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  1. chaifan

    S04.E15: I Need to Find My Frenemy

    Paula's laundry list of things she needed money for was mostly from the prior episode, when she was discussing the high salary and what that would pay for. She mentioned paying off credit cards and a new roof while at lunch with the ladies, but I don't think she was implying that the 10k bonus was paying for everything. And if the poker game was a 5k buy in, she could have easily walked away with over 50k. But to then blow it on ugly suits for everyone? That was just weird. I hope Paula stays with the new firm. Going back to the old firm would be disappointing. I'm assuming Rebecca chooses none of the three. I'd be surprised if they have her pick any one of them.
  2. chaifan

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Seriously? How did I miss that? Thanks, Kariyaki.
  3. chaifan

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    I was slightly disappointed that neither Bortus nor Klyden attempted to eat a cigarette. They've sort of dropped that "Moclans can eat anything" joke from earlier in the season. (ETA: oops, my bad, apparently this happened and I somehow missed it.) I loved the WTF joke - the set up was perfect, as you really didn't see it coming. And Tim Russ was perfect for that, too. For all the "they ripped off the story line from Star Trek" comments - pretty much every story line on every show (no matter the genre) has been done somewhere else before. For this show, it's constantly being compared to Star Trek episodes (no matter which series), and if not, then it's Farscape or BSG, or whatever. If they didn't have something similar to a holodeck, people would complain about that. People complain about no transporters, but if Orville had one someone would claim they ripped off Star Trek. Star Trek ripped off Star Trek (DS9 tribble episode, which I loved).
  4. chaifan

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I don't really have a problem with them killing off the Captain. I liked the character well enough, but they didn't really use her for much. If the role never existed in the first place we never would have missed her. I agree with earlier posts about the Capt. and Nolan being off on their own, Capt. antagonizing the bad guys, back up being really damn slow, etc., as not great writing. I think they set did a poor job of setting up the incident with the girlfriend of the white supremacist in the first place. I would just assume that the girlfriend of a white supremacist would also be just a teeny weeny bit racist as well, but she had absolutely no problem with Talia being at the scene, including Talia adjusting her dress for her. It would have made a bit more sense for the later plot development if she were hostile to Talia (or the Asian valet), not wanting Talia to touch her.
  5. I know you can't do it for all shows, but having individual episode threads would be much appreciated for shows that get dumped to streaming all in one batch. Unless you want to be spoiled within the first few posts, you have to wait until you've viewed all episodes before reading/commenting. Thanks.
  6. chaifan

    The Umbrella Academy

    I was on the fence about watching this at all - the premise didn't really excite me - but I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. I was not happy with the ending at all - I think the time jump 2nd chance at redoing everything is a bit lame. And it leaves us with what in Season 2? Starting everything over? Constantly second guessing what they're doing? meh. Like many others noted, I'm also very curious about all the other babies born on the same day. Is there any connection between these babies and the little lights released from the jar in the flash back scene with Reginald's wife? How did Reginald know these 7 had powers? Do any of the other babies have powers? And exactly what kind of compensation did the families get - most families, unless in the most dire of circumstances - don't just sell their children, no matter what the price. I loved the setting of the house. Loved the grand foyer, the main room with the bar, the mezzanine level. But it bugged me that the kids' bedrooms were soooo tiny and gloomy. If Grace doesn't have a bedroom, where does she keep all her lovely outfits? My biggest question, which no one else seems to have commented on, is just how did they figure out Allison's power? It's one thing if she can influence simply by making a statement, but how exactly did they figure out her power is invoked with "I heard a rumor..."? I mean, it's not exactly an ordinary phrase for a little kid, and she had it by age 4 (and those kids looked at least 6 years old, not 4). And I sort of get the other children more or less forgetting about Vanya's powers, if they were truly 4 when all that went down. But they don't remember her killing 3 nannies? I'd think that would have stuck. In the end, it's a comic book, so I suppose there's a lot of hand waiving to do. 5 made the show for me, with Klaus & Ben running a close second. I'm with others who detested the whole Cha Cha and Hazel story line. ETA: To the Mods: for shows that dump all at once, please set up separate episode threads! With one thread you have to wait until you've seen the whole series to be able to come here to read anything, for fear of spoilers. Just think - you could promise your advertisers 10x the viewers if there were separate threads!
  7. chaifan

