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  1. chaifan

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    Jackson flirting with the hospital guy is the first glimpse of real character to character chemistry I've seen on this show. That is a relationship I will support! Someone explain this to me... Denise, being saved by Nolan, is obsessed with Nolan. Stalks him at the police station with a basket of muffins, is rejected. Then somehow finds out where he lives - even though he's crashing at a friend's house - figures out who the house owning friend is, somehow figures how to stalk the friend at the grocery store at just the right moment to get herself invited back to the house on Valentine's Day, all the while carrying enough whatever pills on her to overdose in Nolan's bed??? All in a matter of hours. huh? what?
  2. chaifan

    S12.E14: The Meteorite Manifestation

    Who the hell doesn't notice a second floor balcony that will overlook your backyard being built? Those don't go up in a day. It's like the balcony itself was the surprise, not the giant flood light. I agree with most other comments - this episode was rather dull, and with just 10 episodes left a filler episode isn't necessary.
  3. chaifan

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    I totally didn't get that reference when I heard it in the episode. What is it to?
  4. chaifan

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    In the bar scene where Yaphit appears as Norm McDonald, it would have been great to have the bartender actually be Jason Alexander, and for Patrick Warburton to be hanging around on the next barstool.
  5. chaifan

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    I have to ask... what was the sentence for chewing gum?
  6. chaifan

    S02.E09: Paterfamilias

    I thought it was a bit hokey that the same window that was broken while Phillip was at Gordonstoun was still broken when Charles went there. Seriously, what would that be like in the dead of winter? The whole room would be freezing. When Charles came home and Elizabeth was watching from above, I thought it was the Queen Mother than he hugged, not a nanny. Anyone know for sure? This was a sad episode, but I have to admit that while watching it I didn't think it was the best use of an hour's time for this series. I personally didn't need an hour devoted to Phillip & Charles' struggles as school boys.
  7. chaifan

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    It would be like someone from Italy coming to the US and meeting a woman named Bella. Even though the Italian knows it translates to "beautiful woman", they also know it's a proper name, so they're not going to just go around calling her "beautiful woman", but Bella, which is her name. Although it would be funny for there to be a character named Chip and everyone with a universal translator automatically calls him Small Piece of Something Broken Off of Something Else. As to Earth = Terra = Ground = Dirt, I'm a bit surprised every home planet out there isn't called the equivalent of Ground.
  8. chaifan

    S02.E08: Dear Mrs. Kennedy

    I know there were several questions and responses on this issue. But my take away was that what Elizabeth saw was Jackie taking control of the narrative, much like Elizabeth did in Ghana with the dance. They both live lives where they are largely told what to do by others (men) but know what powerful statements typically feminine actions (dress, dance) can make. It wasn't just that Jackie purposely chose to remain in the blood stained suit, it was that Elizabeth recognized it was Jackie's decision to do so (no one would have ever asked her to do so, no matter what PR could be gained) and the statement it made to the world. I also think the sequence of events - Elizabeth immediately going to Michael's office - was meant to show it was out of this respect for Jackie - not JFK - that she ordered court mourning and the bells to be rung. Also, someone questioned why Jackie's hair and dress differed from what Jackie Kennedy actually wore that day. I'm also confused about why the dress was so similar, yet different (strapless vs. sleeveless with a boatneck top). But I think the hair was purposely different because without the bouffant the actress playing Jackie would bear no resemblance to her at all. JK's hair was in an updo in real life. But having the actress wear the bouffant JK was known for kept the character in play. And finally, my guess as to why the dress models weren't Elizabeth's size/shape... if she didn't buy the dress, the designer would still want to sell it to someone else, and there are far fewer women Elizabeth's size to sell to. But ugh, all those dresses shown were awful and as others had remarked, looked like prom dresses.
  9. chaifan

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    I'm going to disagree here, as the accommodations were purposely spartan, with no privacy, the food was purposely disgusting, and the guards came in and trashed the barracks under the guise of "security check". This isn't a temporary prison, this is their permanent home, where they live their entire life, birth to death. If the only need was to separate Gilliacs from society, they could have them live relatively normal lives on an isolated island. And it seemed like the Gilliads were on-board with being separated from society, so the prison atmosphere served no purpose other than to punish them simply for being born in the wrong month. I was really hoping that the tooth thing would break on Talla. I'm surprised they missed that opportunity. I like Talla, and I'd go so far to say I like her better than Alara. I was surprised by how little attention Bortus got. For a society that has never seen aliens at all, I'd think people would be a little more surprised by him compared to the rest of the bunch. I didn't like the escape attempt at all - like others, it left open the huge issue of no repercussions for killing the guards. But also, what were Kelly & Bortus going to do if they got out? They have no way to contact the ship. All that said, I agree with a lot of the criticism of this show, but I also agree with a post above that noted that this is one of those shows that you just watch to enjoy.
  10. chaifan

