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  1. I actually liked this episode better than most of the others. Rich and Boston crack me up. I hope that Boston’s R and R is quick.
  2. LisaM

    The Umbrella Academy

    Just watched the first episode and I'm definitely in. The music is terrific - loved the Family dancing to Tiffany.
  3. LisaM

    S05.E14: Cupid's Crossbow

    I love Trent. The Honey/Eddie scenes worked well.
  4. LisaM

    S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    Loved the book. Binged the series in 2 days. I thought it was very well done - with the exception of Madeline's affair with the theater guy, which was not in the book. The death scene was very interestingly done. I was obviously spoiled from the book but the way that it was done was creative and different. Francie needs to let it do - recognize the domestic abuser for the monster that he is - and let it go. I loved the end scene with the 5 women and the kids on the beach. I hope that Renata can fit into the group; she needs the friends.
  5. I cringed through all of the episode.
  6. LisaM

    S02.E14: Faces

    I cried the moment that the mom saw all of the hospital employees lined up for the Walk of Honor. I've never heard of that before and will have to Google it. What a moment! The face transplant doesn't usually look that good for a long time after the surgery, if ever. Heart breaking scene with the donor's mom.
  7. LisaM

    Good Trouble

    Haven't watched any of the earlier episodes. I tuned in to see Stef and Lena visit Callie and Mariana. So nice to see the Mamas again.
  8. LisaM


    I binged this in one day and enjoyed it a lot - although I think the last two episodes were not as good as the first. I think they spent a bit too much time on David in the vest and I'm still trying to figure out how he got out of it and eluded all of the cops. I was one of those viewers who initially thought that Julia was still alive - and in hiding for her own safety. I realized quickly that the doctors would not have told the elderly woman standing with her ex-husband (presumably her mother) that she had died if it was not true. I would watch a sequel and hope it would involve the male detective who was so cynical about David and eventually came around.
  9. LisaM

    S04. E11. Careless Whisper

    More Rich is always good.
  10. LisaM

    S15.E11: The Winner Takes It All

    I must be easy to please because I really liked this episode. Having it focus only on Catherine's surgery and Thatcher/Meredith worked for me. I didn't miss any of the ancillary characters. I am not a Catherine fan but she does have a significant connection to major characters. Even without knowing the real life origin of the storyline, it hit home for me. I also liked how Richard mentioned the use of his pen to track down the cancer. I appreciated that Thatcher and Meredith were able to patch up their relationship before he died. I particularly liked how Meredith recognized that he was dying at that moment and told him about his grandchildren as he literally took his last breaths.
  11. LisaM

    S02.E13: Xin

    Mrs. Kim! Seeing her was wonderful. I thought the story with the substitute daughter was well done.
  12. LisaM

    S05.E11: Waltz in A Minor

    I thought of Cousin Oliver too. I love Diane.
  13. LisaM

    S05.E12: Legends of the Fortieth

    Glad to see more of Honey and Marvin.
  14. LisaM


    Having OA's sister go undercover in the middle of an FBI operation was the height of ridiculousness. I wish that they gave Sela Ward more to do.
  15. LisaM

    S05.E11: Driver’s Eddie 2: Orlando Drift

    I love Eddie's friends! We finally saw Honey and Marvin together. It's been a long time. Cracked up at Jessica calling the PTA worker "Meatball" continuously and at Jessica thinking someone would bid on a dinner with her.