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  1. lids

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    I don’t think the experts actually pick the spouses. I think production goes by who is photogenic and keeps attention when on camera. Then they may ask the experts what they think about pairing this person with this person. But even if the experts say, “that might be an explosive relationship,” the producers may reason that it’s good TV and as long as nobody is certifiable and Lifetime’s not held liable, they can still shoot their shot without being sued. So here we are with this mess. I thought it was telling that AJ said he came home drunk one night and just started filling out the MAFS application. You know he wrote some crazy stuff and that’s probably why production picked him out of hundreds of applicants. They could not have seriously thought “this drunk-seeming applicant will make a good husband.” I’m now convinced that when AJ says he promised himself he wasn’t going to eat alone anymore, he really means he promised he wasn’t going to drink alone anymore. He seems like the type of person who drank a bottle of scotch alone at night and even he knew it was unhealthy. Wowww at Luke and Kate. I really thought his secret would be nothing. Now I’m confused like Kate and I want Luke off the show, but at the same time, I need some answers to the question that is Luke - so he can stay for now. Besides the gay theory, do you think that Luke may have been molested? He is repeating a pattern that abused kids are taught. Your abuser will tell you that the act feels good, so don’t worry about it. Don’t tell anyone. It’s our secret. But then the kid goes away and feels guilty and doesn’t know how to sort their emotions. Hence Luke confusingly feeling repulsed and upset after sex. (And I do think Kate downplayed when she told production and a Pastor Cal earlier that Luke said the disgusted line after kissing. It was when they had sex and she was trying to protect Luke.) I also think it’s interesting that Luke dates exclusively out of his race. Is he avoiding people that remind him of his abuser? I’m going to need clarity. This show makes me wonder just how bad it is to date now-a-days. Out of the couples the show picks, the men are always lost causes in a major way. Is this really what people on Tinder are choosing from?
  2. lids

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    How the heck are they going to shoehorn a Neil Lane product placement into this mess. Place your bets on whether tomorrow they’re going to do that thing where they announce the Bachelorette and then say, “Surprise. Your journey begins now.” And also, wager in how many bachelors are going to try to work in, “I’ll jump a fence for you” as their tag line. I have to edit because I just thought of this. You know what would make this season for me? If Colton goes back and begs Cassie to be with him. She begrudgingly says yes in the same way people sometimes confess to murder under police interrogation because they just want it to be over. But then, live on the ATR, she dumps him AGAIN. It would be the most shocking end to a journey in Bachelor history. Cassie, if you are reading this, please do us a solid!
  3. lids

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    I noticed they left quite a few people out of the breakup reel and I think it's because once you're on TPTB Do Not Call list, they won't give you any camera time. They left off most of Nick's weepy/angry dumpings (he is the most dumped Bachelor), they left off Kaitlynn and also Rachel Lindsey and Peter (I cried my eyelashes off) and I think it's mostly because they hated Peter. I hope when they do the 2 day, 2 hour finale, they don't make Tay and Hannah G watch their dumpings as it airs, if they get dumped. And I hope they don't make Colton watch himself be dumped by Cassie over again to "get his reaction." Colton looked different because the scruff was gone. He looked 12 years old. Also I wish they would have asked him how he felt learning all the information he now knows that he's able to watch the season back. I assume he has a lot of regrets.
  4. lids

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    I remember when Steph said that in her previous relationships, things start out great and then go downhill and the guy cheats on her, forcing her to break up with him. I see the same pattern in her relationship with AJ. She's playing cool girl right now so that AJ thinks she's perfect and that the relationship is great, but all the cracks are already there. She's either going to get fed up and start getting real by pointing out his annoying behavior and AJ's going to say she's changed and start cheating on her. Or she's going to check out emotionally from the relationship and he's going to start looking for validation elsewhere and he is going to cheat on her. She should be more real from the beginning so the guy can get to know the real her and she should also weed out losers like AJ way earlier. She just wants a relationship, so she's playing it cool on a lot of red flags. I think that Luke's secret next week is going to be a dud. Similar to everything he's said to Kate off camera and the lame lie - my friend was in a drunk driving incident - he tells her things privately because he knows if he said it in front of reasoning adults they would point out his nonsense. He only tells Kate "private" things to heighten her low self-esteem or to make her feel sorry for him. If he would have slept with her, she wouldn't have said, "Luke told me a secret." She would have said, "Luke and I did something and he wants me to keep it a secret." Plus, she would have looked more happy about it. I thought Keith's reaction to Kristine saying no to kids showed that he wasn't too married to the idea of having kids right away anyway. He just switched it and said, "Ok, what about getting a dog first?" Of course, Kristine said no to getting a dog either because she knows she'd be the main one walking it, but still, it doesn't seem like Keith was being a stickler about the kid thing. Also, we never got to hear where any of the women said they wanted to be in 5 years. What gives?
  5. lids