    Whiskey Cavalier

    My main nitpick on the episode is the assassin with the good hair shooting Stavros in the middle of the street, then leaving him there, when she needed his eye. He obviously thought she was there to save him (did he know her? or was he guessing?) and was running towards her, so why not let him get in the van, then shoot him (or keep him alive)? It made no sense for her to kill him 50 feet from the van and leave him in the street, hoping to get the eye from the morgue. Is it just me, or was Ana Ortiz way more frumpy in the pilot? I almost didn't recognize her in the pilot, I thought they were deliberately trying to un-pretty her, but she was back to pretty in this episode. @ahpny - I have no idea if your bathtub flow assumption is right or not, but damn, I appreciate the effort!
  8. chaifan

    S01.E15: Manhunt

    I like the Sarah/Nolan pairing. I thought it was as non-forced as you can get on a tv show. It wasn't some stupid meet cute (or meet crisis, as is normal on cop shows), it wasn't love at first sight. More of a mutual admiration. And they are age appropriate, at least it appears (I don't know the actress and don't know her real age, but it seems to match up ok on screen). I liked the "too soon?" as that seems to fit classic NF style. I don't want Sarah to become a regular, but would be fine with a few bit appearances here and there just to show Nolan has more than one friend outside of the police force. Please don't put her in the damsel in distress role, though!
  9. chaifan

    Killing Eve

    Damn! Loved the Season 2 trailer. Two questions, if anyone can answer these: 1. I don't have BBC, so caught Season 1 on Hulu. Does anyone know when Hulu will get Season 2? 2. How do we get the moderators here to return Killing Eve to having separate threads for each episode, media threads, etc.? With the lag between airing on BBC and Hulu, if things are all in one thread I can't come here for anything for risk of spoilers.
  10. chaifan

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    I like Orville for this, too, that they point out some obvious issues that other sci-fi shows simply handwaived away. But, in this instance, I thought the pee corner was stupid. First, as someone said, there were shuttles that have to have some sort of bathroom on them. Second, there were tons of cargo containers - one could have been emptied and used (and then closed) instead of just peeing on the floor. With things like this I have to wonder what happens in the writing room. Someone suggests "pee corner", it gets laughs and someone is like, yeah, let's use it. But no one in the room says, um, don't shuttles have bathrooms? Or does someone say that and everyone else just thinks the joke is soooo funny no one will think about how stupid the premise is? It would have been funnier if Kelly, very deadpan, pointed out the shuttles had bathrooms. ETA: PS - wouldn't an EM pulse have knocked out all ship systems, along with the Kaylons?
  11. chaifan

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    OK, so Kaylon still exists with how many million/billion drones? What's stopping them from building more ships and attacking Earth (or any other humanoid populated planet) again, maybe this time not announcing their plan in advance? Yes, Isaac can give the Union intel, but he's not going to be able to stop another attack. Someone would have to EM bomb the entire planet. Avis works in mysterious ways.
  12. chaifan

    Whiskey Cavalier

    This show was waaaayyyyy over promo'd. Yeah, the promos were clever and cute, with the fake watch/ring/tampon commercials. But they were on All. The. Time. If the tv weren't already on, and on ABC, I wouldn't have tuned in just because the hype was pissing me off. That being said, I sort of liked it. I wouldn't rush home to watch it, but it fills a gap where there's nothing else on. It's not must see tv for me, but it's a fun hour. But I pretty much thought the same thing about The Rookie, and I'll admit that's somewhat grown on me. Also, for the comments above noting that they are shooting in Prague and cgi-ing in Paris landmarks - why didn't they just base the pilot in Prague? There was no reason they had to be in Paris. Except that it's Paris.
  13. chaifan

    S01.E14: Plain Clothes Day

    Chen failing to secure the van at the scene, calling right then for a tow to the impound lot or whatever, was a pretty boneheaded move. Also, I didn't see the "personal project" statement as a threat. "Personal project" is more of "I'm keeping my eye on you". There was no threat of violence or of any illegal/improper activity. I would have rather seen that taken by the department as a "yeah, don't do that" type of reprimand as opposed to something that could end her career. Personally, I think the dog owner's comment of "I know how to shut up a b*itch" is more easily construed as a physical threat than Chen's statement.
  14. chaifan

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    Well, with Seth's fondness for 80's pop culture, I suppose we'll hear a somewhat familiar computer voice say "do you want to play a game?" and then take down the Kaylon's with a vigorous round of Tic Tac Toe.
  15. chaifan

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    That was my first thought, especially with the sudden change of personality. I thought it was weird that one of the kids immediately recognized Issac in the lobby, even though all Kaylons look the same except for red/blue eyes. Also, leaving the real Issac on the planet allows for him to be the hero that saves the day. Absent that, or the "involuntary reprogramming", there's no route for keeping Issac on this show.