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  1. Surrealist

    Windy City Rehab

    A couple of days ago, the Chicago Sun-Times posted an article with a map of where the properties are. I thought this might be useful in this thread. Map of the Properties I realized this might be behind a firewall for some. My apologies.
  2. Surrealist

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I know, right? I believe Karlie is 6' or 6'1".
  3. Surrealist

    S17.E01: Premiere

    No worries! I had to think about it a moment too. I have to get used to these judges. Except for Nina. LOL.
  4. Surrealist

    S17.E01: Premiere

    That's what I was wondering. There are two magazine editors (one former) and a designer. Karlie's the only model.
  5. YES. I think it's their best scene.
  6. For me, 90210 ended when Brandon and then Valerie left. I couldn't have cared less about the new regulars. I didn't watch the rest of the ninth and tenth seasons. The writers turning Mel back into a sleaze, and then Dr. Martin being the father of both Donna and Gina? No, thanks. Unpopular opinion (I know there's a thread, but we're talking about pairs here too): Out of all Dylan's significant others, I thought he was at his best with Toni. They meshed perfectly. I think it's terrible that the writers wrote them off the show the way they did: having Toni's father being inadvertently responsible for her death in that horrific manner. The writers should have sent Dylan and Toni off to live their days in Hawaii, or wherever. Maybe near Iris and her treehouse. I thought David and Valerie were well matched. And really, Brandon, Kelly, and their mutual smugness belonged together.
  7. I'd also add Necessity is a Mother and The Dreams of Dylan McKay to your list. Otherwise, we're in agreement. 😀
  8. I would like to forget everything the revival did to the original characters. None of it made sense.
  9. @Tara Ariano Thank you for writing this. I've had a crappy couple of weeks, but this brought a smile to myself, and I couldn't stop laughing (particularly at the Brandon snark, even though it's supposed to be an homage to Luke Perry).
  10. I'm right there with you.
  11. This is it in a nutshell. It's not even like I was a Dylan fan, but Luke always struck me as a genuinely kind and humble person. I was crying hard last night too. I went through so many tissues. I feel awful for his kids, fiancée, family, and friends.
  12. I'm not surprised. Luke was also really great friends with Alexis Arquette. Rosanna tweeted this earlier and it made me cry. https://twitter.com/RoArquette/status/1102632870189756416?s=20
  13. I started bawling when I read Ian's post. He was the first cast member, I think, to post about Luke's death. It's affecting me for the same reason. I watched the show in high school. It allowed me an escape away from the bullshit of high school. Luke was only ten years older than me. I've had a couple of brushes with death, but he was so young. I also enjoyed his portrayal of the Reverend Cloutier on Oz, and as Pike in Buffy. Over the weekend, I was watching some episodes on my laptop. The Dylan and his father storylines always struck a chord. Also, I believe in the first (or second) season when we're first introduced to Iris, I believe Iris talked about how she had his palm read, and the news was that he wasn't going to live a long life. Today's news made me think of that scene.
  14. Surrealist

    Windy City Rehab

    I grew up in DeKalb. People not from Chicago claiming to be has always bothered me. I lived in Chicago for ten years. When people asked if I was from Chicago, I'd tell them "No" and say I was from DeKalb. I'd tell them where that is, distance-wise, from Chicago (about an hour directly west). NIU attracts Chicagoans and suburbanites alike. When I'd tell Chicagoans where I was from, they always lit up because they went to NIU or knew someone who did. For suburbanites, NIU was a suitcase school. They tend to look down on small town folks. That was always my impression anyway. Maybe it's changed. Someone once told me he was from Chicago, and since I had lived there for years and knew the layout, I asked which neighborhood. He said Rockford. That's two hours away and closer to Wisconsin. I didn't tell him I had lived in the city. I wanted to see what he would say.
  15. Surrealist

    Talking Schitt: The Quote Thread

    This one made me holler. Poor David.