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  1. Terrafamilia

    Dragon Ball Super

    I had flashback to Zommari in Bleach. "Accept my love!"
  2. Terrafamilia

    Naruto: Shippuden

    If Sai could deliver Kakashi all that way on one of his painted birds why couldn't he have delivered Naruto to the Land of Lightning. Oh, wait, then we wouldn't have had the excuse for week after week of filler. I did like the spectacle of all the characters leaping and dancing in the opening title sequence.
  3. Terrafamilia

    Sword Art Online

    Asuna and Rinko start to get an explanation about A.I.'s and fluctlights but run into technical difficulties. Before you know it Megalobox has taken over on my DVR. GRRRR.
  4. Terrafamilia

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Legolas visits Morioh by way of the Magellanic Clouds with the powers of a Skrull. Which is weird. Everybody knows the Kree come from the Magellanic Clouds, the Skrull are from the Andromeda galaxy. Oh, and Kira's new wife really likes what she sees. This whole episode was hilarious.
  5. Terrafamilia

    S05.E16: Failure is an Orphan

    Here I thought New Cicada was a projection from Grace's subconscious which we first saw in that journey to the center of her mind.
  6. Terrafamilia

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Probably hoping the magic makeover would either cause the wife to be less of a beyotch or attract a replacement.
  7. Terrafamilia

    S04.E06: A Timeline and Place

    Ah, that's because you aren't thinking like a magician. When it comes to the particulars of spells logic is optional.
  8. Terrafamilia

    My Hero Academia

    The cat-headed police officer had a bell on his collar. Was that personal preference or department regulation?
  9. Terrafamilia

    Hunter X Hunter

    Gon achieves 100% vengefullness and hulks out, probably sacrificing a chunk of his lifespan. Pitou, you deserve it for hesitating before attacking. Villains never learn.
  10. Terrafamilia

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    Uchiha family drama as Sarada wonders both whether Sakura and Sasuke are really married and if Sakura is really her mother. And Mitsuki has Chocho totally pegged.
  11. Terrafamilia

    Disney Channel: Throwback

    Happened to catch a couple shows. A live action Kim Possible on Disney proper and a new episode out of nowhere of Elena of Avalor on Disney Jr.. The Kim Possible was pretty lame given they made Kim a simpering weenie though having Sean Giambrone as Ron was at least interesting. In Elena they had Mateo grow up a little and move into the palace's previously unheard of royal wizard official quarters. It was enjoyable but what is with the non-schedule schedule kid's networks have these days? It was only happenstance that I noticed it being on. In doing a little digging I see that I missed a new episode that came out last month.
  12. Terrafamilia

    S01.E10: There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True

    I was fixated by Alaric's fake beard.
  13. Terrafamilia

    S04.E03: The Bad News Bear

    I got a bit lost in all the machinations involving black cards and deweys but I got a kick out of the lucky forger.
  14. Terrafamilia

    Hunter X Hunter

    I'll have what he's having. :-)
  15. Terrafamilia


    Heh, at least there was some fun to be had in watching Helix.