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  1. ChicksDigScars

    Figure Skating

    Their placement had to add up to 13 or less, right? Ninth and seventh is 16. Anyone see a live stream and see how the crowd reacted to Mariah? She obviously fell three places in the standings from the short program, so it couldn't have been a clean skate. I wonder if she was rattled by the accusations? Lim also fell to 10th place. She had been one spot above Mariah, but finished one spot below.
  2. ChicksDigScars

    Figure Skating

    Interesting that a team that got level 2 on their Twizzles, was held up enough by their PCS to be in 2nd place. I love Stepanova and Bukin, but Sinitsina and Katsalapov? Not so much. I'd rather see Hubbell and Donahue on the podium, if they're my only U.S. option. That said, it is a virtual tie between 2nd and 4th places. Hell, it's a point and a half between 2nd and 6th! The final group will be a dog fight for the silver and bronze. GO, Chock and Bates! Like any of us think that there's really a battle for the gold medal. Whatevs.
  3. ChicksDigScars

    Figure Skating

    And they're training partners? Why would Mariah do that on purpose? It makes zero sense. Now, we have no idea whether the girls get along on a daily basis, but this has caused a backlash on social media in Korea, aimed toward Mariah. And she has to skate in front of Japanese fans, and Korean fans that travel. It's going to be brutal.
  4. ChicksDigScars

    Figure Skating

    Oh, for fuck's sake. I sincerely hope that no one from Gadbois monitors this forum. Actually, I hope that they DO, and this suggestion goes right by them as they're scrolling. You guys make my day!
  5. ChicksDigScars

    Figure Skating

    Wow, this went right by me yesterday. WHAT? Mariah Bell? Seriously? I can't even imagine it. Was it a misunderstanding? LMAO! I'm with ya. A nice BIG bottle of wine. Thank you, baby Jesus with the double bladed figure skates! I was rooting for them or James and Cipres. Basically, any team NOT from Russia.
  6. ChicksDigScars

    Figure Skating

    Yup. I also never really cheered that madly for C/B until this year. I also think that the days of Madison Chock making their costumes, is done. Love their look this year. And I know I have a dislike bias for H/D, but the spoken word at the beginning of the Romeo and Juliet number really irritates the beejesus out of me. The middle section that slows down, is quite flowy and pretty. But, I don't need the spoken word in the first 20 seconds to tell me that a Romeo and Juliet routine is going to be filled with faux angst and face grabbing dramacakes. "In Verona...." REALLY? NO SHIT!!!
  7. ChicksDigScars

    Figure Skating

    If the U.S. lands just one dance pair on the podium, PLEASE let it be Chock and Bates!! The bitch faces on Hubbell and Donahue would be EPIC BEYOND WORDS. We got shocked faces at 4CC, but not medalling at World's would be all out pissy bitch faces!! I'm so excited at the possibility! Also, hoping that Cain and LeDuc get a second U.S. spot for next year. Looks like they're in 9th after the short. UGH. James and Cipres! What happened? Pairs Short Results Ladies Short Results
  8. ChicksDigScars

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story LIVE CHAT

    Smaller voice: so do I. And my chocolate lab knows what that means. “Stop looking for squirrels and GO POTTY!”
  9. ChicksDigScars

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    Camilla Luddington's Instagram doesn't give any hints about a pregnancy, but her baby just turned two.
  10. ChicksDigScars

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    I'm Italian. Most of us don't have inside voices and don't realize it, and when people shush me, I get pissed off. Mostly because people tend to treat me like a child when they do it. You'd REALLY hate family dinners with my grandmother's ten siblings (who are all gone now). Ahhhh, Sunday dinners back in Poughkeepsie...would you like some ear plugs to go with your Cafe Aurora toasted almond coated rum cake? Speaking of inside voices, does Owen actually have one? Teddy needs to stay the fuck away from that, as well. Stay with Koracik, Teddy! Owen's rages are so played out. WORD. It's not like Richard would not have the opportunity to play the, "I was young and stupid, but I am so proud of Maggie" card, if asked about it. Kinda of a silly sub plot.
  11. ChicksDigScars

    S07.E10: Destinee's Story

    How are y'all doing today? I noticed in the live chat, many people pointing out that Destinee told Lola that she really didn't want to lose weight, for fear of losing her curves (really? Being 200 pounds would render you curveless?), and that she just wants to be on TV. Didn't she mention that she cannot complete her transition unless she loses weight? A doctor must have informed her that she would never qualify for gender reassignment surgery at 600 pounds. Any surgery is risky at that weight. Dr. Now tells us that all the time. So, basically, someone forced her hand. But yeah, being on TV probably was a perk, too.
  12. ChicksDigScars

    S10.E06: Flagstaff Flirtation

    When they get the new cult de sac built, they'll have the fifth house available for a married child to move into, I guess. Most likely for one of Robyn's stage five clingers. Janelle, Christine and Meri's kids seem to be beating down the door to get away from their father (or in Mariah's case, mother). I think the only reason that Maddie and Caleb came back to LV, was Caleb's health problems. They needed temporary family support with the new baby and an unemployed husband. Now that he's working again, they're on the opposite coast. Logan is in LV, Mykelti is in Utah, Mariah in Chicago. Hunter and Garrison both in the military. Where does Aspyn live now? Did she follow the cult to Flagstaff?
  13. ChicksDigScars

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    So, if we go by the actual ages of the actors playing them, the Shepard sibs go: Nancy (53), Derek (53), Liz (45), Kate (42), Amelia (37). Although going by their actual ages would make Nancy Pants six months older than Derek.
  14. ChicksDigScars

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    Ugh. No to Linc. He may be decent looking, but he's about as interesting as lightly toasted Wonder Bread. I like DeLuca. He can speak Italian as MUCH AS HE WANTS. I'm having trouble with the "he's 29, she's 49" thing, which is wrong, because I never had a problem with Sloan/Lexipedia, or any other older male/younger female pairing on the show. I prefer Mere with DeLuca over Linc. However, WHY did they get rid of Martin Henderson, just when the audience was starting to get used to the idea of Meredith moving on? The ages were compatible (EP is four years older than MH). And fuck Owen. Every year, his rage is a problem SOMEWHERE for SOMEONE. I'm enjoying Koracick as an addition to the cast. His punch of Owen just increased my enjoyment tenfold. And Mrs. Karev? Yeah, I couldn't care less about her. After watching This Is Us a couple weeks ago, and seeing how lovely Goran Visnjic still is, I wouldn't have a problem with him showing up as a doc in Seattle and getting involved with Mere. Unfortunately, that might remind viewers a little TOO MUCH of ER and Luka Kovac. Hmmmm. I wonder if Doug and Carol work at Seattle Presbyterian (since Mercy West merged with Seattle Grace).
  15. ChicksDigScars

    Figure Skating

    Did Sergei and Marina coach them at first, or was it a situation where coaching your own kid is like trying to teach your own kid. It ends up being a struggle. If Lajoie and Lagha end up doing cunnilingus lifts, then I might not like them. 😄