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  1. Morgalisa

    The Wendy Williams Show

    What the bag lady!
  2. Morgalisa

    S02.E08: Don't Go Breaking My Heart

    She looks pregnant to me. All I have to say is, Nessa had better get ready to cook, clean, babysit, wet nurse, oh yes, and service Dimitri.
  3. Morgalisa

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    Women used to say they wanted a man who looks at them the way Barack looked at Michelle. Now they say they want a man who looks at them the way Pence looks at Trump.
  4. Morgalisa

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    Oh man, the filth! I had a hard time watching this because of the horrible condition of the house. When she told the police officer on the phone to have someone pick him up, I was so happy because I thought she was talking about the dogs. I can barely afford my two dogs and they had nine. But then I provide a higher level of care for my pups.
  5. Morgalisa

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    Maybe Joy was talking about MM's family. Probably a sore spot for MM. NutMeg's father was a legacy candidate. Graduated 3rd from the bottom of his class at Annapolis as I recall. G.W. Bush graduated from Yale with a gentleman's C, and I won't go into the current situation.
  6. Morgalisa


    My hubby and I love this show. Screwed up Bridgette and all. When I told him it was cancelled, he said, now you dont have to worry about what's going to happen to the girls that play Larry starting to look girly. I think Rosie is brilliant in this show. I will miss it. I am a very conservative person, but I like my teevee characters to be a little twisted.
  7. Morgalisa

    S02.E07: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

    Yeah, this episode made me uncomfortable as well. Vanessa seems intelligent, beautiful, great personality, easy to get along with, ...why would she allow herself to be drawn into the Snowden cult. She gets the D. Does she get anything else? I dont think so. She can find some D that she will not have to share and hopefully will adore her. I bet we will find out something about Vanessa. If that bitch Ashley told me I couldn't wear a bra she'd have to watch her own kids. Who as stated above are way to familiar with strangers. Dimitri just wants some strange what is Ashley's deal? The McGees drive me nuts. There is no way Mrs McGee will ever be ready for another wife. And new potential wife doesnt seem to care. And Fibber just wants to sleep with her. Imagine waking up the morning after and facing your teen son as his mom sobs in the corner. The Alldreges seem like a catfish situation with some kind of twist. What could she want? And on tv no less. Kermit's mother-in-laws appearance should be a cautionary tale about how polygamy ages women as well as lack of resources for dental care.
  8. Morgalisa

    S07.E10: Destinee's Story

    One of my co-workers fostered several children (a very large family that they didnt want to separate). All of them had severely disordered eating. Coming from a home where they were almost always hungry, they hoarded things like sugar packets and anything else in their rooms. She didnt want to put locks on the pantry and fridge. So, it was challenging.
  9. Morgalisa

    S07.E10: Destinee's Story

    I thought she was very nice and I liked her a lot. Her family and friends seemed to genuinely care about her and that is not usually seen with people who are rotten people. She was very self-sufficient and even though she was emotional at times and cried easily, she didnt break down at the most minor things and fall apart. I dont think she is going to need a lot of skin removal. She looked pretty firm. I think she will be very attractive when she transitions. I too noticed the green Kia and I never notice anything. Dr Now was so cute when she asked to hug him. My husband never watches reality TV. But I guess he has been sneaking a peek when he comes thru the room because he said call me when she doesn't lose weight and Dr Now reams her out.
  10. Morgalisa

    "The View": Week Of 2/18/2019

    A Fox News article somehow slipped into my news feed today. The headline was "Meghan McCain Stuns Andrew McCabe on The View." Well, I had not seen the show so off I ran to watch the tape. I kept waiting for it to happen. Lol. Whoopi is sick a lot! She needs a complete work up. I think she only gets medical care when forced to. I know she mentioned not getting dental care until her teeth were in horrible condition. Funny, they just discussed last week how often she gets sick. I dont miss Whoopi at all. Get well Whoopi.
  11. Morgalisa

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    I saw that. But I think it was to keep from having to make eye contact with Joy. MM said her husband had sent the pictures to her. I'm sure they have studied the pics at home. She's not fooling anyone. Those interviews she used to give about how much she enjoys sex! Ha!
  12. Morgalisa

    S07.E04: Justin's Story

    Justin"s story was amazing and uplifting to watch. Such a nice guy and so motivated. Not a stutter in his journey.
  13. Dimitri looks at the women like he is a hungry lion and they are red meat. He even gets worked up in his talking heads just thinking about them. I wonder if he is going to have another woops with this new one. Somehow his penis keeps slipping out of his pants. Darn it. And his wife is so superior. She gets on her high horse and looks down at these women and trys her best to intimidate them. She also looks like she might want a little bit of the new one.
  14. Morgalisa

    S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    Not everyone who has diabetes has it, but usually people who have it develop diabetes. Its called acanthosis nigricans. The skin gets dark, velvety and discolored. I dont know much about it, but I think I first heard Dr Now mention it to a patient and I looked it up.
  15. Morgalisa

    The Wendy Williams Show

    My bet is on rehab. She has an addictive personality IMO. And Dr. Drew always told her he thought it was impossible to kick a severe cocaine addiction like she had without rehab. Maybe she went to St John's where they took Lil Kev. That slurring was disturbing. Either drugs or a stroke. I truly hope she is able to come back. Jerry has his own show on Bravo. Wendy and Big Kev have left a trail of enemies going back to radio. Andy Cohen said she could be extremely successful if it were not for Big Kev. Evidently he is a problem with staff, guests and anyone else.