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    I loved this episode, and am very sad to have no Good Place for 8 months. :( I have absolutely no problem with the rebooting. I don't think of this as a trope - it's an integral part of the show's design. It's not like they're using it because they've run out of ideas, or wrote themselves into a corner. The reboots always serve the plot. I wish they took the Season 2 episode where they whizzed through 800+ reboots in a single episode, and gave each it's own episode. OK, not all 800, but that would be a fun filler for the hiatus - have mini webisodes of some of the reboots, since they could do whatever they wanted and have no effect on going back to the main story in Season 4. Anyways, I agree that Chidi would be unable to keep up the facade of not having met Simone, and his reboot was necessary. I also love Eleanor and Chidi as a couple. I think they have great chemistry, and Michael's video was so sweet! I do wish they had introduced all 4 new characters in the finale. I would have preferred either all 4 or just Simone. It felt weird to introduce just 2.
  11. chaifan

    S01.E10: Flesh and Blood

    Am I imagining things, or is the apartment building with the skunk the same set used a few episodes ago with the big shoot 'em up scene with the drug dealers, baby delivery, etc.? Hallways looked the same and the basement looked the same to me. Also, how does a skunk end up in a closed cabinet? I like Nolan's son, and agree that Fillion plays the dad role really well. I liked getting the Captain out of the office. What I was hoping for with the guy wanting to go back to jail is that the Captain would have said that assaulting a police officer would get him back in for XX years, and offer him the other side of her face to punch.
  12. chaifan

    S02.E04: Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes

    The show could have easily dispensed with #2 & #3, and at least part of #4, which presumably could take a very very long time, by just invoking the other sci-fi convenience trope - the body switch. Kidnap some random new crew member already assigned to the Orville - Janel, in this case - then have Teleya replace her. That could have been explained with one line, so I'm sort of surprised they didn't go that route. And, it would have given Ed a little cover for giving Teleya back to the Krill - it could have been a swap for the real Janel.
  13. chaifan

    S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    If the simulated Good Place is built in the Medium Place, does this mean that Mindy will be able to live life as if it's the Good Place, at least for the duration of the experiment? Will her beer be cold? Will she have more than one video to watch? Will she be able to wear clothes without giant shoulder pads? I'm torn on the predictions above that Simone will be one of the new 4 - part of me wants Simone back, but part of me doesn't want a focus on another love triangle. I think it would be better if Chidi/Eleanor is impeded by Eleanor having to take on the role of Michael. (I just caught Killing Eve on Hulu and was so happy when Simone popped up there!) I do love the idea of Kamilah being one of the new 4, though.
  14. chaifan

    S02.E04: Beryl

    I'm late to the game, catching up on Netflix. A few questions if anyone can answer... first, Margaret is wearing a tiara at the anniversary dinner party. I thought that women couldn't wear tiaras until the were married (actually, on their wedding day). I've seen that in several articles since William & Kate's marriage, then with Megan and also Eugenie. Anyone know if princesses are exempt, or if this is just a new rule. Also, someone noted above that this was supposed to be the Cartier Scroll Tiara, but in comparing pictures via google, it seems very similar but also quite different. Quite a bit bigger/taller, with a different band. The show works so hard on details, it would be weird for them to get this so wrong. I wonder if the one used is a real tiara - not the actual Cartier Scroll, but one someone had made modeled after that and it was lent to the show. Any info out there on where they get the jewelry for the show? Who was Margaret's lady in waiting, because based on her house for the dinner party and the band and the servants, she must be incredibly wealthy. So why would she be a lady in waiting? I am so glad the Fug Girls' recaps are linked in this thread. That answered other questions... who got married in the opening scene? Answer: don't know, don't care, wasn't important. OK, I get it. I wish I knew that when I was desperately trying to figure out during the show. Who was Margaret flirting with and sort of promising to marry? Answer: don't know, they haven't given us his name yet, you'll find out a few scenes later. The FG's just assure me that I'm not crazy, and that's nice to know.
  15. Pockets! Yes! I remember being shocked (shocked! I say) when on Voyager B'lana started wearing a swing jacket (hiding the actor's pregnancy in real life) that had a breast pocket with little engineering tools sticking out - sort of a space age pocket protector. No one has pockets in these shows. I know they don't need keys with automatic doors and all, and money doesn't exist so no change to carry around, but no one ever needs chapstick, or a tissue, or a tampon? Oh, and don't get me started on uniforms that zip up the back - seriously, are there hidden valets & ladies' maids on every ship helping these people get dressed every day?