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    Well, that conversation between Luke and Kate was the first time I actually thought Luke might be gay. Whether he’s gay or not, he just asked Kate to beard for him. That would’ve been a no for any other woman. Sigh, our Kate is special. His plea to Kate to stay was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. “There’s things I find attractive about you.” Ok, well there’s things I find attractive about lettuce. Can’t build a marriage on it though. Will. Give Jasmine a break. She is not the brightest bulb on the tree. She thought if she talked about deep stuff in sexy lingerie, he’d be into it. He should have met her the rest of the way. Since he likes percentages - Since Jasmine went 70%, he should’ve gone 30%.
  6. lids

    S23.E09: Week 9

    They’re all unrecognizable just 3 years ago. Caelynn had a totally different face. Although it actually looked more like a human face than the current one she’s sporting. I wonder where these young women get the money for their plastic surgery.
  7. lids

    S23.E09: Week 9

    Maybe Colton’s not their kind of Christian. But this just made me think about something. Let’s say the family or Cassie told Colton about their “fame.” Maybe part of Colton’s attraction to Cassie is that he saw himself staying in Cali and joining the Christian reality show where he would talk about his virginity and other cool stuff. Maybe he saw Cassie as the right fit for his romantic AND career aspirations. Maybe he was planning to use her as a gateway just like she’s using him. WooooW. The layers to the Bachelor are deeper than the dark web. The machinations of TPTB are the reason that Juan Pablo was one of my fav bachelors. He just didn’t care. JP kept telling the women that the journey wasn’t serious and then he wouldn’t tell women he was in love with them and took the ring, but wouldn’t call it an engagement. Chris H was so mad. I lol’d every time Chris would try to lecture JP about integrity and JP would just look at him blankly and reply, “Is okey.” JP, well played sir. Speaking of Chris H, does he just sit outside in the car during every fantasy suite or was this a special case? Cause that was creepier than I expected of him.
  8. lids

    S23.E09: Week 9

    I agree that if Cassie had gotten her parents’ blessings, she would have gone on with the farce. I didn’t watch her other reality show, but her family was all-in for the boyfriend in that one, so maybe Cassie thought her family gives it’s blessing to everybody. When Colton didn’t get it that made him seem less-than. Also, someone may have hipped her Dad to the fact that she was going to the fantasy suite and being that they are reality-tv Christians (It’s a thing???), he figured it’d be best if he stopped the salaciousness from happening. Cassie said she was worried about her hometown finding out she wasn’t a virgin, so why imply she’s having sex as one of three women in a fantasy suite? Random thoughts: Both Cassie and her sister have the Botox fillers that make their face look hilly. I hope this will not continue to be the look the kids go for in the future. Cassie looks like Buttercup from The Princess Bride. Maybe Colton is making some childhood association and that’s why he’s fixating on her. I can’t decide which fence jump I enjoy more. Colton’s matrix style leap (it’s easy once you realize the fence is not real) or Joanne the Scammer’s desperate jump from her Caucasian home.
  9. lids

    S23.E09: Week 9

    Tptb should have Rachel visit him. She pretty much went through the same situation with Peter and she thought it through more rationally, sort of... I don’t think getting engaged to Bryan right after her break up with Peter was the best idea. But Colton should see a pattern in choosing people who don’t love him and break the pattern by letting Cassie go.
  10. lids

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    I noticed that when Will was at the playground, he mentioned to Jasmine that he pushes her a lot. And he said the reason he does that is because the older boys at the playground used to push him and his friends to challenge them. So wait... why have we never seen the Will pushing Jasmine incidents? Maybe they are having deeper conversations that we know nothing about. It feels like the producers stick with one storyline per couple and those are the only conversations we see. In Will/Jasmine’s case, we only see all the financial conversations. Those convos are boring. I saw that Dr. Jessica conversation differently than everyone else. I thought Keith and Kristine had changed plans and decided to split the cooking and cleaning, but Keith was still being resistant and Kristine said they had hit a wall because they kept arguing about it. Dr. Jessica explained to Keith where his anger and resentment toward cooking and cleaning come from. He still resents having had to parent his father. His anger and argumentative tone with Kristine is misplaced. He really needs to confront his issues with his father and that will help him let go of the hurt and anger he carries toward adulting. That’s why they then attempted to meet with his father. I didn’t get the feeling that Keith wasn’t attempting to cook or clean, just that he would flake like he did with the dishes and then he’d get defensive. Neither the therapist nor Kristine seemed to be giving him and out in terms or cooking or cleaning. In fact, in the preview, they show Keith cooking a big dinner for both of them. Rather than do “the chores” begrudgingly, the therapy was just to help him get over his resentment of it, so he could see the value in using those daily deeds as a way to show love for his wife. I’m mad that Kate said in previous relationships (before Luke) she would give herself a 9.9. Why is she so delusional? She has a history of staying with men who undervalue her and she’s really bad at reading a room. Luke’s mom practically had to hold her hand and spell it out to her that there would not be an endless love in this marriage. I’m still rooting for her though. I hope she comes to the reunion special looking fierce and snarking on Luke hard. Then she should peace out, do a mike drop and walk off the set like a boss, never to speak to any of the matchmakers again.
  11. lids

