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  1. The Maxwells have a new blog post about flooding. They live in Kansas and there has been some mild flooding near them. So they took pictures and Steve and Teri took their children to look at the flood. The post is tacky to say the least.
  2. Temperance

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    From Jill's blog: This super easy mashed potatoes recipe is one that my family got from some friends of ours several years back. We’d always eat these potatoes as a side with beef brisket. 5 lbs. potatoes (peel if desired) 1 (24oz.) sour cream 2 pkgs. onion soup mix 1 pkg. (8oz.) cream cheese, softened Scrub (or peel), rinse and dice potatoes. Boil till soft (about 20 min.). Mash potatoes with all ingredients. Enjoy! Note: can be served hot (mashed potatoes) or cold (potato salad).
  3. Temperance

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Maybe they can rent the house in Laredo for money.
  4. Temperance

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    This would make a lot of sense, however, I don't think the Duggar kids/girls do have trust funds.
  5. Temperance

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Maybe Jeremy can pull a Gil Bates take over the school/church after he gets his Masters. (The same way Gil Bates took over IBLP.)
  6. Temperance

    S09.E07: A Bachelor No More

    Maybe it's an extended episode?
  7. Temperance

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Thanks for posting this! I like that LA is further away from AR than Laredo.
  8. Temperance

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    Jim Bob and Michelle had hustle? I've heard this over and over and find it hard to believe. To me, hustle is more ambitious word.
  9. Temperance

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Except that Jill went about this long after Israel. Israel was well over a year old before she was pregnant with Sam. There's a larger time gap between Jill's kids than any of Michelle's kids. They usually share more details about the birth, because they getting paid either by TLC or the print tabloids. (Ex. People magazine) Fundies (in my experience) love natural childbirth and homebirth stories. Michelle and Kelly got a lot of mileage out of their experiences with c-sections, because they were having enormous families. Having her first and only births be c-sections makes the chance of a VBAC very, very slim. Having repeated c-sections may also create limitations to how big their family size. Jill hasn't been the same since she got married. From her perspective, she has had a lot of challenges. She doesn't seem different since the second birth. I wouldn't be surprised if she announced another pregnancy later in the year. Standard disclaimer: I don't agree with Fundies! The only thing that should matter is healthy mom and baby. Several of my friends and family have had c-sections and I support women who have c-sections.
  10. Someone over at FJ was looking at Sarah Maxwell's business which was devoted to breeding her dog Ellie. The FJ person was convinced Ellie (the dog) was pregnant and going to have puppies. However other posters noted the language hadn't changed and the site had been the same for a year. A day later the site was taken off-line and it seems unlikely they would do that if there are puppies on the way. Hopefully they decided to keep Ellie a pet and not breed for money.
  11. A lot of people I know including my fundie-lite friends post stuff about their kids potty training experiences, although with the people I know it's just words (no videos or pictures). I still think that's too much. I will sometimes let the parents know that I think it's inappropriate.
  12. Yeah me too! What I particularly wish is that we had their notes from the early seasons of the Duggar shows. There are things we've forgotten that were lost when the old forum died and the Duggars have changed so much and gotten so much better at hiding their true beliefs/selves.
  13. Temperance

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    They do wear pajamas. Michelle and JB had a deal with TLC where the kids wouldn't be filmed in pajamas.
  14. Temperance

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    The Daily Show did a good segment on Florida Man. Basically it comes down to court documents being accessible to reporters, third largest population in the country, and the sad state of mental health care in this country. (You can also watch the segment on Youtube).
  15. Temperance

    The Duggars: In the Media and TLC

    Michelle means that women wear skirts/dresses and not pants. She actually said "But the leader must give an account to God for how they led." What she meant was Derick, Jeremy, etc. will have to explain to God why their wives are allowed to wear pants. She, of course, meant that women listen to and obey their own husbands. (Both she and JB said that their married daughters should listen to their headship (husbands) before their own parents/father.) So that means that the men/boys are making decisions and the women are following. It also appears that girls/women should use the womens' room and boys/men should use the mens' room and none of them are LGBTQ. (I personally support the LGBTQ community). (Also there was something about women should be at home with their children instead of working.) (I support working moms.)