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  1. I feel like they missed an opportunity to say to Babs, or anyone really, when leaving: “This was a real nice clambake, We're mighty glad we came. The vittles we et Were good, you bet, The company was the same. Our hearts are warm, our bellies are full, And we are feeling prime. This was a real nice clambake, And we all had a real good time.” I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself.
  2. bosawks

    Which Podcasts Fuel Your Listening Pleasure?

    Ok, I read the book, I've listened to the Drop Out, and I've watched most of the tv specials. I have yet to see any of this so-called charm that Elizabeth supposedly had to "cast spells" over others. She sounds like an adenoidal, not very good, crooked used car salesman.
  3. Specific to a clambake I now want to invite Ramona and Sonja to my next so they take every.last.bite. Day old clambake is not anything that someone should want hanging around. What stinks after one day? Clambakes and HoWives.........
  4. I think idiot is part of the Vanderpump job description.
  5. Edited because I'm now apparently posting in my sleep..... And I quoted myself!!!! My response to myself, "What a douche......"
  6. Lu and Beth can’t start feuding soon enough, as a pair this season they’ve been as endearing as a fungal infection.
  7. I usually enjoy Ramona even when she’s a bitch. Who am I kidding, sometimes especially when she is a bitch. But she was particularly feral this episode.
  8. For someone who is thriving in sobriety Lu certainly seems to be scowling all the time. Maybe taking this season off wouldn’t have been the worst idea in the world as she works through this. Ha, now I’m the one being delusional.
  9. Oh yay, more Babs next week. Unless she starts to see dead people or levitating objects her airtime is going to start getting really irritating.
  10. Uh, what’s the difference, I don’t know your handful of episodes versus their seasons worth of episodes for one.
  11. It’s not that I don’t care about Babs opinion it’s more that I see her mouth move on my tv and I just don’t hear anything.
  12. If I lost everything in a natural disaster, Beth is right, I would appreciate getting my $100 Visa card minus the sobbing over her dead not so ex fiancé.
  13. “Today’s mission” in the language of the non-501 (c) charitable endeavors. Excuse me while my cynicism is showing, at least she’s doing something I guess.
  14. Where the hell did Sonja get the to go cup!?!? She may be my spirit animal....
  15. Go Sonja, take that food!