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    The other participants have made negative comments about Luke’s behavior on Unfiltered and Kate could see that the matchmakers made negative comments about Luke during the show. Still no smack down from her.
  12. lids

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Yeah, the Kate is being forced by production to keep up the charade or get a bad edit argument doesn’t really work for me because Kate is still on the after shows talking the same way. By this point, she knows the public is heavily on her side. She can speak up at any time now or at least give facial expressions to let us know she’s silently furious. See Jasmine. Blink twice if you’re being threatened Kate! She also has an ex-boyfriend who talked about their relationship publicly and he seems like a douche, so what made her put up with that relationship? There was no production pressure then. You could tell when her friends were talking to her that they’re used to Kate’s bad relationship choices. At one point when the friend was asking her why she believes Luke when he says conflicting things about drinking, the friend said, “I mean, yes, we know you’re nice and like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but...” And the friend kind of rolled her eyes. I picture her friends having to put up with Kate’s lack of common sense quite often. Jasmine comments about the sexy librarian theme were so weird to me. That look has nothing to do with nerds. The sexy librarian is supposed to be about subdued sexuality lurking under the surface. There’s also power and intelligence linked with that persona. Not geeky, insecure, lack of sex appeal nerdiness like Jasmine was portraying it. It would be like if a boyfriend/fake husband said they liked the sexy nurse look and the girlfriend talked about how she hates the sight of blood. Jasmine continues to lack insight on human nature.
  13. lids

    S23.E06: Week 6: Vietnam

    I thought it was strange that she was using that conversation to justify why she’d be comfortable dating a virgin. I didn’t know how old she was, but she looks really young. Basically she was making it seem like she was already the way more experienced person in that relationship almost 10 years ago. And I started to worry that she had lost her virginity when she was 12 or something. Also, she told Colton his situation was so similar because her ex was really religious and was saving himself for marriage. Colt responded that it kind of wasn’t the same because he’s not staying away from sex because of religion or anything like that and isn’t saving himself for marriage and Kirpa was kind of just like yeah, yeah whatever. Same diff. They really weren’t listening to each other at all. These are the things I contemplate while watching the show: How many adult women in America are wearing their blonde hair down to their butt? Did Colton specifically ask the casting agents for blonde women with hair down to their butts? How did the casting agents go about finding these women? Did they look for butt length hair. Their hair isn’t even really styled or anything, it’s just hanging there... to their butt. I don’t know, it’s not really a thing in NYC, so I don’t often see this look. Interesting.
  14. lids

    S08.E06: Honey, I'm Home?

    See, I think production/the experts were trying to get Kate to end it. PasCal gave her multiple opportunities to make a case for why the marriage could not continue. When he asked her what Luke said after they kissed, she downplayed it. Finally he asked what exactly did Luke say. Only then did she admit the abusive speech. When he asked her if Luke had said anything else that was offensive, she lied and said no and that everything else was great. She is clearly in denial. As mentioned, later when PasCal was counseling them both and he said attraction can grow, Kate chirped in on her own accord that she was already there...It’s just mind boggling. Luke was playing the whole changed man role, so PasCal said ok. The thing about being a counselor (and I know the show personalities are “counselors” in the loosest sense), you’re not supposed to cajole anyone into doing anything unless they are hurting themselves. If PasCal has made the executive decision to remove Kate from the situation, Kate is the type of person to always wonder if she had been ripped from her soul mate. She’s estranged from her father and appears to have abandonment issues. Letting her play out this sad situation to the best of her ability may give her closure. I actually think that since this humiliating experience was televised, it’s gonna be more helpful for Kate. Sometimes when you “see” yourself being treated badly, you realize you deserve better. Judging by the fact that Kate has another ex-boyfriend who just did an AMA on Reddit and he also showed a total lack of respect for her, I don’t think Kate realized she was in a cycle where she allowed men to disrespect her. Hopefully seeing this play out and feeling the support from the fans will make her reevaluate her self-worth.
  15. lids

    S02.E04: Live Eviction #1

    So does that mean Mooch doesn’t even come back for the finale... or he just can’t vote at the finale?