begin to put together what he was trying to say. I just know that I could not watch that 'I am so shocked­čś▓' expression any more. Mr Tostandon refused to believe that was Tamar, he was convinced they brought in someone new to replace Mooch. Putting Kandy (?) up was a mistake. Yeah Kato! Joey Lawrence is a huge waste of space. Same with Dina. Oh, Jonathan's fear of Lindsay is ridicules, he was not HOH. Coffeewinewater, your post appeared while I was typing mine. I had wondered the same thing about the concern for Tamar. Tamar is the loud, screechy one.
  12. alegtostandon

    S02.E03: Power of Veto #1

    Have to say it again,, Loud Mouth Drama Queen Bald Lady (love that!) is getting on my nerves! I am familiar with Toni Braxton but have not really seen her since her 90's MTV popularity. Have never heard of LMDQBL till CBB. Anyone watch their show? Is she always like this? I forgot Ricky was there! Loved that he did not feel like he had to follow Ryan's demands & could think for himself. A lot of drama. LMDQBL & Real Housewives woman...the Olympic woman feeling the Olympic man needed to respect her because they are both Olympians. It's funny that The Mooch was the big surprise houseguest and he's really bringing nothing. I can't believe the one I really like the most is Kato! Where is Mother Lindsay hiding?
  13. alegtostandon

    S02.E01: Season Premiere

    And she was okay with all of the women wearing evening gowns with stilettos? lol. I just remember last year that's all Omarosa wore I don't think we'll have the political rants with The Mooch, Omarosa was selling her book last year. Thought i had quoted a comment about Joey's hair looking sprayed on...he always had such great hair.
  14. alegtostandon

    S05.E18: Hazardous To Your Health

    I thought it was part of the ruse too. I have no idea how I found these books Amazon, they are BH 90210 'Snide Episode Recaps' . Each season is a book. Since I'm watching the show on POP now & they are on season 6, I thought I'd start the books with season 5. They are hilarious, I feel like they were written by one of us!
  15. alegtostandon

    S02.E01: Season Premiere

    Tamara Braxton is going get on my last nerve with that screaming/laughing/tongue thing. I remember the football player because of his drug tests, remember Joey Lawrence, Kato, , Mooch & Tom Greene but have no idea who anyone else is. Why is Lindsay Lohan's mom considered a celebrity?