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  1. Brooke0707

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    This episode could easily have also functioned as an episode of hoarders. Minus the part where they do anything to fix it. Actually, it kind of fits with the theme since she didn't do anything to lose weight either.
  2. Brooke0707

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I don't think she meant she never spoke to him. Two seconds later she also said she never spoke to Teddi, which is obviously not true. Teddi and Lisa have spoken to one another before. I think when she was saying those things she meant she has never spoken to so and so...about the dog.
  3. Brooke0707

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I actually got an advanced copy of the texts. LVP: Teddi. There's something that I - no, the family - needs help with. Teddi: How can I help, boss? LVP: I shouldn't text it. The lines could be bugged. Teddi: It's okay, John Blizzard had me download an app that checks for that. LVP: I'm glad my capo is on it. You know how Dorit adopted a dog from Vanderpump Dogs, breached the contract and and the dog ended up in a kill shelter? I order you to discuss it on camera and make Dorit look bad. Because I'm not confident that Dorit would do a good job making herself look bad since she is a fan favorite. Teddi: Oh boss, I don't know... LVP: Look Teddi, you either do this or you're not part of the family anymore. No more free crappy food from Sur and Villa Blanca. You'll have to go to good restaurants from now on. Teddi: I have no choice but to obey then. LVP: You are not to speak of this to anyone. Remember, you took an oath. TERRIFYING. No wonder Teddi sleeps with one eye open.
  4. Brooke0707

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I love how Dorit and Teddi refer to LVP giving "the order." If I didn't have any context, I would think that LVP was a mob boss and she ordered a hit. These women!
  5. Brooke0707

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Before all of this happened, Teddi and Lisa were friends. Close enough friends where Teddi felt comfortable asking Lisa if she would give her brother a job. Why didn't Teddi just call or text Lisa and say "hey, what's up with the Dorit dog thing? Is it going to come up when we film at Vanderpump Dogs?" Easy. She could have just asked the source if it was such a big deal to her.
  6. Brooke0707

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    I don't care if LVP wrote a ten page memo on how she wanted John Blizzard to bring up Lucy to Teddi and get her to comment on it. Don't care. Still think Teddi, Dorit, Kyle, Rinna, and Erika are gross. They obviously orchestrated the whole thing. Teddi is clearly capable of making her own choices. Even if LVP wanted her to discuss Lucy, so what? She could say no. This is so stupid.
  7. Brooke0707

    S09.E08: Evolution

    Wait so, did I understand that right? Regular people are sewing dead faces on and pretending to be walkers? I don’t get it. What is the point of doing that? Not to mention disgusting. Why don’t they just try being human murderers? What am I missing? Or are they walkers with two faces? That doesn’t make sense either. I’m confused! To be fair, I couldn’t make out what Daryl said at the end. Maybe he explained it.
  8. Brooke0707

    S13.E12: Nice To Meet You…Again

    Tamra made a couple of comments this year about how Shannon loves sex. I wouldn’t be surprised if David was the one turning her down, even before she gained weight. It would be in line with his manipulative personality as well. In terms of her getting drunk to have sex with him, I thought that was more of a camera issue—that she felt self conscious (and it was her first season) because cameras were taping the getaway.
  9. Brooke0707

    S07.E05: Bridal Bath Wrath

    The shampoo thing seemed really shady. But Reza had to have a done a lot of research right? You just don’t give 500k without a lot of thought, research, and consideration? And I hope he made up the park story because he thinks it sounded cute, because otherwise it sounds like a con artist couple looking for their next scam. And there have to be lawyers and contracts involved, right, and they just did the check scene for the show? How could Reza not tell Adam that he made such a huge investment? Honestly, to me that would be grounds for divorce!
  10. Brooke0707

    S06.E07: It's Not About The Pasta

    Jax being all "Nobody has asked me how I feel :**(" . Oh, I'm sorry, Jax! How does it feel to have cheated on your girlfriend with an elderly woman on the couch next to you? How does it feel to have humiliated your girlfriend? Please, do share your feelings on how you shit on people in your life. And then the second that Kelsey asks him how he's feeling, instead of just saying it and keeping it at that, he brings it back to wanting to sleep with Kelsey. So predictable. Seriously, how does Brittany watch this shit and stay with him? I hope they're a fake couple or she's also cheating on him while she just stays with him for the show/fame because if she just takes this shit because she "loves him so much," that is really pathetic. Woah, James definitely has something going on with that guy. That was alarming. They were close to making out at one point and that was in front of James' girlfriend and on camera. WTF are they doing when there aren't cameras or Raquel around? Pretty sure they're doing it. Idk, I watched Jax and Brittany Go to Kentucky (or whatever it was called), and I don't think Kristen's strategy of bringing Brittany's mom will get her to break up with Jax. Brittany's mom seemed enamored with Jax on that show and whenever he treated her poorly, she said something to the effect of "Brittany, you need to be nicer to Jax and show patience." I don't think she is going to be gunning for a breakup. What has Schaena done to her face? She's a pretty woman, but she has this frozen plastic look to her. She is super stage 5 clinger. And I'm already bored with the Rob thing. I wish they had footage of him making out with someone else. That would make things slightly more entertaining.
  11. Brooke0707

    S06.E06: See You Next Tuesday

    I thought Jax looked really disappointed when Britney told him she was giving him another chance. Like there could be a thought bubble over his head: “just what do I need to do to this girl to get her to leave??!” Love James and Lala this season, especially James. He cracked me up when he summarized the Brittany/Jax fight. And Lala just seems to be nice and she has good one liners. Schaena is terrible. So self involved. And it’s a shame what she’s done to her face. I feel bad for Stassi. She is so insecure when it comes to Patrick. And he is so douchey. Kristen is basically being phased out. It makes me sad. I miss crazy Kristen, although I guess she’s in a much healthier, non entertaining place now.
  12. Brooke0707

    S07.E06: Mid-Western Assassin

    Saying "my baby" and being in pain while giving birth = I'm gonna make you crazy and arrange for your murder now? WTF?!
  13. Brooke0707

    S01.E02: Mount Rushmore

    I love FH, but I find the supporting cast to be sort of meh. For the medical professionals on the board, if you had to compare the accuracy of this show to Grey's Anatomy, which would be more on point? Or are they about the same? The thing that they did in terms of flashing medical terms/diagrams whenever Sean thinks of something was cool at first, but I'm already over it. I really wish they hadn't killed off his brother. I was way more intrigued by what his brother would be like as an adult than I am with the other doctors on the show.
  14. Brooke0707

    S06.E03: Hava Nagila, Hava Tequila

    One thing that struck me was how Mike and GG joked around about the Turkey thing several times. I don't remember, did Mike every admit to that? Because if he hadn't, he basically did last night.
  15. Brooke0707

    S06.E02: A Long Trip for a Short Apology

    Mike is misinformed. Iranians are classified as Caucasian.