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  1. Sam215

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    We ate at the Hells Kitchen in Vegas last October. The winner from last season was there and she took a picture with my daughter (her idea to go) in front of the blue and red kitchens. The food was great. We had reservations at 11:15 am and the place filled fast. The service was also phenomenal
  2. Our tree is down by the afternoon of Christmas. I love to have it and put it up but it’s down on the 25th.
  3. Sam215

    Season 9 Spoilers, Speculation & Social Media

    Are there 2 Tiffany boxes there by Janelle?!?!!
  4. I like to think Jason Priestly really thought this was his Emmy reel. Soap stars all the time win Emmys when they play the good vs evil twin. Perhaps he knew he couldn't pull off a good twin so he went with the German jeweler.
  5. To th video at the 3:52 mark I am shocked that they showed kelly walking up like that. She is very obviously pregnant.
  6. Sam215

    Flip Or Flop Atlanta

    Going off the hood comment, was there a microwave in the house? Is no microwave a new trend? We went to several new build open houses recently and there were no microwaves. Also no master bathroom tubs.
  7. Sam215

    S02.E08: Grace

    We belong to a club and in our members section there is a calendar of all events public and private. The employees of the club have access to the website calendar also. I assumed he was on the actual employee part of the yacht company website and could see who was having a party when. I admit I have googled members going to the same party I was just to see who they are if I don't know them.
  8. I also am not a crackpot. I enjoyed Son in Law. I watched it again a few weeks ago.
  9. Sam215

    Again With This Mini: Monna Dartin Draguates!

    I too heard that Tiffani and Jenni were not close when they started working together but then became good friends. Then during the divorce between Jenni and Peter I really think I read that Tiffani was involved. I dont want to start rumors but I think Peters wandering were a cause. My daughter went to a photo op with Peter when the twilight series was so famous. She was told to not ask about his personal life. She didn't care but it was just before I heard they were divorcing. The pic is cute and my daughter said he was very nice.
  10. Sam215

    Life In Pieces

    This episode just seemed off. I generally really like this show, it's one the few we watch in almost real time, but everyone was just off. The timing, the stories and the acting. Seeing Kevin from the office was great though. The show did get the attitude of the airlines correct. Service and curtesy on airlines has really diminished in the last five or so years. Were they even offered money? I know one a voucher that had several rules and restrictions. And of course the night at the Dayz inn!
  11. Sam215

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    I really liked the back yard. The kitchen would have been better with the door remaining and a table there. It was so dark. I liked the new stair railing. The bedroom wall was nicely done but pretty buyer specific. It sold in one day so that one buyer found it. A much better house this week.
  12. Sam215

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    The horse house was much better. Or maybe I was so taken aback by the first gold and blue house that the horse one seemed really nice. While the interior wasn't my taste, the bones were good enough to make it a more liveable home.
  13. Sam215

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    While the show is growing on me, I really disliked the dark floors and weird game room, I liked the kitchen and the back yard. I wish she would stop with the " I got this so cheap" thing. If I bought this house I would be upset. It that it was cheap but that she said it was. Maybe saying I was able to get a great deal to stay in budget or even actually showing the bargaining. Lovef the vegas meets old west brothel. Very good discription
  14. Sam215

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    This one was better. I don't understand fully the decision to not put in the deck. That view was amazing. Yes it was more but they added the pergola which didn't really add shade. The deck would. I don't get pergolas either but I live in the Midwest and we just use umbrellas as needed. I don't see the pergolas adding shade but they are nice looking. The bathrooms were nice and the lower level seemed like a fun hang out area. I didn't appreciate the fireplace as much as they said buyers would It seemed like a perfect spot for a tv Loved the cow stool/ bench things TiVo cut off before the end What was the final outcome?
  15. Sam215

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    I am on the fence. The couple seemed very nervous and like they had something to prove. They bragged a lot. I agree the house was way too crowded. If she really wanted an island perhaps skinner and on the side of the living room to create a division of space. Then a table would fit. Also they took out a window in the kitchen where I think the sink was. That made it darker and more closed in. I grew up in a 500 square for home that had a half unfinished basement to make about 750 liveable. That house never felt as cramped as this one looked. That wall of wood is a nice idea in a large house with a large blank wall. Storage or shelves would have been a better option. All in all I will watch it again.