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  1. Cherry Cola

    S33.E07: This Means War

    Gus and Jenna would be a really cute couple. So glad Josh is gone. One of the most annoying BB players ever!
  2. Cherry Cola


    Oh those poor kids, having to go to school stinky. School is bad enough as it is. What makes a person pee and poop in a cup...in front of people?! Who does that? Hopefully only Linda. And obviously this hs been going on for years. Did you catch the line at the beginning...the dog pees and poops on the floor, why can't she? Huh??? The animal treatment was very upsetting as well. I have never heard of chained animals IN a house. Outside chaining is mean as it is...but inside?
  3. Cherry Cola

    I'm Sorry

    Leon has a long slender penis. Haha!! I would be horrified to learn such a thing from my mom. The tank top reveal was awesome!
  4. Cherry Cola

    S09.E09: Momster Mash

    Random question...how is Brianna's last name pronounced? I only heard her and Devoin say Hayseus, but it has the De part in front of it. Is that silent? Why do I care? Lol Chelsea looked adorable as a bat. Kail ...same ole same ole.
  5. Cherry Cola

    I'm Sorry

    I wish this show was an hour.
  6. Cherry Cola

    S33.E05: The Greatest Showman

    I'm so glad Wes won! I don't know why I like him, but I do. I did however hate that he said Dee and I's game. That drives me nuts!! These people aren't very likeable, and get worse as time goes on. I do like Davonne, though. Her face when Bear said he was horny was hilarious!
  7. Cherry Cola


    And clean toilets. Gross Did their bathroom even function except as a makeshift kitchen? Oh man that place was gross.
  8. Cherry Cola

    S09.E08: Cold War

    I was impressed that Becky told Kail to basically grow up and deal with it. It was awesome! I think with Chelsea and Cole, that the producers have them talk about Adam and his lack of visits. Because I think they are a pretty happy family and probably don't care what Adam is doing in the normal day to day. Just my thoughts. Kail with no bra...😳
  9. Cherry Cola

    I'm Sorry

    I laughed so hard at the Andrea's smoke detector voice. That was my favorite part, and had to rewind a few times.
  10. Cherry Cola

    S09.E07: Surprise

    Exactly what I thought. Janelle was just projecting. She is no better, possibly worse than Nathan.
  11. Cherry Cola

    S09.E07: Surprise

    I know Jo and Javi love their boys, But I bet they regret the day they met Kail. What a monster. Get your money Joe. I too wondered what the heck was wrong with a suburban and Kail's house. They are both nice, but not good enough? She is never happy.
  12. Cherry Cola

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    I laughed so hard when Hunter tried to jump the stair rail to get back inside and it collapsed and he landed on top of the lower rail like an idiot. I rewound that way too many times. Amanda is gross and creepy. Poor Jenna. Get yourself a good guy! You are worth it. I hated seeing Zach manipulate her. That was awful.
  13. Perfect descriptions of everyone! Go Tom! Get AFP!!
  14. Cherry Cola

    S02.E11: Double Eviction

    You think Tom was a bully but Tamar is ok? Huh.
  15. Cherry Cola

    S02.E11: Double Eviction

    I am done watching for the season. I was so sad to see Tom go. He was respectful and kind to these shit heads, and treated them well and they were all shitty back. What a bunch of assholes. Especially Ricky and Tamar. Disgusting.