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  1. Frisson

    Good Girls

    His lawyer was practically purring at him, so Beth may not be the only suburban lady he’s into.
  2. Frisson

    Good Girls

    Their faces while she was describing what she did with the body was hilarious and heartbreaking because they’re in that much deeper. Why is she talking to FBI guy now, after she did the worst thing out of any of them?!
  3. Frisson


    I just finished the first episode, and I’m still stuck on the idea that they didn’t search for the penis right away because they thought she swallowed it. What? Based on what? Why? I was in high school when this occurred, and I don’t remember her story of abuse reported as much as the spectacle of it in general.
  4. JTMACC, thanks for a suggestion on how he might have taken the conversation. He was no the right kind of guy if that was his interpretation. I’m not looking for marriage or children, just possibly a nice person to spend time with. If we can’t have a basic conversation where I’m not taken as a SJW/man hater/snowflake, that’s just not going to happen. I’m annoyed by the quick jumps to rudeness and creepiness, but I’m content alone, so whatever.
  5. I got excited to discuss our mutual love of sci-fi with a guy who had seemed really nice (no penis talk or dick pics) so far. So he asks me if I could time travel, what time would I go to? I answered I would go to the future because the past sucks for women. He asked if I was a SJW, and what I would find to “cry about” in the future. Really? We can’t admit that women have had a harder time than men in the past? Come on! I’m feeling a bit discouraged about my prospects online...
  6. Thank you for sending me down a rabbit hole on Google for more information on what some men may need to share with me on the second or third conversation. 🤭
  7. I’m in Dallas, so the profiles are a mix of genteel and pervy. Lots of poly couples, which is fine if you put it in the summary for the ease of swipes. I find it annoying to consider a percentage match when most don’t fill out enough for that number to be significant. It’s interesting, mostly because I’ve been single more than I’ve been coupled in life and am content with either. It definitely takes the pressure off when you have lots of duds.
  8. I just started online dating a couple of days ago, but I used this thread as a primer. I got a message from a nice-looking guy right away, but it devolved into telling me his penis size and asking how I “get off fastest” before the first meet. It’s interesting, like a card catalogue for all kinds of books, but I’m happier to NOT check these out than I would in an actual library.
  9. This was a very smart panel, but none of them seemed to be able to make their point succinctly. I assume that’s part of why Bill kept interrupting some of them before they finished their points, except for Steve Schmidt. I agree with what he says, but I find his delivery grating.
  10. I find Sarah Silverman exhausting, and all of her pulling faces when the camera was on her and Bill was very distracting. The discussion of who should run in 2020 is always fascinating and still too early. I wondered about Bill’s underwhelming reaction to Mitch Landrieu. Edit: The wrong preposition makes it sound like a different kind of show on HBO.
  11. Frisson

    S06.E05: Mister Knifey-Hands

    I completely thought of “Freaks and Geeks” when this storyline started to sound familiar. That was funnier, though.
  12. Frisson

    S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    It’s not like we have a shortage of Australian actors in the U.S. to pull from!
  13. Frisson

    Pet Peeves

    New peeve: A female who has to have approval from men. My supervisor routinely asked for my advice/feedback, and then has to get corroboration or feedback from one of my male coworkers before she’ll act. Why not just promote him to my spot if you need a man to tell you how it is?
  14. Frisson

    The Meg (2018): It Will Eat Bruce For a Snack

    I appreciated that the only African American in the movie didn’t die and actually looked like he had a date with a cute Asian woman in his future. Sad to have to be appreciative about it, but in most movies, he’d be gone by the end.
  15. Frisson

    Pet Peeves

    My peeve is people who are “planners” and need a time and place a week in advance, but aren’t punctual. Why do you need exact information when you aren’t going to show up on time anyway? I don’t spend much time with this person anymore.